Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case – Detailed Judgement of The Session Court

R.O & A.C.


15.       Then the accused after producing the documents as mentioned above, closed his defence evidence.

16.       Out   of   the   documents   produced   by   Yousaf, accused, the document Exh.DL is very important for the decision of the case, so the contents of this document are reproduced as under:-



He who conquers himself conquers the world. The renewal of the principles of Islam in their fullest amplitude is the first step towards the renaissance of Muslims, for only he who has become resurrected in ‘THE TRUTH’ ‘ALL HAQ’ can resurrect and revive the world arround him.








Hum Kamil Tasleem our Tasdeeq K sath Shahadat Detay Hain.

Alhamdolillah, He sees everything as from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la, does every thing for Allah’s sake, and attributes nothing to any created being including himself. What he says, he does Compliments or criticism, benefit or loss are same to him. His knowledge is all encompassing and his wisdom supreme. He considers the one who knows and does not apply his knowledge is no better than a donky carrying heavy load of books.

[Note by Editor: The quoted text above is a word translation of the certificate of Khilafat e Azam. Yusuf Kazab produced in court claiming that he Prophet Muhammad SAW sent him this document. And due to this document he is now Khalifa e Azam because he has a certificate from Prophet SAW who was Khalifa e Azam. Yusuf Kazab was asked if any other prophet was Khalifa e Azam. He stated that no other prophet was Khalifa e Azam, only Prophet Muhammad SAW was Khalifa e Azam and now after him SAW, Yusuf Kazab has been made Khalifa e Azam. This is exactly what Zaid Hamid states in his video, that Yusuf Kazab didnt claimed to be prophet, he claimed to be Khalifa. According to this claim of Yusuf Kazab – he was superior to all Prophets AS and at a similar rank as that of Hazrat Muhammad SAW ]

17.       At the  close  of trial,  I heard Rana Mohammad Aslam   Awais,    learned   District   Attorney   for    State, assisted  by   Mr.   Mohammad   Ismail   Qureshi,   Mr.   M. Iqbal   Cheema   and   Mr.   Ghulam   Mustafa   Chaudhary, learned  counsel  for  the  complainant,   and  Mr.   Saleem Abdur   Rehman   and   Miss   Rukhsana   Lone,    learned counsels  for  Mohammad  Yousaf Ali,   accused.   I  have also scanned the entire record produced before me.

18.       The learned District Attorney, assisted by learned counsel   for  the   complainant,   after   reading   the   entire prosecution evidence, mainly argued that the mere delay in lodging the FIR in a sensitive case is no ground to reject  the  prosecution  case;   that  the   evidence   of  the prosecution in the shape of Audio & Video Cassettes and the   transcripts   are   admissible   in  evidence  keeping   in view   the   provisions   of   Articles    164   of   ‘Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order’ and in this case the Video Cassette was seen by the learned defence counsel and he confirmed the voices and photographs in toto in the Video Cassette and that now the accused has also himself provided the Video Cassette (Mark “J”) to the court, which, despite refusal by the accused for comparison, is available for comparison and the output of the comparison would that the voice and the photographs are same in the Audio and the   Video   Cassettes   produced   by   the   prosecution. Therefore, on the basis of the prosecution evidence, oral as well as documentary, the charges against the accused stand proved. They added that Yousaf, accused, claimed for  himself  ‘Anna  Muhammad’,   which  means  that  he claimed  for himself to  be  an  ‘Apostle’  like  our  Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and infact he proceeded in the   same   way   as   ‘Mirza   Ghulam   Ahmed   Qadiani’ if being very loyal to the religion of Islam diverted himself after having some followers and thereafter claimed fo himself as   ‘Masih  Moud’,   ‘Wali  Ullah’   and  even  th ‘Prophet’. The learned District Attorney also pointed out ( that on specific allegations as attracted in the charges! Yousaf,   accused,   through   his   counsel,   failed   to   put specific suggestions concerning with the allegations directly, therefore, it means that he admitted the prosecution case because failure to cross-examine a witness tentamounts to admission of the fact.

19.       The learned District Attorney, assisted by learned counsels for complainant, referred to the case reported in PLD 1985 Karachi-229fPLD 1984 Lahore-484. 1997 SCMR-632. PLD 1991, FSC-10 pages 26. PLD 1994 LAHORE-485. 488T 491. 505. 509r 514. 1971 P.Cr.L.J.-602 (Lahore). 1987 P.Cr.L.J.-1204 (Lahore), AIR 1936 Peshawar, 106. PLJ 1990 CrI. Cases (Karachi) 340r 1995 P.Cr.L.J. 459 (Peshawar). AH England Law Reports 1965 page 464. 1995 MLD-1486 (Lahore), PLD 1985 (Karachi) 229. The Book titled ‘Khitabaat-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwat’ written by Maulana Mohammad Ismail Shuja Abadi. (Mutbani Kazaab Aor Toheen-e-Ambia) page 249, The Book titled ‘Majmooa Alhammat Tazkara Hazrat Masih Moud Alhe Salam’ written by Jalal-ud-Din Shamas. pages 102, 276, 396 and 620, Black’s Law Dictionary page 311 (corroborating evidence), Laws Lexicon page 538 (Correctness of order), Sahi Al-Bokhari Narrated By Abu Hurrera. Razi Alia Tala Anho, Hadith 9.112, The Book ‘Sirur Israr’. written by Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, Rehmatullah Ale, page-223 and the Book titled ‘Qadiani Mazhab Ka Ilmi Mohasba’ written by Professor Mohammad Ilyas Barni pages 253, 258, 260, 265 and 267, in support of their arguments.

20. The learned defence counsels Mr. Saleem Abdur Rehman and Miss Rukhsana Lone, Advocates, opposed the arguments advanced by the prosecution and submitted that there is inordinate delay in lodging the FIR, which has remained unexplained by the prosecution; that the evidence of the prosecution is worth no reliance; that the Audio and Video Cassettes and   their   transcripts   are   tampered   documents.   Even otherwise,  this piece of evidence is not admissible in evidence keeping in view the provisions of Articles 164 of Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order; that the pages of diary are photo copies, so in absence of the expert or the Writer, this   piece   of   evidence   cannot   be   relied   upon;   that Magazine ‘Takbeer’ has been brought on record but its author has not been produced, therefore, at each step the prosecution   evidence   is   full   of   doubts,    there are additions and omissions in the statements of prosecution witnesses   but  because   of  enmity  jealousy   and   greed appeared against the accused and being so the accused is entitled to benefit of doubt. They also threw light on the defence   version   reflected   in   the   statements   of   the accused and the documentary evidence. They referred to the cases reported in 1995 MLD 1485, AIR 1964 S.C-72, 1987 MLD 2425T PLD 1984 (Lahore)-67. PLD 1998 (S.C)  109.  1974 PLD (Lahore) 452T PLD 1979 (S.C)AJK-78.  PLD  1970  SC-10,  PLD  1964  (S.O-81.  PLD 1996  (Lahore)  406.   1996  P.Cr.L.J.-1076.   1993  S.C-1951   Calcutta-133  and  581,   1993  SCMR-153, 1995 MILD-667, PLD 1991 FSC-10, 1983 P.Cr.L.J. J-823, PLD 1963 SC-17, PLD 1963 (Karachi)-76, 1974 P.Cr. L.J-400, PLD 1964 S.C-26, 1993, SCMR-550, 1989 P.Cr.L.J. 1956, PLD 1994 (Lahore) 485 PLD 1964 S.C-26, in support of their arguments.

21.       The   accused,   through   his   counsel,   have   also referred to the Books, the detail of which is as under:-

i)          ‘Ziarat-e-Nabi-Bahalat-e-Bedari’, written by Mr. Mohammad Abdul Majeed Siddique, Advocate, page-6 and 52, (ii) ‘Abe Hayat’ written by Maulana Mohammad Qasim Nanotvi page-2 (iii) ‘Armaghan-e-Shah-Waliullah’ written by Professor Mohammad Sarwar, page 281, (iv) ‘Zikr-e-Jamil’, written by Maulana Mohammad Shafi Okarvi, pages 105 & HVi (v)   ‘Madarj-e-Nabuwat’,   written   by   Hazrat

Allama Sheikh Abdul Haq, pages 654, 781,  788, 1050, 1052, 1057, 1058, 1063, 1067, 1071, 1072, 1074, 1076 and 1077, (vi) ‘Sir-e-Dil-Biran’ written by Hazrat Shah Syed Mohammad Zoqi pages, 37, 39, 73, 75 and 293, (vi-i)     ‘Maktubat-e-Imam-e-Rabbani’ written by Hazrat Mojadad Alif Sani, translated in ‘Urdu’ by Maulana Mohammad Saeed Ahmed Naqshbandi, pages 524, 548 and 622,           (viii)      ‘Mazhar-e-Jamal-e-Mustafi’ written by Sufi Syed Nasir-ur-Din Hashmi, pages Alif, 51, 145 and 162, (ix) ‘Shariat-o-Tariqat’ written by Hazrat Maulana Shah Ashraf Ali Thanvi, pages 117, 354, 368 and 420, (x) ‘Ganjina Darood Sharif written by Mohammad Aslam Naqshbandi page 197, (xi) ‘Al-Imdad’ written by Mr. Rafiq Ahmed (Exh.DJJ) page 35, (xii) ‘Khitabaat-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwwat* written by Maulana Mohammad Ismail Shaujaabadi, page 175, (xiii) ‘Maktooba-e-Imam-e-Rabbani’ written by Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani, translated in ‘Urdu’ by Maulana Mohammad Saeed Ahmed Naqshbandi, pages 87, 95, 117, 141 and 162, (xiv) ‘Khoon-key-Ansoo’ written by Hakim-e-Mashriq Allama Mushtaq Ahmed Nizami, page 87, (xv) ‘Khazine-e-Marfat’, written by Hazrat Mohammad Ibrahim Kasuri pages 3, 347, 388 and 392, (xvi) ‘Maktobat-e-Imam-e-Rabbani’ written by Hazrat Alif Sani, translated in ‘Urdu’ by Maulana Mohammad Saeed Ahmed Naqshbandi, pages 51, 63, 87, 141 and 148, (xvii) ‘Al-Hariq-ul-Makhtoom’, written by Maulana Safi-ur-Rehman Mubarikpuri, pages 83 and 616, (xviii) ‘Sirat-e-Ghos-e-Azam1 written by Hazrat Maulana Abdul Rahim Khan Qadri, pages 63 and 199, (xix)   ‘Rozatul  Qayyumia’   written  by  Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Ehsan, pages 171, 173, V75, 178 and 288. (xx) ‘Qisre Arfan’ written by Sheikh Maulvi Ahmed Ali Chishti, page 14, 54 and 58, (xxi) ‘Maktoobat-e-Imam-e Rabbani’ written by Hazrat Mujadid Alif Sani translated in ‘Urdu’ by Hazrat Mohamma Saeed Ahmed, pages 42, 44, 104 and 113 (xxii) ‘Tabeerul Roovia’, written by Allam Ibne Sireen, page 78 and (xxiii) ‘Sahi Bokhari’ translated by Hazrat Maulana Waheed-uz-Zaman, pages 80 and 82.

