Yusuf Kazab Case: Full Court Proceedings + Detailed Judgement [Original Copy]

This is a scan of the Original Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case Judgement. Although we have already uploaded the Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case Judgement, but that was in html format. However, this is an actual scan of the original court judgement and is provided below in verbatim.

Everyone is free to share and spread this judgement either directly from this site, or indirectly by downloading and uploading it at other sites, forums etc. However, we would request everyone to keep the judgement free of watermarks, footers and other such personal stamps.

Copyright Notice: This judgement is the property of the Muslim Ummah.

10 comments on “Yusuf Kazab Case: Full Court Proceedings + Detailed Judgement [Original Copy]

  1. Abdullah says:

    Please can you upload this document somewhere to download? Many people have difficulty downloading or reading online from scribd. Thanks

  2. ali says:

    please ager yeh such hai to un ko samnay media k bitha k clear baat ki jaye yeh to aik tarfa bayan hai ap ki taraf se hamaray mutabik to wo soyi hoi kom ko jagany ki koshish kar rahay hai par abi tak 2no tarf se baat clear nahi hai plz clear that

  3. Nouman Khan says:


    These people wont ever come to the main stream and wont ever have a face-to-face dialogue with Zaid Hamid. These people have not much courage to accept the challenge by Zaid Hamid.

    We, are all muslims. They say that ZH is misleading the youth. So if so then y dont you people organize your seminars against him and act like braves.

    Y only u distribute the pamphlets and publish your selves on internet? Y you do only want to do mess in ZH’s seminar and prog?

    Is your strategy, the same as ordered by Islam to handle these kinds of issues? Put off the cover from ur faces and show us who u r…come in public and then educate us about YOU !

  4. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Nouman Khan

    An Open Challenge from Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Scholars has been done to Zaid Hamid. Ask Zaid Hamid to accept it, if he really thinks he is right and a ‘brave Mujahid’.

  5. Talha Zahid says:

    Agar itna hi sacha hai tu jaye Khatm-e-nabuwaat kay scholars kay pass aur agar nouman app ko lagta hai kay khatm-e-nabuwaat walay fasadi hai tu app ko sharam ani cheye bohat kay app eik aise shaks ko support karahay ho jis ka past hi corrupt hai aur eik sawal hai aur app fasadiis oshi kay kaynay per on ko kay rahay ho jo khatm-e-nabuwaat ka kaam kartay hai

  6. jamil baloch says:

    @nauman bhai ager sacha hai ZH to accept kare maulana jalal pori shaheed ka challenge,,,unho ne to ajge ki b rehayat de di thi..!!

  7. khan says:

    @ nauman & Ali

    what challange? … his lair boss was proven guilty after detailed hearings in the court… lar zzh was his partner in lair yusuf’s crimes…. he was even there in court to defend him…

    n bytheway your lair zzh talks about implementation of khilafat in pakistan… why dont you all kickoff and initiate khilafat by implementing First Khalifa’s act of finishing Musailmah kazzab and associates…..
    they finished 7000 supporters with muslima…..
    it is known as the first major action of khilafat… you tell us when are you going to take similar action in implementing khalifat here? 😀

  8. QASIM (DARIA DIL) says:


  9. Mubeen says:

    I dont know why these people find differences and false translations only in the matter they want to illuminate.
    Mujhay samajh nahin aati kay in logon ko sirf unhi aayat main farq ya ghalat tarjuma kuyn nazar aata hay jo unkay matlab say related hain.
    why dont they translate all the verses again and creat a new revised Tarjuma.
    Wo tamam aayat ka tarjuma dobara theek say kyun nahin kar daity?
    There should be Media Trial of every person who claims such things.
    But media only takes part in the conflicts that they are allowed OR they earn from, and if they earn somethig by not publishing they prefer to.

  10. Usman says:

    Stop fighting guys. You need to read the detail judgement. Please read the section-43 whereby it is mentioned that Mr. Yousaf refued to answer the questions regarding video cassets though he admitted that the voice in recording was his, which shows he said those words as Anna Mohammad and presence of Shabi Rasool. In section-48, the judge himself mentioned, that there might b chance of temparing the cassets, which is not proved in this case hence after seeing the cassets, he had to accuse Mr Yousaf guilty. Based on those videos, it is clear that Mr Yousaf declared himself Mirror of Muhammad(PBUH)-(Nauzbillah) and Zaid Hamid as Sahabi-e-Rasool (Naumbillah). In section 59, the diary provided by Mr Yousaf to Muhammad Ali Abubaker further strenghtened the case of prosecution.

    But on the base of cassets, it is very very clear that Zaid Zaman knew Mr Yousaf very well and he was given title of SO CALLED sahabi-e-Rasool (Nauzbillah) by Mr Yousaf. There is no doubt that Zaid Zaman is nationalist, but we also need to look at behind the curtains for credibility of a person. It seems that Mr Zaid Zaman have lost that now.


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