Refutation: Yusuf Kazzab was the member of Zai ul Haq’s Majlis e Shoora?

Yusuf Kazzab was the member of Zai ul Haq’s Majlis e Shoora? While praising his “Murshid yusuf Kazzab”, zaid hamid says that Yusuf was so “big scholar” of his time that General Zia appointed him member of his Majlis-e-Shoora.


We read one column of those days written by Major Retired Saeed Tawana exposing the reason of his membership of Zia ul Haq Shoora.

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

Document (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab
Scribd (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab


4 comments on “Refutation: Yusuf Kazzab was the member of Zai ul Haq’s Majlis e Shoora?

  1. Muhammad Ashraf says:

    Please translate the underlined statements in English please. Thank you.

    Muhammad Ashraf

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Muhammad Ashra

    English Translation of underlined Red Line:

    He also deceived General Zia ul Haq in the cloak of Islam. He goes to Zia ul Haq and lies to him by saying thatProphet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) came in his dream and told him: “Go and say this and that to Zia ul Haq; upon listening Zia ul Haq used to cry. Zia ul Haq nominated him Shura member, and made arrangements for him for his stay and food in Saudi Arabia, just because Zia ul Haq used to get emotional in the matters of Islam. Yousuf Kazzab made use of Zia ul Haq being emotional.

  3. zakaraya says:

    Oh payaray bhai, leave Yusuf , he is dead. Tell me where prophet encouraged us to do things like that,, 2nd where did he say if some one is punished/ illed for a mistake muslims should keep. Do you know abt that Hadith ” where a prostitute was stoned and one sahabih ridiculed her, Prophet said if her Ajar is distributed amongst whole madina they will enter Paradise” Donot generalize it but please stop blamming muslims. Your environment, judicial system, media is full of corrupt people including our Ulemah. what a dilemma! Leave personal views I will take any thing from you brothers as long as it is from Hadith/Quran, Ret is all false..

  4. Ashan says:

    u r right Zakaraya ,,,pakistan socaity is full of non islamic habbits they are not fighting against them One man who has been die ALLAh know better he ,had been taken his punished Now one good man Zaid hamid is doing great job he seem Ashiq Resool,then why these molvies getting problem and created new fight against good people.why they are not taking action against corrupt people becoz they are also corrupt.did u see that press conference molive saab still speaking during AZAAN SHRIF .they have no respect of Azaan and i remember zaid hamid did speech in faislabad he has been stop answer question during azaan.

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