22.       Basically the point for examination is that as to what is the faith of a ‘Muslim’. The faith of a ‘Muslim’ is the Holy Kalma, which means that there is no God (no one is worthy of worship and obedience), save one God and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is His Messenger. Actually the meaning of Holy Kalma, in other words, is a confession which is gate-way to Islam. But any one who repeats the confession mechanically, by deceitful means or by diverting any thing out of it towards him cannot be called a ‘Muslim’. This confession consists of two parts, the first part (Lailaha Illallah) contains the affirmation of the oneness of God. It means that no one except the Almighty is worthy of worship and obedience. Infact it means Allah Almighty is the True King (Saccha Badshah), whose names are as under:-

1.         Allah-2. Arrheman 3. Arrahim 4. Almaliko 5. Alqudoos, 6. Assalam 7. Almomino 8. Almohemeno 9. Alazizo 10. Aljabbaro 11. Almutakbiro 12. Alkhaliqo 13. Albario 14. Almusawwiro 15. AlGhaffaro 16. AlQaharo 17. Alwahabo 18. Alrazzaqo. 19. Alfataho 20. Alaleemo 21. Alqabizo 22. Albasito 23. Alhafizo 24. Arrafeo 25. Almoizo 26. Almozillo 27. Alsamio 28. Albasiro 29. Alhakimo 30. Aladalo 31. Allatifo 32. Alkhabiro    3.  Alhalimo    34.  Alazeento    35. Alghafooro    36. Alshakooro    37. Alalio    38. Alkabiro

39.   Alhafizo     40.   Almoqito     41. Alhaseebo    42.  Aljalilo    43.   Alkarimo    44. Arraqiba,   45.   Almojibo     46.   Alwasio     47. Alhakeemo    48.  Alwadoodo . 49.   Almajeedo 50. Albaiso   51. Alshaheedo   52. Alhaqqo   53. Alwakeelo    54. Alqavio    55. Almateeno    56. Alwalio    57.  Alhameedo    58.  Almohsio    59. Almobdio    60.  Almoeedo    61. Almohee    62. Almomito   63. Alhayeeo.   64. Alqayyumo   65. Alwajido    66.  Almajido    67.  Alwahido    68. Alahado     69.   Assamdo     70.   Alqadiro     71. Almuqtadiro         72.     Almuqaddimo         73. Almokhiro   74. Alawwalo   75. Alakhiro    76. Alzahiro     77.   Albatino     78.   Alwalio     79. Almotaali    80.   Albarro     81.   Attawabo     82. Almuntaqimo    83.  Alafuo    84.  Alraufo    85. Malikomulk      86.   Zuljala-e-wal-Ikram      87. Almuqsito    88.  Aljamio    89.  Alghanio    90. Almughnio    91.  Almotio    92.  Almanio    93. Addaro      94.   Annafeo      95.   Annooro     96. Alhadio      97.   Albadio      98.   Albaqio      99. Alwariso   100. Arrashido and   101. Alsaburo.

Meaning thereby that He Alone is Supreme.

23.   The second part of Kalma consisted of (Muhammadur Rasool Allah) that Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the Messenger of Allah Almighty. So Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the Apostle of God Almighty and it means that He (Peace Be Upon Him) was raised up by Almighty for the guidance of the World and whatever he taught or preached like the divinity of the origin of the Quran, the existence of the angels, certainty of.the last day, the resurrection, the Judgment, the award of Heaven and Hell according to one’s deed on the earth was hundred percent true and authentic. Allah Almighty made many pictures, in other words, sent His Apostles for Nations and for Societies but last picture Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was declared by Allah Almighty as ‘Mehboob-e-Khuda’, whose names are as under:-

1.         Muhammadun   2. Ahmedun    3. Hamidun   4. Mehmoodun     5.   Qasimun     6.   Aaqibun,     7. Fatihun      8.   Khatimun      9.   Hashirun      10. Maahin   11. Daain   12. Sirajun   13. Rashidun 14. Munirun    15. Bashirun    16. Nazirun    17. Haadin      18.   Mhadin      19.   Rasoolun      20. Nabiyun      21.    Taahaa       22.    Yaasin       23. Mozammilun     24.   Mudassirun     25.   Shafiun 26. Khalilun   27. Kaleemun   28. Habibun   29. Mustafa      30.   Murtaza      31.’Mujtaba      32. Mukhtarun   33. Nasirun   34. Mansoorun   36. Qaaimun    37.  Hafizun    38.  Shaheedun    39. Aadilun      40.   Hakimun      41.   Noorun      42. Hujatun    43.  Burhanun    44.  Abtahiyun    45. Mominun   46. Moteeun   47. Muzakkirun   48. Waaizun     49.   Ammenun     50.   Sadiqun     51. Musaddiqun    52.  Naatiqun    53. Sahibun    54. Makkiun     55.   Madaniun     56.   Arabiun     57. Hashimiyun   58. Tehamiun   59. Hijaziyun   60. Nazariun   61. Qureshiun   62. Modariun   63. Ummiun   64. Azizun   65. Harisun   66. Raufun 67. Rahimun   68. Yaleemun   69. Ghaniun   70. Jawwadun     71.   Fatahun     72.   Aalimun     73. Tayyubun    74.  Tahirun    75.  Mutahirun    76. Khateebun     77.   Fasihun     78.   Syedun     79. Munaqiun   80. Imamun   81. Barun   82. Shafin 83. Mutawasitun   84. Sabiqun   85. Muqtasidun 86. Mehadiun   87. Haqun    88. Mobinun    89. Awwalun     90.   Akhirun     91.   Zahirun     92. Batimui    93. Rehmatun    94. Mohallalun    95. Moharramun    96.  Aamirun    97.  Nahin    98. Shakoorun   99. Qaribun    100. Munibun    101 Mujeebun    102.  Mubalighun    103.  Toaaseen. 104. Haameem   105. Haseebun   106. Olaa.

24.       Allah Almighty declared his Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as ‘Khatatn-un-Nabeeyan’. Reference is made to Verse No. 40 of Surat Ahzaab, which is as under:-

“Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the last (end) of the Prophets. And Allah is Ever All Aware of every thing:”

Allah   Almighty   himself   and   his   Angels   sent ‘Darood-o-Salam on Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and ordered the Muslims to send their blessings on Him. Reference is made to Surat Ahzaab Ayat No. 56 which is as under:-

“Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet.

Oye  that believe!   Send ye blessings  on him And salute him With all respect”.

25.       First  we   seek  guidence  from  the  Holy   Quran, which is the true  source of knowledge  for  a Muslim. Therefore, it is an established fact that there would be no Apostle after our Beloved Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and if any one has any such claim of being Prophet after Him or to have resemblance with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or Whose (Peace Be Upon Him)   continuity,   either  he   is   ‘Massalama  Kazzab’   or ‘Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani’, he cannot be Apostle of God but he is  ‘KAFIR’  and ‘MURTAD’,  liable to be punished under the law in Pakistan.

26.       Allah Almighty Himself and His Angels send ‘Darood-o-Salam’ on Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and ordered the Muslims to send their blessings on Him. Reference is made to Surat Ahzaab Verse No. 56″, which is as under:-

“Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet O ye that believe! Send ye

blessings on Him. And salute Him with all respect.”

27.       Now  the   point   for  determination   is  that   Allah Almighty  declared  the  Holy  Prophet  (Peace  Be  Upon Him) as ‘Khatamun Nabeeyin, then as to whether if any person by force of his knowledge of Islam by praising Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)   diverts   himself   and   claims   himself   as    ‘Anna Mohammad,  would  it be possible  that  Allah  Almighty shall send His blessings for that person! Certainly not. In accordance with the spirit of Surat Ahzaab, Darood Sharif is  only  meant for the  Holy  Prophet  (Peace  Be Upon Him) and this logical version is sufficient to say that  there  can  be  no  Prophet  in  any  way  or  in  any manner or in any face after our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). The supreme honour, which Allah Almighty gave to our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is that He    made    the    ‘Zikar’    of   Holy   Prophet   mandatory alongwith   His   ‘Zikar’,   and   then   the   Holy   Kalma   is complete’.

28.       Can a Muslim imagine that a person, who claims himself  to   be   Apostle   in   any   shape   whatsoever   and brings   himself  forward   to   compete   himself  with   the status of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), then Allah Almighty and his Angels would send their blessings on that   person.   It   is   impossible.   Infact   such   person   is ‘KAFIR’ and ‘MURTAD’.

29.       Murtad   means   a   person   who   diverts   from   his religious belief and in such a way as if he is injuring the dignity of Allah Almighty,  His Ayat and His Prophet. Even  repentence  (Tauba)  of such person  shall  not be accepted and he shall be liable for action under the Penal Law.

30.       The words ‘insult’ and ‘contempt’ are words to an extreme, even idle talk (Dillagi) or laugh (Hansi) are not permitted for Allah Almighty,  His Ayat and His  Holy Prophet  (Peace   Be   Upon  Him).   So   if  a  person   even presents  a  document now  a  days  and claims  that  this document has been sent to him by Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and it is verified by all Aolia-e-Karam, then it means that he has involved himself in idle talk (Dillagi) and laugh (Hansi), so such a person is definitely ‘Kafir’ and ‘Murtad’. The reference is made to Surat Tauba Verses No. 65 and 66.

