Zaid Hamid's Family – We Don't Trust Him You Shouldn't Either

Zaid Hamid’s family member and friend has responded on the latest Tanzeem-i-Islami press release.

Close Family Member of Zaid Hamid:

Dr Israr’statement it is not very clear if he [Zaid Hamid] has already denounced Yusuf Kazab plus he has dispparoved his free mixing gatherings which has now becme his hallmark and look at the women who are behind him. Just watch any programme of recent dates.
Allah raham karay.

A Member of Zaid Hamid’s Friends Circle:

I don’t believe the guy. These people lie when they are confronted. He’s been confronted by students, the media and you. He knows he’s cornered. The day he refuses to wear that red cap, symbol of Yusuf Kasab, perhaps, then we may start giving him the benefit of doubt. I would never follow someone who has been led astray.

Editor’s Note: Just read this statement of Zaid Hamid’s friend again and again and again “I would never follow someone who has been led astray.

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16 comments on “Zaid Hamid's Family – We Don't Trust Him You Shouldn't Either

  1. Waqas says:

    I am ZH very close freind and trust him whatever he says, he is a man of his word and preaching truth, i know his close family members and they all trust him, people who are doing propaganda against him are fasadis and indian assets and those who are scared of his popularity but if God has given respect and good name to some one, He will make it happen till end.

  2. hickrydickry says:

    Stop lying. YOU dont give sufficent prove just give statements. Come on zionist get a life. May Allah forgive you and guide you to straight path.

  3. Amen Ibrahim says:

    @Hickrydickry; How do you know that you are on the right path? Don’t fool yourself and others.

    @Waqas; Zaid Hamid is not a true person. His lies have been exposed. Dr. Israr has warned him in the language that Zaid Hamid does not understand. Yes, he is used to speak dirty language and you have learned this from him. Who is an Indian asset, anyone who speaks against Zaid Hamid or Zaid Hamid himself who ended up in Northern Alliance lap after Afghan jihad. Stop playing this blame game and focus on the evidence but you will not 🙂 because you do not want to accept the truth.

  4. MaXes says:

    Truth is the truth… and the truth stands clear of weight of evidences. the truth which i see here is that the statements given by the so naive writer are by “Close Family Member of Zaid Hamid” and by “A Member of Zaid Hamid’s Friends Circle”. nothing specific about the identity of people quoted(just some random wise guy) and therefore the argument cannot carry its weight. this is a sign of unconditional character assassination. be warned my countrymen, whatever zaid hamid may be, i don’t care, leave him aside for a moment and atleast stay away from people like the writer of this post(and deny them when they come openly) who do not provide a valid verifiable basis for their assessment. They spread hatred, nothing else.

    [Edited By: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Be respectful, while seeking any clarification]

  5. Totally jhoot and disinformation………
    Get a life dude

    Dekhtey hain Zor kitna bazo E Qatil main hai ………

  6. Syed Omair ALi says:


    First , we all are Pakistanies and we are proud of it …………. please do not make 2 more groups “Zaid Lovers” and “Zaid Haters” . Remain United. Differences may occur but dont make it a reason to FIGHT —- GO EASY —- U both parties got same Goal in mind – – – just keep convincing others and also keep studying both views ….. i have joined both groups on facebook and i read posts from both , so far i am confused but INSHALLAH my mind will be clear soon .


  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Hickrydickry

    Don’t embarrass yourself and don’t embarrass your own credibility here by assuming that the admins of “Zaid Hamid Exposition” can’t make out from your location – your pathetic attempt to flood us with abuse.

    Use single name to come to our blog, and talk with respect. This comment we have approved, to allow others to see the retard mentality of many who come here.

    Consider this a warning otherwise, proper steps will be taken now, if you don’t pay heed.

  8. zaidhamid-JHOOOTA says:

    @waqas .

    can you prove zaid hamid is a man of his word and preaching truth ?

    brother hum vedios daikh chukay hain zaid hamid kehta tha k uska yousuf say taluq nahi

    aur ab kehta hai k yousuf ko janta hon .

    aur ap log indian elements kisko bolte ho bar bar ?

    zaid hamid ka jhoot expose karne say koi indian hojata hai ?

  9. Zaid Zaman Yusuf Kazab says:

    I am big fan of zaid zaman yusuf kazab. I love his acting and drama. He is khaleefah of yusuf kazzab along with Abdul Wahid Sahab.

    He does not believe in Islam and ummah he believes in nationalism and you all know Allama Iqbal”s views on Nationalism.

    “In tazza khudaaon me sabse badaa watan hai jo iska pairahan hai woh mazhab ka kafan hai”

    He keeps giving false statements that he does not have any link with his false prophet then ultimately everything came in video.

    He is using the same tactics what Mirza Qadiani used but in a better way.

    He is using as a shield “Allama Iqbal Qaide Azam Nationalism Islam Pak Army..”

    People in pakistan are ready to die for this new khalifah of Yusuf Kazzab

  10. Ahsan says:

    I need email of any brother I have written an article that will be INSHALLAH last nail in the coffin..

  11. hesham syed says:

    Quran says ; sirf aankheiN andhee naheeN hoateeN – Dil bhi andhey ho jaatey haiN — look in the Quran where this is said or deny this also if you have failed to search this — !

    Chashmey beena bhi kar khuda sey talab
    Aankh ka noor hee dil ka noor naheeN
    ( check if this sheir is correctly written – find error ).

    Jin loagoaN key dil andhey ho chukey haiN key unhey Namoosey Rasool ( saw ) ka bhi koyee khiyaal naheeN tto unkaa ilaaj sirf Allah zuljalal key paas hai.

  12. Zaid Hamid is now a target. All the good people are always shown as corrupted and fake.

    To all the Ullu ke patthay, He is an eye-opener for everyone of us. Don’t lose another hero, kam se kam is ko bacha lo.

  13. a2ztruth says:

    syed F Hassan : Ullu key patthey aur gadhey tto tum khud ho – apney aap ko syed likhna choaarh do, is liey key ttoo bhi gustaakhey Rasool kaa hamdard hai.

  14. hilali says:

    The fact that in over 400 programs and lectures, ZH has not spoken a word against Quran and Sunnah is a clear sharp proof that his haters are nothing but shaitan and fasadis. No body can judge what a man hides in his heart but through the refrence of Quran and Sunnah and on this refrence Zaid Hamid has proven himself as a true Momin, believer and a mujahid.

    • Editor says:

      @Hilali Is Defending a Kazab Islamic ? Do you not find it unislamic that Zaid Hamid is defending Yusuf Kazab against all Ulema e Karam’s. So all Ulema are wrong and not following Quran and Sunnah and only Zaid Hamid is right and knows more about Quran and Sunnah then all Ulema e Karam ?

      Is this what you really mean to say ?

  15. Syed says:

    I know Mr. Zaid since 1986, he seems to be a very emotional person and try to convince everyone that his beliefs,philosphy and ideas about religion and on other topics are 100% correct. This ego destroyed him.From this philosphy, the things or ideas he like becomes 100% perfect, so he acts accordingly, so he divorced his wife as he thinks fit & likwise he is enchanted & interested with the beauty of other women, as his internal desire tells that to be worth, so he should get pleasure with these women. In short we can say,

    Brahimi nazar paida magar mushkil se hoti hai
    Hawas chhup chhup ke sinon mein bana laiti hain tasveerein

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