My Stance on Zaid Hamid, Shifa Islamic confrence and the term 'Burger Bachas'

It is a grave misfortune when some fitna causes bitterness between brothers. It seems this has happened between me and brother omer shuaib. I wrote some comments about zaid hamid and the conference on facebook, which infuriated brother umer. Though I have clarified my point of view it is his wish that I share them with all of you, or else he won’t talk to me ever again. I am not sure wither my heart could withstand such agony; I fear It will shatter to pieces. I just came from Lahore 20 min ago and this is the first thing I am doing.

My stance is very clear on this very issue. I absolutely have no problem with the conference our friends are organizing. My main problem is that Zaid Hamid is being invited to it. I have been an active participant in both the previous conferences, and I have never had a problem. However this year I strongly oppose that Zaid Hamid is being invited. I Do not do that on the basis of emotions or personal likes and dislikes, but solid reasons:

1. Many senior scholars who were actively involved in the sentencing of Yousf Kazab a false prophet have said that Zaid hamid was his right hand man. These scholars are a part of the Khamtm e Nabuwat institution, which is a semi govt institution. Just yesterday The Khatme Nabuwat had a press conference against Zaid Hamid and they said that the govt was with them and restrictions should be enforced on him. Apart from this audio recording of zaid hamid and yousf kazab are avalible. Even Dr Israr Ahmed at last years conference said that there was something b/w Zaid hamid and yousf Kazab. He himself never mentions Yousf Kazab he never apologies about it. He just says I don’t know the guy.

My point of mentioning all this is that such a person who is so controversial should not be invited to an Islamic conference. By inviting him to an Islamic conference as an Islamic speaker we first of all are saying that Zaid Hamid is not only innocent but represents Islam. What if he was guilty. We are taking a very clear position on an issue which is still controversial. He is not even a scholar he is not even masters, He just know how to talk that’s it.

2. By inviting him we are not only driving hundred of students away from the conference but also making them hate the conference. I attended a protest against the banning of minarets in Switzerland, about 500 students attended it. A lot of students told me that an even bigger protest needs to be taken out against Zaid hamid. They also told me that Zaid hamid was invited to Shifa, IIU and QAU and they were really angry about it. They were not madrassah students but students from Qaid e Azam University, Islamic university, comsats and some other collage whose name I don’t remember. When I asked them the reason for their anger, they replied that Zaid hamid called all the scholars Firoun and his opponents kafir on T.V.

3. He does a program with Ali Azmat who has openly declared that homosexuality should be tolerated and that organized religion and Zionism has similar ends. He also did a program with Maria B a fashion designer. How can such a person who associated him self with people who are at a very liberal extreme, be invited to an Islamic conference.

4. Zaid Hamid would be a big security risk as he not only has been condemned by scholars but also because he speaks out openly against the Pakistani Taliban. A few months ago a prominent scholar Dr sarfarz naeemi became the victim of terrorist attack inside a mosque. He was blown up during juma prayers along with many namazis. All Dr Naeemi used to do was to say that fighting Pakistani state is a mistake.

Its not just about security at the conference. Raja Dilawar was a social worker and he helped a lot of children after lal masjid operation. Some people got jelous and started a rumor that he was a govt spy. As a result he was beheaded by a mentally retarded person. This was all over the news a year ago. What if rumors start spreading about our students, wouldn’t that put the lives of our colleagues at risk even after the confrence. I am not against risking ones life. But if one has to risk his life why shouldn’t it be fighting Imperialism. Why should some ones life be in danger because of Zaid Hamid.

These were the reason I strongly disagreed about Zaid Hamid. I again stress I only have an ideological problem with Zaid Hamid not the conference.

Seacondly brother Umer and a lot of other brothers got really angry when I commented of FB that the conference is being organized by ‘Burger bachas’ I truly apologies, I never realized that it would hurt so many people. ‘burger bacha’ is just a harmless term which means some one who is alienated from their culture. It is not abusive or some thing. I never meant any offence.

I hope that this will clear any misunderstandings. If there is still any doubt I am always there to respond.

Talha Saad

Document (English|pdf): my-stance-on-zaid-hamid

One comment on “My Stance on Zaid Hamid, Shifa Islamic confrence and the term 'Burger Bachas'

  1. justbelikedat says:

    We have the open CHALLENGE FOR ZAID HAMID.

    I would like to let every one know and for those of you, who were saying that Aalami Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat is not accepting the challenge of Zaid Hamid, here is their reply,

    Zaid Hamid, we want you to come and we have a open challenge for him.

    click on the link to see the reply.

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