31.      This is such a case in which the allegation against the    accused    is    that   he    called    for    himself    ‘Anna Mohammad’,  his family members as  ‘Ahl-e-Bayat’  and his followers as  ‘Sahab-e-Rasool’.  Leaving aside other allegations, this is such a case in which the prosecution version  is  that  the  persons   at  large  were  injured  by touching their religious feelings. It is not such a case in which  the  members  of a  family  have  been physically injured  or  there  is  road  incident  and  their  statements have to be examined in order to find out the consistency in  their   statements.   It   is   such  a   case   in  which  the statement of one witness has to be analyzed in the light of his own statement, whether it corroborates with other statements   or   not,   for   the   reason   that  two   or   three witnesses  are  residents  of Karachi  and the  others  are residents of Lahore and this religious matter injuring the feelings of Muslims at large have been taken up by a religious   party   known   as   ‘Aalmi   Majlis’   Tahafuz-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwwat;, whose history is full of sacrifices in the name of Allah Almighty and love with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and infact the religious scholars  belonging  to  this  party,   either  Advocates  or others,  who by their efforts brought the provisions of Section 295-C in the Pakistan Penal Code and now this case through their representative  ‘Maulana Mohammad Ismail Shujaabadi. So it is my view that each witness has to be examined so far his testimony and credibility  is concerned  in  the  light  of his  own  circumstances   and keeping  in view  this  in mind  that the  conviction  and sentence can be passed even on the basis of the statement of a  true   solitary  witness  because  law  says  that  the qualitative evidence is required and not the quantitive. [Note by Editor: It is this statement of the Judge on which Zaid Hamid says that the Judge himself praised AMTKN and hence was biased] I may  express  my  view  in this  way  that  some  decoits looted one person in the one corner of Jungle and looted another person in the other corner of the Jungle. So wherefrom the corroboration would come. Therefore, the statement of the aggrieved person in the light of circumstances explained by him shall either be accepted or rejected.

32.       Here in the case, there is no such controversy that Yousaf   Ali,    accused   is   to   be   declared   as    ‘Wali’, ‘Abdaal’, ‘Qayyum’ and ‘Qutab’ and had it been so, then some Books referred by him like ‘Secret of the Secrets’ could be considered. Even otherwise the Books referred to by him are not relevant for the subject and over and above the Holy Quran, which is the supreme source of law and knowledge.

33.       Now this aspect is worth examination that as to whether first of all the prosecution case is to be taken up or the case of accused on basis of his  statements be examined first. Formally it is the prosecution who has to prove   its   case.   But   here   I   prefer   to   take   up   the statements of the accused to examine his personality.

34.       He stated in his statement on oath that his faith in religion   is   like   that   of   ‘Hazrat   Abubakar   Siddique’, ‘Ahle Bayat’  and like that of ‘Aolia-e-Karam’  and his mission    is    world    peace    through   human   excellence (Ahsan-e-Taqveem), also known as World Assembly and Peace   and   Islamic   Renaissaznce   and   he   added   that whenever he talks about ‘Ishaq-e-Mohammad, he would love to be student of ‘Sufiizm’, when he strives against enemies of Islam, he would like to go to “Jamat-e-Islami Camp,  when he  hears  Naats,  he would  love  to  sit  in Brailvi  Company and  if he  has to hear good  sermons about  Ahl-e-Bayat-e-Rasool,  he  would prefer to  go  to ‘Shiaz  and  while  he  performs  exortic  he  would  be  a student   of   ‘Daobandi’   and   if   he   has   to   talk – about ‘Toheed’, he will go in the Camp of ‘Ahl-e-hadees.  In other  words  according  to  him  all  Muslims  have  some good partial knowledge, not a total knowledge and the total knowedge is under the feet of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).  He referred to many Surats  in support  of  his   version.   If  his   statement,   as   referred above, despite references of Holy Quran and Page No. 28 of the Book ‘Qanoon-e-Toheen-e-Risalat’ written by Mr.  Mohammad Ismail Qureshy is deeply examined, it would look that all the Surats of Holy Quran are true but the object of his statement is to condemn every school of thought of ‘Muslims’ with this plea that every school of thought has partial knowledge and infact his mission is to attract the public towards him with this version that he is every where. Whereas the true situation is that a ‘Muslim’ belonging to every school of thought has faith, as discussed above, or as under:

When this is the faith of a ‘Muslim’, then what is the necessity of condemning the school of thoughts. He admits this thing to be bad by stating that description of defect of any one is back-biting, so he shall not point out the defect of any one. He is indirectly condemning the different school of thoughts by stating that if he is to hear the Naats he would love to sit in Brailvi Company. Meaning  thereby,   he  does  not  like  other  acts   of the Brailvi school of thought and similarly in case of ‘Ahle-Hadees   or    ‘Jamat-e-Islami’.    He    criticized   that   all translations of Holy Quran are incorrect and defective. But he did not state that he wrote true translation of the Holy Quran and when he was asked about knowledge of Arabic,   he  replied  that  he  knows  Arabic  language  to some  extent.  While  proceeding  further,  he  stated  that prior to his birth his parents.  Murshids of his parents and the Holy Prophet (Peace Be  Upon Him)  gave the happy news that he has a contact with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) through dreams and observance and though it is his personal matter but according to him it is not objectionable for others and he mentioned this fact for the reason that in his conversation all the terms are those which he has got from the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). For example in Arabic the word ‘Ahle-Bayat’ is usually used and words ‘Ahle-e-Bayat-e-Rasool’ are specified. So ‘Ahle Bayat’ can be used for any body; that he has to be in accordance with the example of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and if some one is like Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) it is not disrespectful or, insulting but if some one is not in accordance with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), it is disrespectful and for this reason the happy news and pleasure was that his name ‘Muhammad’ was suggested and later on the elders and scholars gave guidance that this would proceed with difficulty in the culture of Pakistan. It is obvious from his this sttement that he has tried to make his birth like that of an Apostle of God. Even otherwise there is no such proof to show that it was as such. According to him if some one is like Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) it is not disrespectful. The question is that how any one can claim to be like Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) whereas we are the humble slaves of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He added Yousaf Ali in his name ‘Muhammad’ with his version that the culture of Pakistan would not accept the simple name as “Muhammad”. Any such version cannot be accepted because if in good faith the simple name as ‘Mohammad’ of a person is suggested, no body will agitate and if the name ‘Muhammad’ is suggested to pose like the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), then this simple name as ‘Muhammad’ is highly objectionable. He further stated that the way Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is on the peak of Prophethood, in the same way, his followers could reach on the peak of man kind and the peak of man kind is that there should be no secret in between Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the man. The love with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) may go to an extreme but one should keep in mind that an animal cannot   become   human   being,   a,  human   being   cannot become  an  Apostle  of God  and  all  Apostles  of God cannot become the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). So far the secrets are concerned, this fact is best known to  Allah  Almighty  or  to  the  Holy  Prophet  (Peace Be Upon  Him)   (Mehboob-e-Khuda)   as  Allah  Almighty   is ‘Mohib’ and the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is ‘Habib’;. Therefore, there can be no secret in between the ‘Mohib’ and ‘Habib’. So it is incorrect that there can be no secret in between God and the Apostle of God. So his version is objectionable from religious point of view. Thereafter,   he   claims   to   be   the   Caliph   of  the   Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but without any ‘Dalil’ or ‘proof     except    the    document    Exh.DL,     which    is computerised / typed,  delivered to him about 40 days earlier during the trial of this case. It is quite funny but it does not mean that he  Tacks  wisdom and infact to thrash  out his  wisdom  his  statement on oath  is  being examined first, prior to the discussion of the prosecution case. In order to explain as to who and when the word ‘Sahabi’ was used. According to him, the ‘Sahabi’ is that person who had the company of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in ‘Halat-e-Iman’ and if he is not a ‘Sahabi’, then what  else. He  stated that the  ‘Sahabi means  the companion   of   Muhammad   Bin   Abdullah   Muhammad Rasool  Allah  (Peace  Be  Upon Him).   Anyhow on  safe precaution the word of ‘Sahabi’  was also used for the companions by the leaders of ‘Ahle-Bayat’ and similarly Hazrat Ghos-e-Azam used this word in the same sense and stated that is it not correct that we generally do not call   our   friends   as   companions   and   the   meaning   of ‘Sahabi’ is some thing else and the meanding of ‘Sahab-e-Rasool’ is some thing else. This explanation given by him itself is double meaning and infact he tried to justify the fact of calling his two companions as ‘Sahiabi’.  If any one is a true ‘Muslim’ he should avoid such Islamic terms,    which    may    confuse    others.    During    cross-examination,  he stated that he cannot say  if the Book titled  as   ‘Ali  Nama’   was  presented  to  him  by   Syed Masood Raza. If this Book Ali ‘Nama’ (P-14) is read, it would look that there are many things objectionable in it.   For   example,   poem   (P-9)   ‘Tujhi-pe-Var-De-Apni- if Jawani’    Portions    ‘A’    to    ‘A’    and    ‘B’    and   highly  * objectionable as ‘Suaad’ for Saiallaho Alehe-Wassalam’ is put on words addressed to Yousaf Ali. Infact he could not deny the presentation of this book and the showing of the lack of knowledge was meaningful and Syed Musa Raza Writer of the above mentioned book was admittedly  f known to him. Last of all he stated in this regard that he ? has audience in abundance, so he has not concern with the words by which he has been addressed by those. This explanation given by him is highly objectionable, which also  means  as  if some  one  put   ’Suaad’   for  Saiallaho Alehe-Wassalam’   on  his  name,   he  accepts  the  same, Infact   he   should   have   stated   that   he   condemned   / disproved those persons  and he had not done  so  fa despite of having knowledge in this regard even in th> court.   Anyhow,   he   admitted   later  on,   during   cross examination, that there is possibility that his poetry ha been produced in ‘AH Nama’.  Indirectly he admits t have   knowledge   about   the   book   ‘Ali   Nama’   (P-14)i Similarly he showed his ignorance about a book title’ ‘Bang-e-Qalandri’ (P-16) and also showed ignorance that” the poetry given in the book (P-16) is same as given in ‘Ali   Nama’   (P-14).   Infact   it   is   obvious   that   he   is concealing some thing.

