Hesham Syed: Yusuf Kazab Impersonated Muhammed ( saw )

Editor’s Note: This is Hesham Syed’s response to all those Zaid Hamid fans who think that Yusuf Kazab didnt committed blasphemy and Zaid Hamid is rightful in saying that its a matter of sufism not claim of prophethood. Hesham Syed is also an eye withness of Yusuf Kazab’s claim of prophethood.

The current topic of impersonating Muhammed ( saw ) is very much in discussion and debate in Pakistan and from many corner mixed opinions are received – A few interested think that it is not a blasphemy but a mental trance of a person and after all such kind of statements are also recorded in various books of Saints and Sufis , although not many have said this in a very clear term but under the veil which they mysteriously claim this to be the Reality or Haqeeqat and this Haqeeqat is transferred from seena to seena means from one bosom to another ( heart to heart ) and not publicized or published for a common man to know or comprehend , therefore as long as one does not declare himself or herself a new Prophet Nabi or Rasool the ruling of Khatim unnabeen does not apply on that person and the status of Muhammed ( saw ) is not jeopardized .

[Editor’s Note: This is exactly what Yusuf Kazab did. He didnt declared himself to be a new Nabi, but rather called himself to be Muhammad SAW, to be a continuity of Muhammad SAW. In such a scenario, if someone believes in Yusuf Kazab, he could always say that he believes in Khatam e Nabuwat and could still be a believer of Yusuf Kazab – as according to Yusuf Kazab, he was none other than Muhammad SAW himself.]

In many Psychiatric hospitals and in Mental treatment centers one can find such disoriented and disorderly people who claim themselves as President or Prime minister of a Country , Prophets , Jesus incarnated and even Muhammed incarnated as well as God or Allah himself. Hence these people need not be executed but treated for their mental disorder.

The above explanations are made to confuse the general masses , looks very logical simple for it’s face value to be accepted by those who are naïve or totally stupid and can not see the seriousness of the issue and potential threat to undermine Allah’s Deen and it’s basic foundation.

Yes, those who are admitted in mental hospital they are never executed but treated and some time cured to get back to their senses , but what about those who publicly spread all such non sense with a very strong conviction and generate followings for them – Yes , I agree that they are also sick people but under the spell of Satan and only when the case is not left to an individual to be psychologically treated but it starts spreading like epidemic and many are affected with this ailment or sickness then to protect the sane society going disorderly and getting disoriented from the healthy assignment each has in his hand from Allah ( swt ) to pursue , what is the choice ? Counseling and Preaching like applying balm or chemo therapy can be the first treatment to be given but if the wound or the Cancer starts spreading on the body or soul of the society which could affect major portion to go rotten , then surgery has to be done for the infected part only to save the healthy Body or Soul.

People must understand that ; Impersonating Muhammed ( saw ) or calling one self as Muhammed ( saw ) incarnated or carrying noor of Allah ( swt ) and of Muhammed ( saw ) in one’s own body is much more a serious issue than even declaring one self as a new Nabi or Rasool because Muhammed ( saw ) being the final messenger , Allah ( swt ) has fulfilled and completed the divine messages through him only hence any one thereafter claiming to be Muhammed ( saw ) therefore places himself on a status where by he only can alter the divine messages and his followers in what ever trance they are will accept all the changes he will be making hence it will destroy the basic fabric of Islam and if the following multiplies to a total population of more than 1.5 billion Muslims today because Muhammed ( saw ) has come back to this earth again in a different body then can you imagine the consequences ? All such non sense whether a few misguided Muslim by name Sufi have said it through Seena ( Bosom ) gazette or this concept has been imported from any other source or religion should be out rightly rejected , strongly discouraged and even strong hand be applied if necessary to stop masses going astray for their own benefit and salvation.

Pakistanis & Muslims must decide : Either they have love and respect for Muhammed ( saw ) and would not allow any one to impersonate him or declare himself as Prophet ( saw ) incarnated or Allah ( swt ) in human uniform or any impostor to declare himself as a Prophet or Messenger OR they will sympathize / support such blasphemer ( gustakhey ) Rasool , deviant groups or Cults to prevail and infect the root of Islam and Allah’s deeN , albeit they keep pursuing their hidden agenda under the veil of Islam , a modern Islam , a new Islam , a human Islam , a moderate Islam , a Sufi Islam and name any Islam or terminology but be on guard please – There is no Islam other than which has basic principles laid in by Muhammed ( saw ) , there is no interpretation of Quran other than what Muhammed ( saw ) has made us learn.

Don’t let any one hide under the cover of jugglery of words , fascinating statements and philosophy , or theology if those are not driven out from the statements and character of Muhammed ( saw ) – There are many entertainers , charmers , public speakers , religious shops , stages built these days but TRUTH is one and only ONE. We need to deal deviant and misguided people with what ever it takes – even with strong hands if necessary till all Fitnas are eliminated. Followings of seasonal frog like Nabi , Rasool , Walee popping up these days must be stopped – Creditability and Yard stick to measure is just one ie the Quran and the way it has been interpreted and practiced by Muhammed ( saw ) ie Sunnah – Hold tight the rope of Allah ( swt ) and of His only one final Nabi or Rasool Muhammed bin Abdullah ( saw ) and don’t look for phony Reality some where else – Don’t fall in to Satanic prey.

Life is a complete struggle – continue in the right direction and for right cause to make life useful and with purpose defined by Allah ( swt ). We all have little time to prove our worth in this world to Allah ( swt ).

Fi-aman Allah
Hesham A Syed

3 comments on “Hesham Syed: Yusuf Kazab Impersonated Muhammed ( saw )

  1. Muhammad Awais Bhatti says:

    Awaring article and i think it’s a good effort.
    it’s the answer of my question for i’m finding for some weeks.
    Jazakamullah Khaira.

  2. hesham syed says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 15, 2010 at 2:23 pm
    Editor : I am not exactly an eye witness to Yusuf claim of Prophet hood the way it is added and expressed above because he could not appear infront of me openly as any prophet or Muhammed ( saw ) and kept on waiting till I gave him wholesome money he demanded to let me meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically , never the less the way he was pursuing his case to me I had a strong feeling and was almost sure that even if I paid him it is he who will emerge as Muhammed ( saw ) and I thought that would be a rude shock to me – With all my serious doubts in him and even on his religious knowledge base I was not among the fools to have surrendered to him totally like this , therefore Yusuf and I over a period of time drifted away – he knew it is not going to work with me although he made several attempts to convince me and fleece me – How ever I could observe his close followers the way they were treating him and very close ones even gave me a clear indication and said it also that I have already met Muhammed ( saw ) physically but I could not recognize him – I would play naive and on my query Who and Where ? they would say that they were not allowed to disclose till the permission was granted and obviously that permission was waiting for the amount I was supposed to deposit in Yusuf Bank account in Lahore ( the Act no Yusuf gave to me directly at his Lahore house writing himself on a slip of paper with pencil but after a while I lost that slip – it was a foreign currency account no )- Allah is all knowing – What a trade off and a mockery or fun Yusuf was making of Muhammed ( saw )- and how he exploited and took advantage of people’s love to the Prophet ( saw ).

  3. khan says:


    I like the way you explained it all..

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