Tanzeem-i-Islami Releases Their Official Position On Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid

We have received press release from Tanzeem-i-Islami. The reason we are saying that we have received it directly from Tanzeem-i-Islami is because our sources have deep and penetrable contacts with the Top Brass of Tanzeem-i-Islami.

Summary of the Press Release is presented below:

  • Tanzeem-i-Islami calls Yusuf Ali to be Kazab in unequivocal terms. They have not minced words and have been absolutely clear and precise that Yusuf Ali was a Kazab.
  • Tanzeem said that in the beginning we didn’t knew about Zaid Hamid’s association with Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid himself used to deny that, however, suddenly one day he came out defending Yusuf Kazab.
  • Tanzeem-i-Islami sent a delegation (as we reported earlier) to meet Zaid Hamid to know his views on Yusuf Kazab, after the release of videos in which Zaid Hamid admits his links with Yusuf Kazab. Zaid Hamid accepted this in front of the Tanzeem delegation in clear words that:
  1. He is a firm believer in Khatam e Nabuwat SAW.
  2. He sends Lanat on Ghustakhan e Rasool SAW.
  3. Although he was associated with Yusuf Ali in the past, but he announces his baarat from the Aqaid and Believes of Yusuf Ali during his last days.
  • Tanzeem demanded Zaid Hamid to announce all three points mentioned above in public and publish it on his own website and on his facebook page. It is worth mentioning here, that Tanzeem has asked him to announce this on his own and in his own words and not in the words of Tanzeem-i-Islami.
  • Lastly Tanzeem has announced that they dont agree with Zaid Hamid’s stand on Lal Masjid, The Afghan Policy of Government after 9/11, Operation in Malakand and Swat, and the intermingling of sexes in Zaid Hamid’s programs.

Editor’s Note:
This first press release by Tanzeem-i-Islami was twisted by the Zaid Hamid claiming that Dr. Israr has cleared him of all allegations and is with him. This was followed by a second press release by Tanzeem-i-Islami making their stance very clear that Yousuf Ali was Kazzab and Zaid Hamid hasn’t fulfilled Shari’ah requirements till now after their own press release of BrassTacks which deceitfully tried to say that the Shari’ah requirements are fulfilled now.

The press release could also be seen here. The press release is attached below:

Tanzeem-i-Islami Press Release on Yusuf Kazab Case

Tanzeem-i-Islami Press Release on Yusuf Kazab Case

Document (Urdu): tanzeem-e-islami-first-press-release-regarding-yousuf-kazzb-and-zaid-hamid
Document (Urdu): tanzeem-e-islami-second-press-release-regarding-yousuf-kazzb-and-zaid-hamid

24 comments on “Tanzeem-i-Islami Releases Their Official Position On Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Hamid

  1. Abeer says:

    Alhamdulillah, answers to all your questions.

  2. Ammar says:

    mene already ZAID HAMID ki team se bi kaha tha k app combine male n females lectures mat kerwao or me ab dobarah bi unko kahun ga , lakin apne pass ye kehna ka wo jhoota ha or ye ha or wo ha galat ha , jab ek insaan ne keh deya k wo ALLAH or USKE RASOOL PBUH pe imaan rakhta ha to keya apne uska seena (chest) khool ker daikha ha k wo jhoota ha ya ALLAH ne apko ye ilm deya ha k apko dil ka haal pata lag jata ha ?
    jo baat galat ha combine lectures wo galat ha , per jahan tak baat GHUSTAKHI ki ha to ZAID HAMID ne iqrar kr deya ha k wo iman rakhta ha unke LAST PROPHET hone pe ..

  3. Dan Qayyum says:

    Time to shut down this website then eh?

  4. Kamran says:

    Masha’Allah a good response to the whole issue… We hope now all this will end.. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL…

  5. Ajeer e khas says:

    Masha Allah, zaid has been further exposed. on 3rd march he was defending the same yusuf whom tanzeem have called a kazzab, they have also mentioned it that he lied about him…

    wa salam

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Dan Qayyum

    For now you worry about your website.