Now when he was cross-examined about his place of birth, he stated that he was born in a village near Jaranwala but he does not remember the name of the village; that his place of birth officially recorded is 1st August, 1949; that he started his education is a School at Jaranwala; that he did Matriculation in a School at Jaranwala; that he was born in the month of ‘Shabaan’; that he never told his date of birth as 9th Rabiul Awwal; the date of brith of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is told as 12th Rabiul Awwal and 9th Rabiul Awwal and he stated that he has difference on this but later on stated that both could be correct or correct. Now here it should be pointed out that if the Video Cassette is seen, he has stressed on 9th Rabiul Awwal as date of birth of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It looks quite astonishing that he did Matriculation from a School at Jaranwala but he does not know the name of his village. Infact he tried to conceal himself so that one could not know that as to whether he is simple Rajput or otherwise. During cross-examination he stated that Arabic was also included as Optional subject. Meaning thereby, he had, no knowledge about Arabic language in detail, then how he can claim that the translations of Holy Quran made in the past are incorrect. Infact it is an assult on the Holy Quran and his intention is to mold the general public towards another angel / direction / way like Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani, who first was very loyal to religion but diverted later on when he had some followers behind him. In order to conceal his personality, he further stated in cross-examination that he has lost his Education Certificates. Passport and Visa etc., because there was an incident of setting his house on fire, as a consequence of which, his luggage is lying here and there. Therefore, he cannot collect as to where his documents of education are lying. While explaining incident of fire, he stated that it was just an attempt in the month of April, 1997. So his family shifted to different places and further stated that, however, he did not lodge any report with the police. Here again he has tried to conceal his educational qualification. The cross-examination on him at page 27 of the file would also show that he participated in the marriage of Masood Raza on 26.12.1995, who wrote the Book ‘Ali Nama. So it is quite astonishing that he had no knowledge of this Book. But at a later stage he stated that he has heard the poem ‘A’ to ‘A’ as being the portion and the portion ‘B to ‘B’ of the poem of P-19 written by Syed Masood Raza in his book ‘Ali Nama. Meaning thereby he knows how to twist his statement.  While going further relating to this subject ‘Ali Nama’ he admitted that the poems ‘F’ t ‘F’ and ‘G’ to ‘G’ apparently are objectionable and trie to justify his position by reciting ‘Sher’.

35.       He stated in cross-examination that his father was Jeweller as well as cultivator and first of all shop of his father was in Lahore, then was shifted to Jaranwala and that his father was owner of the property, the detail of which is not known to him but his father had distributed the   same   when  he   was   child   and   his   father   left   no property for him except one house, which was given to one sister. About his service he stated that he joined the Defence Services in the year  1966 and he remained in Service till   1977 with the designation of Captain,  last held in the Defence Services. So his way of income was salary of Captain and another source of income was the property inherited by his wife. Meaning thereby when he resigned from the service he had no huge amount with him  to  carry   on  any  business  but  he  showed   in  his statement on oath that he has invested rupees twenty four lacs  in  the  business  of cloth  in   ’Madina  Munawara’. About his residence bearing No.218-Q in the Defence, Lahore, he stated that it is neither owned by him nor by hiw wife but he had resided there. And about his name recorded  in the  service  record,  he  stated that  it was ‘Yousaf   Ali   Nadeem’   and   that   the   house   known   as ‘Jannat-e-Tayyaba’   situated  at  218-Q  Defence,   Lahore and later on admitted thaf the owner of the house was his wife. Two things are quite clear from this portion of his statement in a way that he had excluded the name of ‘Muhammad’   from his  name  ‘Mohammad  Yousaf Ali’ and that he added  ‘Nadeem’  in his name and became ‘Yousaf Ali Nadeem’. Meaning therby he had no love with the name ‘Muhammad’ and infact he had love with ‘Takhallus’   (pen  name)   ‘Nadeem’  that  of a  Filmstar, perhaps that act on his part developed in the youth age, and the second thing is that first he denied to be owner of the house, as mentioned above, but later on stated that the house was owned by his wife. Meaning thereby he is in the habit of making contradictory statements.

36.       Now about the circulation of money in between him and the prosecution witnesses is in this way when he

states that Draft Mark ‘A’ for an amount of Rupees three lac is concerned, the amount is his but the Draft was sent by Mohammad Ali Abubakar (PW), similarly Draft Mark ‘B’ for an amount of rupees five lac, the amount was his and the draft was sent by Mohammad Ali Abubakar (PW) from Karachi to Lahore and so far the Draft Mark ‘C is concerned, he again stated that the amount was mine but it was sent by Mohammad Ali Abubakar (PW) from Karachi to Lahore, and in case of Draft Mark ‘D’ he stated that it was his amount but it was despatched by Mohammad Ali Abubakar (PW). This portion of his statement is also meaningful for the reason that how is it possible that a specific amount is being sent from Karachi to Lahore by a specific person but the claim of Yousaf Ali, accused, without any evidence, is that it was his amount. Meaning thereby he is concealing some thing and telling a lie.

37.       He admits that the Air-Conditioner purchased vide Receipt   Mark   ‘F’   was   given  to   him   as   gift   and   he volunteered   that   this   Air-Conditioner   was   purchased from his amount and this amount was gifted by him to Mohammad Ali Abubakar (PW).  The question is to what, is the meaning of these sentences.  It is clear that the Air-Conditioner,    after   purchase   by    Mohammad    Ali Abubakar (PW)  was given to him and at the most he tried to conceal this fact.

38.       In order to prove himself a very pious man, he’ stated that since he was called by ‘Murshid’ in Madina Munawara, so he tendered resignation from service, but at the same moment he admits that he did not mention this fact in the application for resignation. This fact on the   record  would   also   force   to  believe  that  there   is tendency in him of concealing the true facts.

39.       About use of word ‘Faqeer’ for himself, he stated that he has not written ‘Faqeer’ for himself except at one stage but later on he confirmed his contention and stated that he has never called himself as ‘Faqeer’ any where or written as such. But at the same moment he admitted that he has termed himself as ‘Maskeen’ and ‘Faqeer’ in his statement before this court and volunteered that he has stated before this court that this ‘Faqeer’ was performing his duty, admitted that he has written as ‘Faqeer’ for himself in letter Exh.DM addressed to this court, admitted that he has written as ‘Faqeer’ many a times in the above mentioned letter and volunteered that there were many persons, who wrote alongwith their names ‘Faqeer’. In my view, there can be no objection if some one calls himself as ‘Faqeer’ but this Appellation (Laqab) is objectionable when it becomes meaningful and it is written with crookedness. Here the reference can be made to the document Exh.DYY, wherein he is happy to see the words ‘His Excellency’ alongwith his name and this typing in English is by a latest Typing Machine or this typing in English is computerised. Whereas his photograph with His Lordship Mr. Justice (Retired) Mohammad Afzal Cheema. Hon’ble Judge of Supreme Court is of those days when there was no Computer or any latest machine. Even otherwise document Exh.DYY seems to be a manufactured one. Moreover, while appearing as his own witness he repeatedly used the word ‘we’ or ‘us’ for himself, then how such a person can claim as ‘Faqeer’.

40.       About document Exh.DL, which reflects to have ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ of Holy.Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) he stated that this document is a Certificate relating to the spiritual aspect awarded to him by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) awards Spiritual Certificate of this nature. He admitted that in document Exh.DL, the sentence ‘Khalif-e-Azam Hazoor Syed-e-Na>Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Ka-Khalif-e-Azam Hazrat Imam (Al-Sheikh) Abu A.H. Muhammad Yousaf Ali) is awarded to him by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Volunteered that in accordance with Surat ‘Haj’ Verse No. 78 every Muslim after all efforts should prove himself as ‘Khalifa’ of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) subject to His (Peace Be Upon Him) confirmatin, added that portion ‘M’ to ‘M’ is the part and parcel of Exh.DL and this ‘Shahadat’ has been awarded to him by Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi and this ‘Shahadat’ has also been given by other ‘Olia-e-Karam., all ‘Olia-e-Karam’ are alive and this ‘Shahadat’ has been awarded by them. Further added that he cannot say that this ‘Shahadat’ has been given by ‘Olia-e-Karam’  at the instance of Holy Prophet (Peace Be   Upon   Him)   or   not.   The   portion   ‘N’   to   ‘N’   is ‘Alhamdulillah’ correct and it is for him; that he knows ‘English’, ‘Urdu’, ‘Punjabi’ and little Arabic and little persian and the language of love. He further stated in cross-examination that he came to know through ‘Hazrat Abdullah   Shah   Ghazi’   that   all    ‘Olia-e-Karam   have confirmed this  Certificate  Exh.DL.  He  stated that he received   this   Certificate   directly   from   Holy   Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but it was verified indirectly by the    ‘Olia-e-Karam’    from    ‘Abdullah    Shah    Ghazi’. Volunteered  that  this  Certificate  was  spiritual  but  he cannot tell  its details  that as to  whether he  received document Exh.DL, either typed or un-typed and admitted that the document Exh.DL is  computerised and typed document     and     he     got     this     document     Exh.DL computersied / typed from Islamabad. He stated that he cannot tell that as to whether he had been receiving the spiritual messages from Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)   either   in   Arabic   or   in   English   because   it   is personal  affair  that  as  to   in  which  language   ‘Olia-e-Karam’  conveyed their message to him,  therefore,  he cannot tell the language, even he cannot tell the detail of verification portion ‘M’ to ‘M’ and Exh.DL so far the language is concerned, even he cannot tell the language in which the message portion  ‘N’  to  ‘N’  Exh.DL was received by him, however, he admitted that the message recorded in the upper portion ‘K’ to ‘K’ of Exh.DL is his and also of his Committee and he was responsible for it and when he was asked about the meaning of word ‘Amplitude’, he stated that the meaning of the word ‘Amplitude’ is ‘Amplitude and about the word ‘Resurrect’, he stated that it is as ‘Resurrect’ in English, however, he denied this suggestion’ that he has manufactured this document to grab money from the people. Now the question worth consideration is that as to what is this document. Leaving aside its admissibility for the reason that this document has been presented by him, so believing it to be admissible the question in my mind is that in view of his above statement, what is the corroborative piece of evidence about this document and what is the sanctity of this document. There is nothing on the record to believe that this document is correct. It is quite astonishing that ‘fluid’ has been used on the word ‘Suaad’ at many places on the name of.-A.H. Muhammad Yousaf Ali’ and if this document is seen by magnified glass, it would look that on every step where ‘Suaad’ has been used for the name of ‘Muhammad Yousaf Ali’, it has been covered by ‘fluid’. So it is quite astonishing that the message of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was received by him with the fluid of modern day. Infact this document is ridiculous towards Islam and the spirit of Surat Tauba Verses 65 And 66 of Holy Quran, which in English are as under:-

Verse No. 65

“If you ask them (about this) they declare ‘we were only talkly idly and joking’ say was it at Allah and His Ayat and His Messenger that you were mocking?”

