Fitna e Yusuf Kazab [Book] – Arshad Quraishi

Arshad Quraishi was an ex-mureed of Yusuf Kazab and due to this association he knew all the important characters of this Fitna including Zaid Hamid on a personal level. Arshad Quraishi later converted back to Islam and did Tauba and then started the struggle against this false prophet. Ismail Quraishi, senior advocate of Supreme Court, who fought the case against Yusuf Kazab was the brother of Arshad Quraishi.

Fitna e Yusuf Kazab is a book written by Arshad Quraishi on the the Fitna of Yusuf Kazab. The book was published in 1997 in two parts. Both the parts are being embedded below for the Muslim Ummah to read and learn about this fitna from a person who saw it first hand. While reading the book, please pray for Arshad Quraishi who died in 2003.

Fitna e Yusuf Kazab Part 1

Fitna e Yusuf Kazab Part 2

The book can also be found online on the website of Aalami Majlise Tahafuze Khatam e Nabuwat. See Part 1 and Part 2 here.

2 comments on “Fitna e Yusuf Kazab [Book] – Arshad Quraishi

  1. Nouman Khan says:

    So who exactly is Arshad Qureshi?

    Visit this Link given above.

    [ Source: Daily Milaap India via UNI – United News of India (In original Urdu) ]

    Read the news…and now defend your Arshad Qureshi. Cuz I know what you people’s reply will be. But am waiting what it would be.

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Nouman Khan

    This is our response to your lie:

    It is better you stop trusting the Kuffar news and Team Brasstacks who are active in piling up such stupid news to deceive the general masses.

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