10 comments on “Poori Pakistani Baradari Jhooti Ya Akela Zaid Zaman Hamid ? By Moulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri

  1. Murtaza says:

    Brother and Sister Please visit this Site That i Have Pasted Above. And Please Do your research Let me us Know What Is the similarity between Mr.Obama’s Movement and Mr.Zaid’s Hamid or Zaman?? or?? movement of Takmeel-e- Pakistan as both are taking place in March.. Is it a greater conspiracy Of New World Order by Zion’s????

  2. saeed says:

    work should be done against Zaid Hamid

  3. hesham syed says:


    Are u not over amplifying Zaid ? who are the people behind him and using him ? First he was used by Yusuf , now quite a few I think !

  4. Naveed says:

    is k jurm man jo uper unhun na likha unhain aaj shaheed kar deya in khbeesun nay.

  5. Farhan says:

    Janee Wale Apna Kaam Karte Hue Gae. Unki Shahadat or tamam ehle haq ki shahadateen or kaam is baat ka suboot hain ke wo sahe the or sahe kaam ker rahe the.
    Now, its our turn to come forward to present ourselves to save our deen and emaan. This is possible only by sticking to real islamic scholars like him. And try to become Muslim from head to toe.
    May Allah be pleased with him and give us courage and accept us to His deen’s struggle.

  6. bahi read all above lakin yah sab batain hain kisee nay beee daliyal kay sath sboot kay sath kohee baat nahee kee hay maree naqis rahay yah hay ki ap sab alam looog jiss main tamam maktaba kay loog hoon un kee aik kamaitee banahoo our wooo sab mill kar jooo fasla karain woh zaid hamid koo bee kabool hoona chaeehay lakin sirf our sirf tankeed jis ka haqaq say kohee talouq nah hoo sunee sunaheee batoon kay baiss par fatwa lagana achee baat nahee hay

  7. Ahmad says:

    Sorry now the link in html
    Allah’s Governance on Earth – Abu Hamza al-Masri

    [Remarks: We are approving this link, to make the readers understand and comprehend, what Khilafah is really about and how can a person who claim to bring Khilafah on earth – while his/her 6 foot body – is void of Allah’s obedience and laws, shouldn’t be trusted.]

  8. Momin Ansari says:

    Yousf Ali died and Now his matter is with Allah not With Zaid — Again my question to U That I am also calling him “KAZAB” and i disagree with all the so called proofs whether he is Punished by Courts — is that make me “KAFIR” it depends in your answer of “YES” or “NO” then i will think of not being part of ZAID Mission.

    Waiting for ur reply…

  9. Zubair says:

    My dear friends and Brother,

    Allah has given us two eyes so we check every thing before we accept, but if these eyes can’t play its role then who will u blame, eyes or the person? Definitly person bcz he didn’t use his eyes properly and verify what he had read.

    Likewise, when our eyes see the truth and clear truth then we must accept it. What stop us to blind our self and follow Zahid Zaman @ Yousuf Kazab.

    Follower of kazab is a Kazab (liar).

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