Verse No. 66

“Make no excuse; you disbelieved after you had believed. If We pardon some of your, We will punish others amongst you because they were                                                   Mujrimun


41.       After analyzing this document, I am forced to say that there is no need to examine the prosecution evidence in presence  of this  original  document,  which  itself is sufficient to declare Yousaf, accused, as ‘KAFIR’ AND ‘MURTAD’.  Now thereafter I shall not use the words| ‘Muhammad’   and   ‘AH’   alongwith   his   name   in   the judgment but only Yousaf Kazzab’.

42.       There are many things in his statement on oathl like that what is the concept of ‘Imam-e-Waqt’, World-Assembly,   ‘Mard-e-Kamil’,   ‘Faqeer’,   ‘Sirre  Israr’   hisl Colums     in     ‘Tameer-e-Millat’     published     in     dailyf ‘Pakistan’   ‘Qarz-d-Hasna,   in  other  words justification] for grabbing money from the people but I am leaving all these    subjects    undiscussed    because    his    complete statement in verbatim has already been reproduced and if] any Reader of this judgment wants to know some thing, more about Yousaf,  accused, he should read his entire! statement on oath.

43.       Now if his statement under Section 342 Cr.P.C is perused, as given above, it would look that the accused, after consultation with his counsel did not submit reply to some very important questions. For instance, when he was   asked   about   a   question • with   regard   to   Audio Cassette    (P-l)    and    Video    Cassettes    (P-2    &    P-5) containing his speeches,  he  submitted that his counsel has advised him not to answer this question. There are many   other   instances   of   this   nature   where   Yousaf, accused, refused to answer the material questions.  The point for determination is that as to what is the legal position in this regard. The spirit of Section 342 Cr.P.C. is  that  accused  is   asked  to  explain  any   circumstance appearing in the evidence against him without peviously warning trfthis regard and this explanation is sought by putting the questions by the court. Meaning thereby the prosecution evidence which comes against the accused is put   to   him.   Now   if   the   accused   does   not   reply   a| question, certainly, it would mean that he has admitted! the   piece    of   evidence   brought   on    record   by    the prosecution. Here I must mention the principle that if the statement of the accused under Sectin 342 Cr.P.C. is to be considered it is either accepted in toto or rejected in toto. But his this statement under Section 342 Cr.P.C. is an example in the history of criminal trial that accused did  not  submit  his  replies  about  very  very  important piece    of    evidence     after    consulting    his    counsel. Therefore, such pieces of evidence shall be presumed to be admitted by the accused and here I must mention that Audio and Video Cassettes are permitted to be produced in evidence. This analyses of the statement   of Yousaf, accused, forces to believe that he is a crafty and artful person.

44.       Here the conduct of the accused can also be examined as it was observed by the court. At one stage a prosecution witness was being cross-examined by the learned defence counsel. Yousaf, accused, interfered and tried to hand over the Book of Holy Quran to his counsel in such a way as if he had no regard for the Holy Quran and he was handing over the Holy Book in a throwing manner. While the conduct of the defence counsel was that at one stage while cross-examining another prosecution witness he put his questions in the form as under:-

45. This question put by the learned defence counsel was not from his own pocket but if the Audio and Video Cassettes are seen, then it would look that Yousaf, accused, by carrying the Holy Book in his hand acted in the same manner. Meaning thereby the conduct of Yousaf, accused, forces one to believe that he had no regard for the Holy Quran and his assertion to have the same and to pose as a very pious and scholar in religion is baseless. All this material has been obtained basically from the statement of the accused recorded as a witness.

So   it   is admissible   in  evidence  and  an  inference,   as above mentioned, can be drawn from it.

46.       Now the case of prosecution is to be analysed in the   light   of the arguments   advanced   by   the   learned defence counsel.

47.       First of all the point for determination is “that as to what is the impact of delay in lodging the FIR. This case was registered on basis of complaint Exh.PC dated 26.3.1997,   moved   by   Mohammad   Ismail   Shujaabadi, Secretary   General   ‘Aalmi   Majlis   Khatam-e-Nabuwwat’ Lahore   Branch   to   Senior   Superintendent   of   Police, Lahore, who asked DSP (legal) to examine and report immediately vide his order dated 28.3.1997.  While the formal FIR Exh.PC/1 was recorded on 29.3.1997. If the contents of the application Exh.PC are perused, it would look that the complainant in this case was not an eye witness but he had some evidence with him in the shape of   Cassettes   containing   speech   of   Yousaf,   accused, diary, writings and the reference of a specific incident dated    28.3.1997    with    regard    to    sermon    (Khutba) delivered by Yousaf, accused in mosque  ‘Baitul Raza’ situated   in   Chowk   Yateemkhana,   Lahore.   While   the prosecution witnesses collected later on, narrated their stories  of being  cheated  on different dates,  mostly  at Karachi, particularly in the house of one ‘Abdul Wahid’ or at Lahore.  Certainly,  the incident of being cheated are   of   different   dates   and   that   after   submission   of application  Exh.PC,   the  formal  FIR  was  recorded  on 29.3.1997, therefore, it can be argued that as to why the delay occurred in such like sensitive case in which the allegation against accused was that of his claim being ‘Prophet’   or  like  the  Holy   Prophet  (Peace  Be   Upon Him). If the prosecution evidence is examined carefully, it would  look that  each witness  faced the  incident  of being cheated after intervals and it all was happening first in the sermons in accordance with the Islamic faith and then an offer to have ‘Ziarat’ of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Irr my opinion every Muslim can be cheated under such umbrella. Anyhow the stage comes when the wisdom prevails and when the wisdom prevails, the aggrieved person stands looted. So in such sensitive cases the delay is bound to occur because straight away such like case is not registered because after submission of an application to SSP, it goes to the DSP (Legal) for opinion and thereafter the case is registered. Even otherwise the evidence is to be collected and the best thing in such circumstances is to evaluate the evidence of the parties independently.

48. Now the point for exmination is as to which piece of evidence is inadmissible in evidence in the light of the objections raised by learned defence counsel. He raised this objection that Audio and Video Cassettes are not admissible in evidence in the light of the provisions of Article 164 of ‘Qanoon-e-Shahadat’. Both the parties in support of their contentions have referred to the cases on this legal controversy. So far Article 164 of ‘Qanon-e-Shahadat’ is concerned, it says that if the court considers appropriate may allow to be produced any evidence that may have become available because of modern devices or the techniques. The objection raised by the learned defence counsel was that the maker of Audio and Video Cassettes has not been produced. Moreover, no genuineness can be attached to the transcripts got prepared by the police and that there are tampering and changes in the Audio and Video Cassettes. It may be mentioned in this regard that Audio and Video Cassettes were provided to the accused. Even his counsel saw the Video Cassettes in the Chamber of the undersigned and at the end he uttered the accused owns it in toto and later on he was worried in this connection and denied the voice and photographs of the accused in the Audio and Video Cassettes. Even when the statement under Section 342 Cr.P.C. was recorded, the learned defence counsel advised to the accused not to answer the question. And at one stage when the statement of the accused was being recorded, he himself produced a Video Cassette containing his interview, perhaps with the foreigners. Now if Video Cassette Mark ‘J’, provided by the accused and the Video Cassettes P-2 & P-5 and also the Audio Cassette P-l, are seen and heard, it would establish that the voice of accused is same in the Audio Cassette and the Video Cassettes and that the photography in the Video Cassettes, as mentioned above, is that of Yousaf, accused. Infact by producing the Video Cassette he (accused) provided an opportunity to the court for comparison in which this court itself is competent. I fully agree that due to modern devices there can be a chance of tampering or to cause changes in the Audio and Video Cassettes because there are some specialist persons who can provide the voice of another person easily. But here in the instant, the comparison shows that each and every word uttered in the Audio Cassette or in the Video Cassettes, as mentioned above, are that of Yousaf, accused, and even there is no doubt about his photography. If the cross-examination on PW-3 Muhammad Ismail Shujaabadi is perused, it would look that he was suggested that there is tampering and changes in Audio and the Video Cassettes but the learned defence counsel failed to point out any tampering or any specific change, which could he put to the witness. If such general suggestion was to be given, then the learned defence counsel should have pointed out the portions where the Audio and Video Cassettes were tampered. The accused was provided Audio and the Video Cassettes but despite this, learned defence counsel failed to point out the nature of changes. Therefore, the Audio and the Video Cassettes, even the Video Cassette produced by the accused, are treated to be admissible in eyidence.