    This website will remain, Insha’Allah, to mark the historic struggle that took place between Haq and Batil and it will continue till the Bara’ah (disavowal) of Zaid Hamid with Yousuf Kazzab is made public and is endorsed by the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Scholars according to Shari’ah and even after it, the lies of this movement which is based on Nationalism, will get exposed further. Bi’iznillah.

    The struggle has just begun, be in no hurry.

    Allahuakbar !

  7. Fatima says:

    Its good n quite satisfactory.
    But isn’t it contradicts with the “60 minutes interview of Mr.Zaid Hamid regarding same issue”??
    I feel like this….

  8. @Dan This website will be a part of history. It will never be shut down, not at least till I am alive. This is an historic document of the twists and lies of a defender of Kazab. Our future generations have the right to know the names of the Dan’s and Jam’s who were with this defender of Kazab.

  9. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ammar

    We don’t want to see inside anyone chest, neither can we. We as Muslim judge by the apparent. Apparently, Zaid Hamid is defending Yosuf Ali, thus we cannot take his claim to be correct, until he calls Yousuf Ali as Kazzab in unequivocal terms.

    Till, the time he clears this on public according to Shari’ah, which is as follows. The stance will remain the same.

    Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has “nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him”. What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past?

    A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following:

    1. Acceptance – Accept publicly and openly that he “did” a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet.
    2. Repentance – Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala.
    3. Disassociate – Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs
    4. Condemn – Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
    5. Tajdeed e Iman – Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly
    6. Tajdeed e Nikah – Do tajdeed of Nikah


    @ Abeer

    Alhamdulillah, this exposes him further, that he was a lier, and was just running away for 2 years hiding his face and now he has no choice to clear his stance publicly. Let’s see what sort of plans he comes forward in making this. Please, note that, Tanzem-e-Islami has not cleared him yet, until he makes this disavowal publicly. Don’t be in haste now.

  10. recluze says:

    An important point to note is that in none of the public appearances (especially in his latest videos) has ZH claimed number 3 i.e. he did not say anything about the final stages of Yousuf Kazzab’s lies. He actually defended him, quite strongly at that.

  11. kkhan says:

    i myself got the chance to attend the wake up pakistan lecture in Islamabad.as i entered the convention center, they asked me if i was being accompanied by any male associate.i said no, so they guided me to a section dedicated for the ladies only.and i attended the lecture very comfortably.likewise there were sections dedicated for men only.those sections were meant for those men who had no ladies accompanying them.so for the record, there is no opposite gender mixing going on.
    if someone comes with their family,they may sit together.but there were separate sections for gents and ladies who had come alone or in groups.
    so i dont find this accusation of gender mixing justified.since the sitting arrangement included separate sections for ladies,gents and families.

  12. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Kkhan

    If your claiming yourself to be working for Khilafat-e-Rashidah based upon Quran and Sunnah, then allow me to give you some basic principles regarding gender-segregation in Islam.

    If you as a family go to Masjid for prayers ? Do we have any ‘family section’ to offer together the prayers? No right?

    Similarly, based upon that, if your attending any Islamic Lecture, even if your part of the family, gender segregation will mean, that men will go to men side and women will go to women side.

    Where in Islam it is justified to have intermingling of “Families” (both male and female), just because they are families? [Will this not account for non-segregation as ‘male/female’ family members mixing with other ‘male/female’ family members?].

    Thus, it not accusation at all, when we say this, or when Tanzem-e-Islaami identifies this. I suggest you reconfirm this with an authentic Islamic Scholar, regarding this issue, as we say, and this will further clear your doubts.

  13. Abdud-Daiyan says:


    Jazakallah Khair brothers and sisters for finally setting up this website. May Allah (SWT) bless all those at the Khatam-e-Nabuwat organisation for the strong stand they have taken on this issue and on those in the past. May Allah (SWT) bless all who work for the Islamic cause in Pakistan and around the Ummah Inshallah.

