9 comments on “Fatawa Against Yusuf Kazab

  1. A Khokar says:

    In none of the Fatawas this can be assertained that any one of the clerics was the first hand witness of Yusuf Ali neither they are basing the issue of their decree that Yusuf Ali was proved as Kazzab in the court of law. Fataws are seen issued here on hear say bases and without an authenticity. Cleric are basing it merely on the reports read in the new paperswhich amounts to passing an ill-conceived information or opinion (Fatwa), with out proper and due consideration and confirmation.

    Court did not say that Yusuf Ali was Kazzab but this also should be no surprise for anybody that the news paper who coined and spiced up this word Kazzab; is Khabrain news paper who had initially moved a case of money/ property against Yusuf Ali. Yusuf Ali happened to be the special business partner and bosom friend of Daily Khabrain, chief editor Zia shahid.

    On finding their recovery case not meeting the desired successes in the court; this case was twisted and turned to personal attacks with a rancor against Yususf Ali and with a mollified intent to defame him.
    Any how both the charges; of rape and declaring himself as nabi were not proved in the court. This is also on record that no one from Ulemas ever filed their evidence against Yusuf Ali.

    Man was convicted on declaring himself as Khalifa by session court. He was murdered in the jail before this that man could move his appeal against his conviction.

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ A Khokar

    If you’ve bothered to view the dates of fatwa, you’d have know that at that time, these fatwas were giving before Yousuf Kazzab was not caught for his blasphemy around 1997. The Ulama made swift action to make sure that Yousuf Kazzab don’t damage much to the society.

    After the Ulama ended up proofing in the court, that he was Kazzab doesn’t justify you now to say that the court only took News Reporting as evidence. Only an ‘insane’ person will believe that Yousuf Kazzab issue was decided based on news reporting.

    Court called Yousuf Kazzab a blasphemer. It’s a Shari’ah court, where he’ll be titled specifically to a ‘Kazzab’ to make you belief that. By the way, do you consider him blasphemer or not. At this this is what the court proved.

    Session Court is not stupid to give death penalty to someone who considers himself to be Khilafah. It is better you stop ranting about Zaid Hamid version, which has been already refuted.

    Bring something as a proof to refute us with evidence with regards to our posts on the blog.

  3. Aay Khokar says:

    @ Abu Muhammad Sahib,

    This is very much agreed that some of the decrees are dated prior to the court order issued but these dates certainly bear the marks soon after—when Khabrain news paper, on finding that their money recovery case was not meeting the desired success in the court; the personal enmity and rancour of Khabrain Chief Editor, Mr Zia Shahid against Yusuf Ali, is seen to have come in play and very cleverly the lost money case is twisted and turned into a direction of declaring him a cult leader but with the mala fide intent to defame him. Some of the Ulemas also say that they were reading the news of khabrain.

    The Session Court in any case did not say that Yusuf Ali was an Imposter prophet and neither called him Kazzab in their order. He was sentenced on calling himself; Khalifa only. But question arises that who labelled him- Kazzab nabi? Here, this should be no surprise for anyone that khabrain news paper has spiced up this word Kazzab; is Khabrain news paper of Lahore that earlier they had initially moved a fraud case of money/ property against Yusuf Ali in the court. Yusuf Ali happened to be the business partner and bosom friend of Mr. Zia Shahid the chief editor of Daily Khabrain- Lahore and a known spiritual leader that Zia Shahid also recognised him as such. But;
    Mohabtoun main sada sey laga hey ek dharka sa
    Janey koun kahaan rasta badal jaey ?

    Do we see someone serving God here…? No-no one—; ‘Sub Maya hey’

    Anyhow question arises that who is really Kazzab here;
    • the one who are pushing this concoction coloured and wrapped up in the infamous blasphemy tortilla down our throats —and sounding their trumpets on high pitch.
    • or the man who was not proved an imposter in the court is Kazzab that he did not hide what he claimed—-
    • or ——-the people who wanted to see Yusuf Ali defunct after losing their recovery case in the court and very conveniently labelled the man as Kazzab nabi and also murdered him in vengeance at their own will?

    In any case ; most of the ulemas are not seen gathered here under the flag of truth but have gone along in the direction with the wind blown by the Zia shahid of Khabrain news paper pursuing his rapacious inrests.