49.       Here it may be discussed as to what is the value and importance of the Audio and the Video Cassettes, as mentioned above. These documents have been seen by the   court.   These   documents   have   been   seen   by   the Advocates from both the side’s. These documents have been seen by .the prosecution witnesses” including the complainant (PW-3) and,the Investigating Officers. If Audio Cassette & Video Cassettes and their transcripts are heard or seen, it would look that Yousaf, accused, has delivered the speeches or uttered the words which clearly defiled the Name of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) those of ‘Ahle Bayat’ and ‘Sahab-e-Karam’. Even he used insulting language about Holy Quran. For example, the transcript Exh.P-10 of Audio Cassette P-l shows that he declared ‘Abdul Wahid’ and ‘Zaid Zaman’ as ‘Sahabi-e-Rasool’ (Peace Be Upon Him), the audience atleast 100 in numbers as ‘Sahabi-e-Rasool (Peace Be Upon Him), compared mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ as ‘Ghar-e-Hira, translations of Holy Quran as defective and incorrect; that when Muhammd (Peace Be Upon Him) is resemblance, then he is called ‘Rasool’ and that if you convince Rasool Allah (Peace Be Upon Him), then Allah Almighty would be convinced and if resemblance is with you, you are required to convince him. Meaning thereby, he posed himself to be Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and his audience as ‘Sahabi-e-Rasool’. Even this transcript shows that he showed his daughter as ‘Fatima’ with double meaning, he also declared Muhammad AH Abubakar as ‘Shahabi’ and a minor child namely ‘Salman’ aged about two and a half years, to have seen Allah Almighty with open eyes, who is a grand-son of Abdul Wahid, ‘Sahabi-e-Rasool’ (Peace Be Upon Him). He further declared that “date of birth of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is not 12th Rabiul Awwal but it is 9th Rabiul Awwal, whereas relating to this fact, his statement on oath was fluctuating, and if transcripts P-10 and P-l 1 ware perused, and the Video Films are seen, it would look that he uttered the words which are in violation of various provisions of Sections of the Pakistan Pe’anal Code i.e., 295-C, 295-A, 298, 298-A. Eevn he opposed the provisions of Section 295-C by   ridiculously   saying  that  if the  case  of  ‘Toheen-e-Risalat’ is to be registered, it should be registeed with the permission of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and at one stage he stated that he is the ‘mirror’ of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) while the reflector is some one else. These facts can be examined from the Video Cassette provided by himself and he went to this extent that at one stage he stated that some ‘Ayaat’ of Holy Quran are mischievous and this fact can be seen in the transcript P-ll of Video Cassette P-2. So these documents clearly established the commission of the offences, as mentioned above by Yousaf, accused,.

50.       Now there is need to discuss the oral evidence on the record alongwith the relevnt documents if any and that the objections raised by the learned defence counsel, if any.

51.       Dr.  Mohammad Aslam (PW-1) while making the statement   about   his   intimacy   with   Yousaf,   accused, stated further that in the year 1995 Yousaf, accused, by having meeting with him in the house of Abdul Wahid after Maghrib Prayer asked as to what sacrifice he could give in lieu of reality but he was reluctant and Yousaf, accused, asked him to pay rupees two lac but he replied that he cannot make any such arrangements and then in the end of 1995  Yousaf,  accused,  directed him to act upon what he likes and thereafter he promised to make arrangements and in the months of December,  1995 he informed    to    Yousaf,    accused,    to    have    made    the arrangements   for   rupees   two   lac,   on   which   Yousaf, accused,   came   in   his   house   and   he   paid   the   above mentioned amount; that on the coming Friday, Yousaf, accused,  alongwith his  ‘Murids’   attended the  ‘Jumma’ prayer in the mosque situated in Askari Apartment and after   ‘Jumma’   prayer   Yousaf,   accused,   alongwith  his   . companion   came   in   his   house   where   after   a   while Yousaf,   accused,   stated   to   provide   the   reality   and thereafter while standing Yousaf, accused, stated ‘Anna Muhammad’, on which he was surprised because no body can claim to be ‘Muhammad’ (Peace Be Upon Him) who is in Madina and he took this impression that as if he is claiming for himself as ‘Muhammad’ (Peace Be Upon Him) and he was still in this state of affair; that the companions of Yousaf, accused, put garlands in his neck and when the meeting was over Yousaf, accused, his companions went away and after his departure he perferred to continue meetings with Yousaf, accused, and then after couple of months while being present alongwith Commodore (Rtd.) Yousaf Siddique in the house of Abdul Wahid, a question was put by Yousaf Siddique to Yousaf, accused, that from Hazrat Adam Alahe Salam and thereafter you had been appearing as Prophet in different times and you also appeared 1400 years back and thereafter you came as Saints. ‘Olia’ and what is the difference / dignity of 1400 years back and now and which was more dignified / glorified and in return. Yousaf, accused, replied that the period 1400 years back was glorious but the glory now is unprecedented as it was duty at that time but beauty now.

52. So it is obvious that Yousaf, accused, in presence of this witness by claiming ‘Anna Muhammad’ for himself tried to resemble with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He was cross-examined by the iearend defence counsel on various aspects. There is a lengthy cross-examination, even relating to a Book written by this witness but it would look that he has not put any specific suggestion relating to the part of his statement in the examination-in-chief which means that anything stated by this witness in the examination-in-chief has been admitted to be correct. At one stage this witness was suggested that Yousaf, accused, in the meetings expressed his deep love and affection for the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but he denied this suggestion and stated that Yousaf showed his love for another instead of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or Muhammad-e-Arbi’   (Peace   Be   Upon   Him).   He   was suggested to have desposed due to personal enmity but the nature of enmity was not suggested to him and at this stage this witness explained that Yousaf, accused, was sitting on the Chair and he stood up and said ‘Anna Muhammad’ and justified the way he declared to be ‘Anna Muhammad’. This was the stage where learned defence counsel should have suggested that Yousaf, accused, did not claim for himself as ‘Anna Muhammad’. So in absence of suggestion it is established that Yousaf, accused, in presence of this witness claimed himself to be the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

53.       Mohammad Akram Rana (PW-2) also resident of Karachi, deposed that Yousaf, accused, stated in a meeting in the house of Abdul Wahid that the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is present in the world today in the form of a human being and also amongst us and upon a question asked by some one in the house of Abdul Wahid, that our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) lived very simple life, on which Yousaf, accused, replied that 1400 years back the tradition was old and now the tradition is modern and that glamour / pomp and show is the need of the day. Yousaf, accused, further stated that if some one can see, he may see and if some can identify, he may identify the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to be present amongst them, and in the next meeting about the question of writing ‘Tafseer’ or ‘Tafheem’ of Holy Quran. Yousaf, accused, demanded price of that and he promised to pay an amount of rupees one lac for obtaining the book and thereafter he was receiving the messages for making the payment and when the payment was not made, Yousaf, accused, shortened his demand from one lac to rupees fifty thousand and when he had to proceed for ‘Haj’ he paid rupees twenty five thousand to Yousaf, accused, on which he said that he has come very close to Allah Almighty, so he disclosed a reality in his presence and at that moment many other people were present in, the meeting held in the house of Abdul Wahid but Yousaf, accused, carried him to another connected room while leaving the intervening door as open and he asked him to close his eyes, on which he closed his eyes, whereafter he (accused) asked him to recite ‘Darood Sharif, on which he recited ‘Darood Sharif and then he asked to open the eyes and inquired from him as to whether he has seen anything, on which he said that he has not seen any thing but Yousaf, accused, embraced him and said ‘Bismillah’ that he was Muhammad Mustafa and Yousaf, accused, further said that he has concealed this reality and he is also supposed to “conceal this reality and this is the ‘Tafheem-e-Quran’, ‘Tafseer-e-Quran’ and ‘Zinda Quran’ and also ‘Noor-e-Quran’, and on hearing so, he felt that he was hypnotised by the words and dialogue spoken by Yousaf, accused, on which he has come out from this dilemma and thereafter he consulted with the Ulma to whom he narrated the above statement, on which the Ulma informed him that the person concerned is liable to be murdered.

54. This witness was also cross-examined at length by the learned defence counsel. Even the enmity was put to him in this way that he called ‘Mrs Tayyaba Yousaf Ali’ wife of the accused on 02.2.1997 from Karachi to Lahore on telephone and that not only simply talked on telephone with wife of Yousaf, accused, but he also attempted twice to abduct the daughter of Yousaf, accused, however, he denied the suggestion that he also stated that it was some spiritual power, which failed his design. Even in cross-examination, the references of this witness with his son-in-law were also put but despite all these efforts, the testimony of this witness could not be shakan and the part of his statement as examination-in-chief could not be shattered. Even the1 speech of Yousaf, accused, in ‘Urdu’, the detail of which is provided as above, the entire statement would reveal that he had contacts with Yousaf, accused, and Yousaf, accused, by exploiting the religious  feelings of a  ‘Muslim’  looted him and perhaps when there was the demand of return, he flared up. The cross-examination on this witness would reveal that a very sensitive question was put to this witness, which was in this way that if some one throws (Q) the Holy Book of Quran on the ground, then what he could do, whereupon he replied that he would take up the Holy Book of Quran he would kiss the Holy Book of Quran. While putting this question the learned defence counsel used the word ‘Pattakh’ (q) and it was not his own word but his word was conveyed by Yousaf, accused, to his counsel. So after examining the entire evidence of this witness, it is also established that Yousaf, accused, posed himself to be the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in presence of this witness.

55.       Muhammad Ismail Shujaabadi (PW-3) is the complainant of this case. He is not an eye witness to any incident dated 28.2.1997 reported in the application Exh.PC. He infact is representative of a Religious Party, who stepped forward to pursue this matter, which was burning the feelings of Muslim Society all over the country. He produced Audio and Video Cassettes before the police. He was cross-examined at length by the learned defence counsel and while cross-examining him he was suggested that many changes have been caused in the Audio Cassette & Video Cassettes as well but he denied this suggestion or that the rebuttal of Yousaf, accused, was discussed. The cross-examination in detail on him would show that he was invited as spectator of the Audio and the Video Cassettes otherwise he had simply produced these documents and when he replied that he had seen and heard the Video and Audio ussettes, then the value and importance of his statement increased to such an extent that he also heard the objectionable portions of the speeches of Yousaf, accused, including his sermqn dated 28.2.1997 delivered in mosque ‘Baitul Raza’. So after such type of cross-examination, it cannot be argued that he is not an eye witness. Infact his statement confirms each word spoken in the Audio and the Video Cassettes and those of the transcripts. So his statement having the status of eye witness established this fact that the accused committed the offences, as mentioned above.