    I knew there was something wrong with ZH from the beginning because (just to cite a very few examples):

    1. From the first episode of his TV program I saw there was a contradication because how can someone be talking about Islamic issues when the young lady sitting opposite to him is be-Hijaab i.e not wearing Islamic dress. A person talks about changing Pakistan, if not the world but he cannot see to it that a young lady sitting in front of him wears the Islamic dress according to Sunnah. (By the way this was deliberate to entrap and entice viewers -particularly the youth).

    2. This person (ZH) was from day one mixing up Sufi ideas, doctrines, ideas with his talks on the Islamic issues and Pakistan’s destiny. Anyone who knows anything about basic Islamic aqeedah could tell you that there were a lot of problems with the type of Islam ZH was extolling. Furthermore they were being presented to an unsuspecting and ignorant public (particularly the youth – who are desperate for change in their lives and country)as if they were in accordance with the authentic teachings of Islam.

    3. We do not want an “Iqbaliyat” or Iqbal ka Pakistan. Sure I appreciate the contribution of Allama Iqbal like most Pakistanis but I dont want any knew Dine-illahi type creation about Jinnah’s Pakistan or Iqbal’s Pakistan. We only want an Islamic Khlilafah state based on the Allah’s law according to Quran and Sunnah and based on the example Muhammad (SAW)’s Sunnah. Which was followed by the the Khulaf-ae-Rashideen (the four rightly guided Khalifs (RA).

    4. Neither do we want an armed forces sanctioned type Islam (“deeni ghairat ko paida karne ke liye”). Pakistan was only created to serve the interests of Islam and we will establish the Islamic way of life or die trying Inshallah.

    5. Mr. ZH has from day one presented an easy to follow type of Islam to the educated youth mixed with rousing political slogans – which means they do not have to change their unIslamic convictions and lifestyles. He has mixed nationalism with Islam (which Islam totally forbids) and tried to justify that it is in accordance with Islam. No, sorry, no Pakistan First (“Pakistan sab se pehle”) only ISLAM FIRST and above all. I love Pakistan because it was created in the name of Islam and it my part of the Ummah where I was born and live. I will defend it (as my duty of Jihad fi-Sabililah) from harm because it is Muslim land where Muslims live. That’s all. It is Islam and the Muslims that are our priority. Islam was there before Pakistan came into being. Islam will
    exist even if Pakistan is wiped from the map. Islam has no (and does not need) geographical boundaries.

    6. Mr. ZH organisational style has all the hallmarks of a cult because:
    a) it is secretive by nature – an Islamic effort is genuinely open and welcoming to all Muslims who want to participate and is never secretive.
    b) Mr. ZH refuses to work with or include any person in his group if they have enough Islamic knowledge to start ask questions. Any person like this would threaten the cult leaders position and so is excluded entry. Only the naive and gullible ones who are easily lead are invited because they are loyal and unquestioning. Compare this with Islamic groups where everyone is welcome and no-one is interested in become a “leader”.
    c) The people in ZH’s group have very little understanding of Islamic knowledge and are blindly following someone they “think” is right. They certainly have totally failed to understand the implications of the “Kazzab” issue. They are happy to continue getting their salaries and working for an “Islamic” cause.