    My submission is only this that facts should remain straight. Truth has the habit that it will always emerge above the surface; even it is buried under the heavy dead rocks of infamous Blasphemy laws that people in Pakistan use it often for their own worldly gains.

    With Best of Regards

  4. Aay Khokar says:

    Please ignore some typos in abaove post.

  5. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Aay Khokar

    Honestly, your facts are all distorted. You even are not accepting that he was convicted not for Khabrain Akhbar enmity of Zia Shahid but for blasphemy.

    Your just trying to defend the indefensible. If you think that Yousuf Kazzab was wrongly convicted, please go to the court and put a case on the judge and re open the proceedings and defend Yousuf Kazzab there. It is better for you not to waste your time here, rather take your arguments to the court and present it and prove yourself right there instead of here.

    Yeah, truth was buried before. Now it has come out. No doubt about that.

  6. Aay Khokar says:

    All the Ulemas are respectable figures and they have their right to opinion but this Blasphemy case in the court was initiated on the behest of Zia Shahid Editor Khabrain news paper who certainly had his enmity with Yusuf Ali; which is beyond any doubt.

    This is also evident that No ulema ever took the trouble to register any evidence in the court of law against Yusuf Ali.
    In any case blasphemy charge could not be proved in the court; so you may call Yususf Ali anything or may defunct him to any degree that you like but can’t say that man was a Kazzab nabi.

    This is a matter of Khaouf e khuda.That is my plea.
    Previously Israelites used to indulge themselves in same type of illusory business to prove their upper hand by taking God’s job in their own hands. So much so they rejected their God’s sent reformer; Jesus (as), when he came…!

    They also kept on boasting and rejoicing it for about 6oo years long that what a fantastic job,they had done; till such time that later Quran reveals for us that how they transgressed and for their conduct which they thought it was a Godly business; they could earn nothing except the wrath of God.
    We have our living God and He is very much in control of affairs of this universe. So let all the blasphemous cases that we consider as such—- rest with: God Almighty.

  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Aay Khokar

    Let’s leave the aspect of Zia Shahid aside and then see Yousuf Kazzab.

    All what your trying to say is that Court was ‘stupid’ to convict Yousuf a death penalty knowing that death penalty is a rare case in court.

    The Ulama didn’t become a witness to Yousuf Kazzab because the Ulama were not the ones who listened to the blasphemy of Yousuf Kazzab directly. The other 14 witnesses made those statements against Yousuf Kazzab and they were mureed of Yousuf Kazzab. Now did they also had an enmity with Yousuf Kazzab?

    As I suggested, please go to the court. I can feel very strongly that you’ve very ‘valid’ points and would be able to defend Yousuf Kazzab in the court. Please proceed.

  8. A Khokar says:

    Dear Abu Muhammad,

    Court may not be called ‘stupid’ as you say. The evidence which was presented to prosecute the man had no substance in it so the alleged charges leveled up against the man were rejected out rightly by the court.
    Well there were certain people who wanted to see that man was punished but after noticing that probably Yusuf Ali may not be punished in the court had already started orchestrating an alternate; to declare him Kazzab and punish him—outside the court under the draconian concept of ‘blasphemy — where any one may take the law in his/her hand’ and thus- man was killed—— cold blooded in the jail cell.

    Zia Shahid may not be taken out of this loop that he is the master mind of this whole fiasco. Yusuf Ali was his friend and entangling of Yususf Ali in blasphemy case is his brain child.

    The ulemas for their own personal vested interest are seen here just putting a rubber stamp –on it by issuing their decrees. shaheedoun main naam likhaney kay li-aey.

    Any how Lets please stay with the truth.
    And thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate that.

  9. Khalid says:


    From the start A Khokar your base is that Zia Shahid made all the case for some money.

    First of all can u prove that Zia Shahid asked for money from Yusuf Kazaab , if not then why are you making such a big building on a base that you can’t prove. ???

    Secondly, Yusuf Kazaab only didn’t called himself “Khalifa” but “Khalifa-e-Azam”. In the certificate which according to him was given to him by Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) he used the title “Khalifa-e-Azam” with the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) and then with himself , which also showed that according to him a Prophet is a Khalifa Azam.

    By calling himself Khalifa Azam he has proved that he really called himself a Prophet.

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