Yusuf Kazab – Allah And Muhammad Are One Part 2

This video has been created and uploaded to Youtube by Afnan Abu Bilal.

Afnan has also created a Scribd document that you could read to understand Yusuf Kazab’s twisted and blasphemous Aqaids.

12 comments on “Yusuf Kazab – Allah And Muhammad Are One Part 2

  1. Abeer says:

    very good analysis!

  2. Abeer says:

    nice analysis!

  3. Junaid says:


    in this audio he is using reference to QURAN (6th para starting verses).
    He is trying you use quran in order to prove Allah and Muhammed (peace be upon him) is one (nauzubillah)
    please go and read the meaning and tafseer of those verses. below is the summary and explanation of those verses.

    Those verses are

    Sura-Al Nisa [150-152] Those, who deny Allah and His Messengers and desire to draw a line between Allah and His Messengers, and say, “We will acknowledge some and deny others,” they seek a midway between belief and disbelief. All those are confirmed disbelievers,and We have prepared an ignominious punishment for such disbelievers. In contrast to them, We will most surely give their due reward179 to those who believe in Allah and all His Messengers and do not discriminate against any of them; for Allah is very Forgiving and very Compassionate.

    Tafseer of above mentioned ayaat is :
    there is absolutely no doubt that all those people are equally disbelievers, who deny Allah all His Messengers: who acknowledge Allah but deny His Messengers: who accept some of the Messengers and reject others: each and everyone of such people is a confirmed disbeliever.

    for more explanatation see below..

    “Believing in Some Prophets and Rejecting Others is Pure Kufr”

    Allah threatens those who disbelieve in Him and in His Messengers, such as the Jews and Christians, who differentiate between Allah and His Messengers regarding faith. They believe in some Prophets and reject others, following their desires, lusts and the practices of their forefathers. They do not follow any proof for such distinction, because there is no such proof. Rather, they follow their lusts and prejudices. The Jews, may Allah curse them, believe in the Prophets, except `Isa and Muhammad, peace be upon them. The Christians believe in the Prophets but reject their Final and Seal, and the most honored among the prophets, Muhammad, peace be upon him. In addition, the Samirah (Samaritans) do not believe in any Prophet after Yuwsha` (Joshua), the successor of Musa bin `Imran. The Majus (Zoroastrians) are said to believe only in a Prophet called Zoroaster, although they do not believe in the law he brought them casting it behind them, and Allah knows best. Therefore, whoever rejects only one of Allah’s Prophets, he will have disbelieved in all of them, because it is required from mankind to believe in every prophet whom Allah sent to the people of the earth. And whoever rejects one Prophet, out of envy, bias and personal whim, he only demonstrates that his faith in other Prophets is not valid, but an act of following desire and whim.

  4. Junaid says:

    please read “desire to draw a line” part. Yussuf Kazzab is using this part only…

  5. Muhammad Yasir says:

    oye yeh definately mentally sick person hai….

  6. Muhammad Yasir says:

    rather tha 😛

  7. Maqk says:

    koi adalat ise dajjal mane naa mane meri adalt me to ye yaqeenan DAJJAL hai – q k itnaa deen ka ilm to har musalmaan rakhtaa hai k ALLAH aur Rasool ALLAH me kyaa had rakhnee hai –

    Aisee baat hai to HAZRAT ABU BAKR R.A. ka Hazrat Muhammad SAW ke wisaal wale din khutbaa sunaa do logon ko, yaar-e-ghaar, Siddiq-e-Akbar se zyadaa ilm hai is ko ??? Kyaa kahaa thaa us waqt Siddiq e Akbar ra ne, jao search kar lo hadeeth mil jaye gaa

    ALLAH tamaam ummah ki Fitnon se hifazat farmaye Aameen

  8. Anas Rawasia says:

    In part 1, Agar aap ghour karein to Yusuf Kazzab kehta hai keh “Quran k sarey tarjume naaqis hain” aur “ulema jahalat k andheray phela rahe hain”. This is exactly what ZH is propagating to his followers. All of them are now disrespecting our beloved ulema and insulting them. My friends, we are seeing the rise, once again, of Yusuf Kazzab’s cult and his teachings, this time in the form of Zaid Hamid.

  9. laraib says:

    Allah ki lanat ho ye hain musalmano ke roop main khule mushrik

  10. laraib says:

    Allah tabah-o-barbad kare aise logo ko jo doosro ka eeman khrab karte hain

  11. laraib says:

    great work mashaAllah
    jazakumullah ahasanl jaza

  12. Arslan says:

    MashaALLAH nice great analysed, Keep it up May ALLAH accept your deeds (Aameen).

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