    7. I was in no way at any stage against Mr ZH. All Muslims should be safe from the intentions and actions of other Muslims – this is part of our Islamic faith. However, many of us are experienced enough (politically and Islamically) to know that there was an issue lurking in the background which Mr ZH did not really want to address – a major one and one which is less important.
    a) The major issue is this: Now that we have 58 mins of ZH defending Yusuf even until a few days ago (who he called Ali and not Kazzab) and basically saying that an injustice had occurred what does this mean? It means that either ZH is right or all the Ulema, Khatam-e-Nabawat movement and all the government agencies who convicted that man were wrong. Now this means that if the orginal conviction was right ( and having studied all the available evidence at length for myself and also listening in great detail to ZH it appears to me that the conviction was completely correct) and ZH is still defending him and degrading the Ulema and courts who convicted him. Now all that has to be done is that the 58 mins of documentary evidence should be submitted in front of the appropriate authorities and Ulema to show that ZH is still a believer and follower of Yusuf “Kazzab”. This is not a small issue since this person ZH, is attempting to mobilise and gather people to his cause. So this issue needs to be cleared up quickly and people need to decide for themselves whether then they want to follow and learn from this person.
    b) The minor issue is ZH claim to Jihad in Afghanistan. Where is the evidence for this from others who can verify his participation in battles etc. Mr ZH has photos of him in Afghanistan at that time. Nobody is suggesting that ZH was not in Afghanistan in the eighties – but we are all told that Mr ZH is a “very keen photographer” and a lot of people went to Afghanistan for all sorts of reasons during the Afghan Jihad. The reason all of this becomes relevant now is that Mr ZH is using his “Afghan Jihad” background as part of his public image projection (and one in which he revels in) – so before a lot of innocent people get mislead about ZH’s credibility and character – it’s time to sort this issue out as well.

    8. This whole affair has been a mess from start to finish, full of confusion and doubt, with all sorts of unanswered questions about motives and intentions. Everyone in Pakistan knows that ZH is backed either directly or indirectly by the agencies/armed forces etc. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Or to figure out that all ZH’s programs are paid for air-time features with staged girly presenters asking prepared questions. Furthermore, if ZH is supposed to be giving an Islamic message to the gullible youngsters then why is there music and mixed gatherings at all his “shows” [and yes they are shows – more for entertainment rather than any serious effort for our deen or country] and what have unIslamic individuals like Ali Azmat and Maria B got to do with Islamic dawah.

    9. We dont care what Ali Azmat and Maria B think “Islam means to them” and there interpretations- we care what Allah and his Rasool (SAW) say about Islam. There is only one Islam and that is the Islam we love and die for – and Inshallah it is this Islam – the Islam that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) conveyed to his Sahaaba(RA) and the whole world until Qiyaamat that we will implement in Pakistan and the Ummah Inshallah.

  14. Sufyan Elahi says:

    assalaamo3likum ,

    Just to appreciate Abdud-Daiyan’s post. Abdud-Daiyan, I liked your post but is there concrete evidence for 6 a and b ? and ‘c’ what is his group really ? anybody known, are they paid? for mostly islamic workers are volunteers.

    secondly do you have replies to his defense of yusuf ? you said you studied the case well.

    lastly, may i share ur post on facebook notes ?

    also does anyone have link to his comments on shell ( and similar ) being a client of brasstacks ? any other related info

    sufyan elahi

  15. hesham syed says:

    Caution , Caution & Caution – this is the signal coming from all sides – Please follow Islam vide Quran and Prophet’s ( saw ) teachings – There are many street charmers and entertainers these days – Don’t get fascinated and kill time with them – Religion is an Industry these days – Take care and always pray to Allah ( swt ) to guide you to the right path.
    Recite always – Sura Al-naas and ponder what is said in this Sura.
    There are shaitaans in human uniforms – Please be extra careful.
    Allah hafiz

  16. Abdud-Daiyan says:

    Reply to Sufyan Elahi,


    You are welcome to post my notes/observations on Facebook or anywhere else.

    As far as the details of the Yusuf Kazaab case are concerned I dont want to list them all again here. Even on this website for example there are listed vast evidences that are damning to that man. Please just look through a few and you will see that the original conviction was thorough and sound. But as I said in my orginal post the most important thing now is that ZH has stated in an interview given only days ago that Yusuf’s conviction was wrong. Which means that ZH believed in Yusuf Kazaab before he was exposed as a false Prophet, during his trial, after the trial and even today, a decade later. The clear message (and please watch the 58 min video) in that footage is that ZH says over and over again is that Yusuf – is and was Yusuf Ali and not Yusuf “Kazzaab” so why should I (i.e. ZH) call him a “Kazaab”.