56.       Hafiz   Muhammad   Mumtaz   Awan   (PW-4)   is   a witness, who on 28,2.1997 attended the ‘Jumma’ prayer in mosque ‘Baitul Raza and Yousaf, accused, delivered his speech prior to ‘Khutba Jumma’, which amounted to defiling the name of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He   declared   100  persons   present   in  the   mosque   as ‘Sahabi-e-Rasool’ and he introduced two pesons namely Abdul   Wahid   and   Zaid   Zaman   as   ‘Sahabi’   and   he introduced  himself as  Holy  Prophet • (Peace  Be  Upon Him) and this witness provided the Audio and Video Cassettes to Muhammad Ismail Shujaabadi (PW-3) and stated that he had heard the Audio Cassette and seen the Video Cassette and those were that of Yousaf,. accused. This witness also faced lengthy cross-examination, who stated that no one from the audience raised objection on speech of Yousaf, accused, and he volunteered that most of them were ‘Murids’ of Yousaf, accused. And if cross-examination is perused, it would look that this witness is not inimical towards accused and whatsoever he stated, it established this fact that Yousaf, accused, defiled the sacred name of Holy Prophet (Peace Be  Upon Him), declared   the   audience   as   ‘Shahabi-e-Rasool   and   two persons as ‘Sahabi’, which being insulting towards the religious feelings of the Muslims are condemable.

57.       Mian Mohammad Awais (PW-5) also attended the ‘Jumma’ prayer in the mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ alongwith Mumtaz Awan (PW-4)  on 28.2.1997.  His statement is same on the line of Hafiz Mumtaz Awan (PW-4). He also faced  the  test  of cross-examination  but  his  statement could  not  be  shattered. So  his  statement  proves  the commission of offences by  accused  Yousaf in mosque ‘Baitul    Raza’    on    28.2.1997    by    delivering    highly objectionable    speeches,    which   injured   the   religious feelings of the Mulsims.

58.       Athar Iqbal (PW-6) produced the Video Cassette (P-5) before the police and he claimed to have seen the Video   Cassette.   He   also   faced   the   test   of   cross-examination  but  his  testimony  remained  un-shattered. The Video Cassette (P-5) has been proved to be that of Yousaf,   accused,   word-by-word   without   any   change, therefore, the statement of this witness is worth reliance.

59.       Now the statement of Mohammad AH Abubakar (PW-7) is worth examination. The detail of his statement has already been discussed above. But for discussion, it may be mentioned here in this way that Yousaf, accused, told him that so long he sees the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) he shall not die and directed him to recite ‘Darood Sharif in abundance, thereafter in a meeting in the house of Abdul Wahid. Yousaf, accused, called him as ‘Abubakar Siddique’ and that Yousaf, accused, came to his house at the time when he was going to perform ‘Umra’, Yousaf, accused, came there and said that there is no need to perform ‘Umra’ and he can arrange ‘Umra’ here arid Yousaf, accused, said that ‘Makan’ is there but the   ‘Makeen’   is   here. Anyhow   he   went  to  perform ‘Umra’   and   when   he   came   back,   Yousaf,   accused, started talking with him about the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and Yousaf asked him as to what could be the top-most-surrender on his part for him, on which he replied that whatsoever is desired by him, then Yousaf, accused, asked him to arrange a room in his house and to decorate the same and when he decorated the room Yousaf, accused, came to Karachi from Lahore and likeo the room and said that it is ‘Ghar-e-Hira’ and thereafter whenever Yousaf came to Karachi, he resided in the said room and in one meeting, Yousaf, accused, asked him to close his eyes and asked to recite ‘Darood Sharif and when he asked to open the eyes and w^hen he opened his eyes, Yousai, accused, all of a sudden took him in his Jhappa’ and said that he is the ‘Muhammad’ (Peace Be Upon Him), on which he started weeping but Yousaf, accused, kept him in his ‘Jhappa’ and when he was released from ‘Jhappa’ he was feeling shivering and he was sweating and could not understand as to what has happened to him but thereafter he came out of the room and the followers of Yousaf, accused, were sitting outside the room and they congratulated him on his physical meeting with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as Yousaf, accused, had been talking in a meeting with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and thereafter on pretext of purchasing a house, Yousaf, accused, demanded an amount of rupees fifty lac, he paid to Yousaf, accused, in this way twenty four lac through Banks and rest of the amount was arranged from the friends. He produced some documents with regard to payments made by him, the purchase of Air-Conditioner, Carpet and convertion of dolars into Pakistan Currency for making the payment to Yousaf, accused. This witness also brought the diary of Yousaf, accused, which consisted of P-8(l-l 16) and while handing over this diary, Yousaf, accused, said that after reading this diary he would rely on Yousaf, accused, and that when once he attended a ‘Mehfil of Naat Khawani’ Yousaf, accused, said that the person for whom he was going to attend the ‘Naat’ was sittinig there for whom else he was going to attend the ‘Majlis of Naat Khawani’. It looked in each ‘Mehfil that Yousaf, accused, was posinig himself ‘Muhammad’ in such a way as if he was claiming to be the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and thereafter Yousaf, accused, called the meeting of the World Assmebly in the mosque ‘Baitul Raza’, and he received Invitation Card Mark ‘H’ from the Administration of Magazine known as ‘Takbeer’ and when he attended the Assembly in the mosque ‘Baitul Raza’; on 28.2.1997, where Audio and Video Cassettes were prepared, Yousaf, accused, introduced his 100 ‘Sahabi’ in attendance in the mosque,  he introduced Abdul Wahid and Zaid Zaman as his ‘Sahabi’ and they also delivered there speeches to some extent and while delivering the speech Yousaf, accused, explained as to why he selected mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ for the World Assembly and why he did not select ‘Masjid-e-Nabwi’ and why not ‘Masjid-e-Haraam’ and he selected the mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ and he explained that it was happening in the same manner as ‘Ghar-e-Hira’ was selected by Allah Almighty. Yousaf, accused, stated that some Surat, some Ayat, even Quran is present here and further said that Hazoor (Peace Be Upon Him) is not on duty but it is his  ‘Atta’ that a ‘Rasool’   is   addressing   you   and   thereafter   Yousaf, accused, got .himself introduced and said that if the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) accepted the service of any body he was Abubakar and his name is ‘Mohammad . Alji Abubakar’ and when he was sitting in third or fourth row, he was brought therefrom and introduced in the assembly while bringing him near the pulpit in the way that   he   served   Yousaf,   accused,   and   first   he   was ‘Abubakar’ and now he was ‘Mohammad AH Abubakar and when he was called as ‘Abubakar, it meant that I was ‘Sahabi, however, after attending the marriage, he came back to Karachi and he consulted the Ulma. This witness also faced lengthy cross-examination on different aspects including the payment of money and the diary P-8(1-116).    If   cross-examination   on   him   is   perused carefully it would look that nothing could be brought out except   that   one   FIR   of  embezzlement   was   recorded against him by the firm where he was working.  Mere recording of one FIR, which is without trial and without consequence    carries    no    importance    to    shake    the testimony of a witness. [Editor’s Note: Zaid Hamid in his article written in DAILY DAWN claimed that one of the witnesses was on bail on fraud charges. That was not the case, he only had an FIR recorded in his name. Can someone be termed guilty just on the basis of an FIR ? The judge clearly mentions that no one can be termed guilty on a mere FIR.] So far as the diary as mentioned above in concerned, it is not the case of prosecution that it was written by the accused. So any objection on this diary was baseless. The purpose of producing this diary was to show the tendency of the accused and to convince his followers to believe that he is Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and in my view to reflect on this object of

Yousaf, accused, oral statement of Mohammad Ali Abubakar, Video and Audio Cassettes are sufficient. This witness is not proved to be inimical towards the-accused. So his statement shall be relied.

60.       Mian Ghaffar Ahmed (PW-9) is a witness of recovery memo (Exh.PD) as a consequence of which diary (P-3/1-22)) Audio Cassette (P-l) and Video Cassette (P-5) were taken into possession by Riaz Ahmed, S.I. He had further joined the investigation of this case 2nd his’being Resident Editor collected material out of ‘Takbeer’ Magazine against Yousaf, accused, to had claimed to be ‘Anna Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) which means that he was ‘Muhammad’ (Peace Be Upon Him)and he came to know out of ‘Takbeer’ Magazine that Yousaf, accused, is claiming himself as ‘Prophet’; as a consequence of which he contacted Yousaf, accused, on telephone on 21.3.1997 and he met Yousaf, accused, in his house on 22.3.1997 and prior to meeting he had seen the Video Cassette and also heard the Audio Cassette and gone through, the pages of the diary. He stated that Yousaf, accused, stated, during conversation, that he has been awarded ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma from Allah Almighty and he asked to elaborate the word ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma, Yousaf, accused, inquired about his education and he replied that he has obtained Master Degree in Mass-Communication, on which he said that this is worldly education and he should inform about religious education, on which he said that he has read the Holy Quran, on which he explained the meaning of word ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ and said that first of all ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ was awarded to Hazrat Adam Alhe Salam, then it continued to all the Propehts and then went to Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and this sequence is in continuation and now ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ is with him awarded by Allah Almighty. This witness came to know that Yousaf, accused, had graded some ladies belonging to Lahore and Karachi as ‘Azdwaj-e-Mutahrat’ and when he inquired about this fact, Yousaf, accused, stated  that  he   is   not  sexually   fit   and   when  he   was awarded   ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’   the  element  of sex  in  him was finished and when this power was finished he was about  41   and   Yousaf,   accused,   further  told  that  this happened on 9th of Rabiul Awwal and told that his date of birth is also that of 9th Rabiul Awwal; that he was awarded with  ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’  and when he repeated his questions about  ‘Azdwaj-e-Mutahrrat’  he brought a book    title    of    which    was    ‘Mard-e-Kamil’,    but    he demanded   the   direct   answer   of his   question  and  he replied that he never met to these ladies, however, those ladies might have met him and he did not negate them: therefore, they are correct in their own version and I am correct  in my own version and when I required some explanation, he stated that Allah Almighty appears in the world in the shape of such like noble persons and it is with the discretion of Allah Almighty that he comes in the world in the face of Hazrat Datta Ganj Bakhsh or in the shape of Hazrat Baba Farid Shakar Ganj or in the shape of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) or in the shape   of himself and   when   this   conversation   was   in between this witness and Yousaf, accused, he had been publishing this conversation in daily ‘Khabrain’, Lahore and he told this fact to the police in his statement. The perusal of statement of this wntiess would show that his statement finds corroboration from the document Exh.DL brought on the record by the accused himself, wherein he  claims  to  have  been  awarded   ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’   to him by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).  So in this situation, there remains nothing to discuss the cross-examination on this witness. The entire statement of this witness, as discussed above, or the witnesses in detail, as    reproduced    earlier,    is    worth    reliance    and    it established this fact that the accused posed for himself, which he could not as being a layman.