    As far as the evidence for the points I mentioned regarding the nature of ZH’s team and it having all the hallmarks of a cult I would state the following:

    a) Firstly, (and this point is relevant to all of us as Muslims) our greatest tool is Islamic knowledge. Once we are well grounded on what Islam is ourselves it is relatively easy to distinguish what is Islamic and what is not. The problem with a lot of the people around ZH and also his general supporters on other websites who like his mix of Pakistani nationalism with a a bit of Islam mixed in (to make them feel better that they are doing something “Islamic”) is that their Islamic concepts are very weak and hence when they are dealing with ZH – they are faced with an individual they cannot properly critique. This also applies to Ahmed Qureshi – who is a nice guy and very good on Pakistan affairs, but is way out his depth on this one.

    b) However, this is how you learn. In a way the youth will learn from this ZH experience and this will increase their understanding Inshallah of Islamic issues and what is the criterion for those in leadership and dawaah roles. Which brings me to my second point – I, personally, have spent much time learning about Islamic and Pakistani political issues practically in the field. We have been through this sort of stuff countless times – with different groups and individuals. “Bin’ there, seen it, done it” type of thing. Al-hamdulillah now Islamic activism has started in Pakistan people will learn quickly.

    c) Thirdly, having said this, (as per the above point) I visited ZH and his offices quite a few times to see how I could get involved – it is from these personal experiences of meeting ZH and talking to his staff and checking out his premises (he has about 25 staff in his offices) that I came away with the impression that this was just another group that claimed to be Islamic – but disappointed on closer inspection.

  17. mz says:

    Who has given you people the right to say that this is right or wrong in Islam??? and honestly how many of the people commenting on this site have any background in Islamic Shariah? or can even one of you can claim to be an Islamic scholar???

    I mean the thing is at the end of this, Zaid Hamid is a bloke who comes on tv and every1 is intelligent enough to make his or her decision themselves. The one and only thing going for him is that he gives some people in this generation “hope”. No Muslim religious or political group is even doing that.

    And lets just remember what they are doing fighting and arguing over petty issues.. U are spending time pointing fingers at a man who at the end of the day comes on tv, gets his fifteen minutes of fame and thats it.

    So please may I make a suggestion do something constructive for once. Please help save our country!!!
    India has already made dams and is going around building other dams.
    If we’ll have no water, the crops will be affected. there will no electricity and things are going to get so much worse……

    You ppl sound like a very strong bunch, dont waste your time on somebody like him.. He is here today, thats how media is. aaj ye hai kal ppl wont even bother. Has happened before and will keep on happening.

  18. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Mz

    This site is not developed to take care of whole Pakistan. It has a purpose and it has a goal, and Insha’Allah, that will continue till that is achieved.

    We are in no need of ‘hopes’ from False Prophet – Yousuf Kazzab – companions.

  19. Bilal says:

    tanzeem ki janib se di gai statemint ko zaid ne bare fakahr se apni face book par sajaya ke dekho Isarr sab humko suport kar rahe hain lekin uske aqal ke andhe followers ne ghor se usko paar nahi us main saf likha hai ke zaid ne hamare samne barat ka izhar kiay yani wo kazzab tha uno ne saf likha hai ke humne research ki jabhi uno ne kazza likha hai warna kya Dr. Israr ko nahi pata ke kisi mulamna ko kazzab kehna kitan bara gunnah hai lekin wo puri research aur saboot dekhne ke bar use kazzab likh rahe hain aur zaid hamid se ye mutalba bhi kar rahe hain ke wo apni facebook par yousuf kazzab se barat ka ailan kare
    lekin zaid ka doosra rukh aapko you tube par mojood un videos main nazar ajayga jin main wo yousuf kazzab ko defend kar raha hai balke keh raha hai ke sharan usko kazzab nahi kaha jaskat ye sab us par ilzam hai aur videos koi purani nahi abhi chand din pehle release hui hain aab aap apni aqal istamal karo ke Isars sb jese scolar bhi zaid se mutalba kar arhe hain wo barat ka ailan kare & zaid bhi unke samne barat ka ailan kar raha hai aur apne aqaid se taeeb ho raha hai kyonke Dr. Israr ne saaf likha hai ke wo taeeb hogay kein doosri taraf un videos main wo usko kazzab manne ko tayar nahi balke ulta ulema ko keh raha hai ke pese wews ke chakar main beech main ghusar gay aur tahaffuze kahatme Nabuwat ke ulema ko zameen par bad tareen log keh raha hai aur kia saboot chahiey in logon ko kia Dr. Israr par bhi kufr ka fatwa lagyag zaid ke uno ne yousuf ko kazzab likha?
    doosra isne in AMTKN ke ulema ko bad tareen kaha lekin doosri tar apni facebook par ye link de raha hai

    Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] The actual final act of Maulana Jalalpuri


    Fri at 2:50am

    khud man raha hai ke wo Qadiyanio ke khilaf sargaram the is ley unko shaheed karwa dia gaya uno ne deen ki khidmat aur apne watan ke difa main jan di yani wo pese ke ley bikne wale nahi the yahan bhi zaid jhuta sabit hogaya
    aur wo qadiyanion ke khilaf jo kar rahe the so kar rahe the but uno ne sabse zyada stand zaid ke khilaf lia tha jo Qadianyun se zyada khatar nak hai kunke ye apne apko ashiqe rasool kehta hai aur molana ne is fitne ke khilaf stand lia fatwa dia open chellenge dia kitab likhi jiske bad unko raste se hata dia gaya
    aur ye bhi dekhlo ke zionist aur unke media ki suport kisko hai kisi aik channle par bhi kisi ne ye zikr kia ke Jala sab ke qatal ki FIR kiske khilaf kati gai hai GEO par bhi “Kamran Khan ke sath” main bhi usne unke murder ko discus kya but ye name tak nahi lya ke FIR kiske khilaf kati balke rukh moara gaya aur inke murder ko Muharram ke blaste se jor dya gaya
    agar zionist zaid ke khialf hote to is issue ko itna uthate dhajyan bakhair dete zaid ki but har chanle ne bat ko daba dya warna aik bache ke aghwa tak ke qisse ko itna hi light kya jata hai but dekho media yahan kitni bari bat ko chupa gaya ye koi choti bat nahi thi ke aik jhute nabi ke khaleef ke khilaf kitab likhne aur usko open chllenge karne par Jalal sb ko shaheed kar wa dya gaya

  20. khurram says:

    now the second press release has come … he gave zaid hamid time to clear his aqeeda…
    now do read the 2nd press release…
    those who were saying.. “time to shut down this site..
    i guess its time to think where you loyalties lie? with a kazzab or The Holy Prophet PBUH…
    you all supporteerz of Zaid hamid brought Dr Israr’z statement as a proof of his innocence…
    so will you keep that mind set and accept his second press release?

    Allhumdullah…. and mashallah for the efforts of the brother… who did not lose hope with all the comments by zaid hamids so called supporterz…
    May ALLAH SWT reward you with the very best of reward

  21. HAMMAD KHALID says:

    Zaid hamid Saahab nay jo mission shuru kia hay wo bohat mushkil hay magar ye baat k jo Allah ka qaanoon naafiz krnay k liay uthhta hay us ki raah may rikaawat aati hay or aarahi hay magar ye Takmeel zaroor poori hogi or jahan tak tanzeem-e-Islami ka taa’alluq hay wahi khayaal mera hay k jab unhon nay apni zabaan say keh dia to that’s all magar ab bhi log (fitna) jaraaseem dhoond rahay hain (LAA HAULA WALA QUWWATA).

  22. muslim says:


    Check this out, ZAID HAMID during a session called ALTAF HUSSAIN that ” your place has been put in HELL and further said INSHALLAH”

    Know Imagine, PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH said that you cant say anybody who will go to heave or hell, PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH said you cant point out any muslim like that

    HOW ZAID HAMID gave this UN ISLAMIC Comments about somebody going to HELL ?


    only ALLAH knows who will put in hell or heaven
    Prophet Muhammad pbuh never said this kind of words to any Muslim

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