61.       Waqar-ul-Hassan is (PW-10) SI, who was given Audio Cassette for dictation and after hearing the Audio Cassette   twice,   he   took   the   rough   notes   and   after preparing the  second print of the dictation he  handed over the same to Riaz Ahmed, S.I. This witness was also cross-examined by the learned defence counsel.  But it should be mentioned here that since after comparison the Audio Cassette has been proved to be that of Yousaf, accused, then it makes no difference if after dictation the Cassette was returned as unsealed or that the order of the court was not obtained because at that moment this case was at the stage of investigation. This witness was re-examined by the learned District Attorney and at this moment he  stated that he  was  asked  for dictation of Video Cassette but he returned the Video Cassetto with these remarks that he is only expert in the dictation of Audio Cassette.

62.       Muhammad    Sarwar    (PW-11)    stated    that    he composed the Audio and Video Cassettes, brought by the police to him.

63.       Sajid Munir Dar (PW-12) also stated that Yousaf, accused,  offered  him to have  meeting  with the  Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as so long he has meeting with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) he would not die. Moreover, in case of meeting all his sins shall be forgiven and that he shall not enter in the Hell and that he shall go in ‘Jannat’, as a consequence of which Yousaf,  accused,  asked him to hand over the  golden chain and ring, which he gave to Yousaf, accused, and Yousaf, accused, invited him in his house on the next day and when he went to the house of Yousaf, accused, alongwith  his   friend  Sohail   Zia   in  the   evening  time. Yousaf, accused, had established a special ‘Hujra’ in his house where he took him alone while many other persons were sitting in the main Drawing Room and while being in the ‘Hujra’ Yousaf, accused, said that he was lucky as he was going to meet with the»Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon   Him)   and   thereafter   he   said   that   he   was   the ‘Muhammad’ and thereafter he embraced him. He stated that according to him ‘Muhammad’ means that he is the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and this claim was made by Yousaf, accused, and later on he came to know that many such incidents had happened with other people in   Karachi,   particularly   with   Rana   Akram.   If   the statement of this witness is perused, it would look that he has no enmity with Yousaf, accused, and at the most it was suggested to him that he appeared as witness at the   instance   of  Rana   Akram   (PW)   but   he   was   not suggested specifically on the statement which is against Yousaf, accused, and it tantamounts to admission of the facts deposed by this witness.

64.      Riaz Ahmed, (PW-13) is Investigation Officer of this   case.   The   investigation   conducted   by   him   has already been discussed above. During cross-examination, when he was having some claim about voice of Yousaf, accused,  on the direction of learend defence counsel, this witness brought on record a portion of the speech of Yousaf, accused, which means that no.w this witness vfas not simply an Investigating Officer but also the spectator of the Audio  Cassette and in this  way his  statement carries much importance. He was also cross-examined by the learned defence counsel but nothing could come out to disbelieve the prosecution version.

65.       Similarly, Khushi Mohammad, S.I (PW-14) is the Investigating Officer of this case. The investigation conducted by him has already been discussed above. He also faced lengthy cross-examination but nothing could come out to shatter the prosecution case except that minor contradictions, which are not fatal for the prosecution case.

66.       As a consequence of analyses of the oral as well as   the   documentary   evidence  of  the  prosecution,   as discussed above, it is established that the prosecution has successfully proved its case against the accused.

67.       Earlier  by  analyzing  the  statements  of accused and  some  evidence  the personality  of the  accusd  was discussed. Now the question worth examination is that as to what is his defence version. His defence version is that he has not claimed as Prophet for him but have a claim of ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ awarded by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) through document Exh.DL, which he received 40 days earlier during the trial. The question for determination is that what is the evidence to believe that he has been actually awarded the ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’. There is no such evidence on the record and infact this document further corroborates the statement of Mian Abdul Ghaffar (PW-9) before whom Yousaf, accused, also claimed to have ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ awarded by Allah Almighty. So his defence version is after thought and particularly after reading the Books, as mentioned above, so that his skin could be saved and infact it was another effort on his part to divert the attention of the general publlic.

68.       Yousaf,    accused,    produced    documents    from Exh.DA to Exh.DJJJ except DXX (this document was not produced but inadvertently number was mentioned in the statement)  but   in  my   view  these  documents   are   not sufficient  to  negate  the  prosecution  case  because  the allegation  against  the  accused  is  that  of defiling  the §acred name of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) for calling  his   followers   as   ‘Sahab-e-Rasool’,   his   family members as ‘Ahle Bayat’ and using insulting language about Holy Quran, making statements for having meeting of the general public with the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to assure the general public that if his order is not followed, the person may go to Hell and grabbing money from the prosecution witnesses by exploiting their religious feelings and that of criminal breach of trust. However,    there    is   no   convincing   evidence   on   the allegation of zina. [Editor’s Note: Our sources know many such people on a personal level with whom Yusuf Kazab committed Zina. However, due to “Badnami”, these women never appeared in court – because had they appeared in court against Yusuf Kazab it would have become a public matter. And even after passage of decades any one could have gained access to this information via court proceedings. Due to this reason the prosecution never tried to press Zina charges.]

69.       In view of discussion above, I have come to the conclusion that the prosecution has proved the charges against Yousaf, accused, under Sections 295-C, 295-A, 298, 298-A, 505 Part-II, 508, 420 and 406 PPC beyond any shadow of doubt. There is no question of taking any sort of lenient view because the accused is proved to be ‘KAFIR’ and ‘MURTAD’ or any sort of ‘Tauba’ in such affair cannot be entertained.

70.       Therefore,   Yousaf, accused, is convicted and sentenced as under:

i)          U/S 295-C PPC

Convicted and sentenced to death and a fine Rs.50,000/- and in default thereof to undergo further imprisonment for six months. He shall be hanged by his neck till he is dead. The sentence of death is subject to confirmation of Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore and a reference in this regard shall be sent immediately.

ii)         U/S 295-A PPC

Convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for ten years R.I. and a fine of Rs. 50,000/- and in deafult thereof to further undergo imprisonment for six months.

iii)        U/S 298 PPC

Convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for one year R.I and a fine of Rs. 10,000/- and in default thereof to further undergo imprisonment for one month.

iv)        U/S 298-A PPC

Convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for three years R.I and a fine of Rs. 20,000/- and in default thereof to further undergo imprisonment for two months.

v)         U/S 505(2) PPC

Convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for seven years R.I and a fine of Rs.30,000/- and

in default thereof to further undergo imprisonment for three months.

vi)        U/S 420 PPC

Convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for seven years R.I and a fine of Rs.20,000/- and in default thereof to further undergo imprisonment for two months.

vii) U/S/406 PPC

Convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for seven years R.I and a fine of Rs.20,000/- and in default thereof to further undergo imprisonment for two months.

All the sentences, as mentioned above, shall run consecutively because in case of ‘MURTAD’ the court has got no circumstance for any sort of lenient view nor it is permitted in Islam. The accused shall not be given the benefit of Section 382-B Cr.P.C.

71.       The case property, consisting of Audio & Video Cassettes, Diaries and the Video Cassette produced by the accused Mark ‘J’ shall be disposed of in accordance with  rules  after the decision of appeal or revision,  if any.

72.       Copy of this judgment shall be provided to the accused,    free    of   costs,    when   he    applies    in    this connection and he has been informed that he can file the appeal within seven days thereafter.

File    shall    be    consigned    to    Record    Room immediately after its completion.

ANNOUNCED                                                                                 SESSIONS JUDGE,

05.8.2000.                                                                                           LAHORE

7 comments on “Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case – Detailed Judgement of The Session Court

  1. Maxime Maximilien says:

    It seems OCR scanned document, too many mistakes 🙂

    It would be better if you put scanned images of the document instead.


  2. hesham syed says:

    Yusuf kazab jhoot ka malghoba hee ttha , Uss key aqeedey aur apney aap key baarey meiN jo kuch woh kahta raha hai aur jis tarah logoaN ko bey waqoof banataa raha hai – usey parrhney aur sunney key baad agar kisi ko abhi bhi uss shaitaan sey hamdardi hai tto ussey apney eimaan ki tasdeeq aur tajdeed karwani chaahiey — Bey ghairat haiN woh loag jo iss groah / group key saatth haiN – Jo saath haiN woh sab key sab gustaakhey Rasool ( saw ) hee haiN.

  3. Ajeer e khas says:

    @ brother Max

    Soon INSHA ALLAH, please pray to Allah Karim that this fitna e Azeem of present time ends soon.

    wa salam

  4. yasir says:

    May Allah give you ajar-e-Azeem. Really love you brother for your efforts. On the day of Judgement , may be these efforts of few weeks suffice you brother. We pray for you. You are doing the job what all Ummah should have been doing. This is Fard Kafaya (i think) and you are fulfilling the duty from our behalf as well.
    May Allah protect you.

    Jazakallah Khair

  5. Syed says:

    Jazakallau khaira jaza brother.

    Thats what i was looking for two years. We need to print out this court verdict and distribute it to the youth who innocently are being trapped by Syed Zaid Zaman, or Zaid Hamid or his recent name Syed Zaid Hamid, the so called Sahabi of Yusuf Kazzab.

    Please print and distribute this court verdict. may Allah subhanahu wa tala reward you all.

  6. […] Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case – Detailed Judgement of The Session Court […]

  7. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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