Yusuf Kazab – I am Muhammad [53 mins Audio]

The audio published below is a part of the Session Court record in Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case. The audio is bayan that Yusuf Kazab delivered at Bait e Raza on the occasion of his notorious world assembly.

Yusuf Kazab’s lawyer who was assisted by Zaid Hamid attacked this evidence on the grounds that it was submitted by an unknown person and requested the Court to deem this Audio Cassette inadmissible.

However, Yusuf Kazab’s defense lawyers never attacked the authenticity of this Audio Cassette. They were only concerned with somehow throwing this Audio Cassette out of the list of evidences been piled against Yusuf Kazab.

The Audio Cassette was such a solid evidence that Yusuf Kazab denied all alegations leveled against him by eye-witnesses, but when questioned regarding the Audio Cassette – he only sufficed to say that “My counsel has advised me to not answer this question”. Case in point is the following question asked to Yusuf Kazab by the lawyer of Anjuman e Tahafuz e Khatam e Nabuwwat:

Q.66.   Is it correct that while delivering speech on 28.2.1997 in mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ you said as recorded in Audio Cassette (Exh.P-1), that as to

why you selected mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ for the World Assembly and as to why you did not select ‘Masjid-e-Nabwi’ and ‘Masjid-e-Harram’ and you explained that you selected mosque ‘Baitul Raza’ in the same manner as ‘Ghar-e-Hira’ was selected by Allah and you also said that some Surat/Ayaat and even Holy Quran were present there?

Ans.     After consultation with my counsel, I did not want to answer this question.

The first part of the audio is an introduction to the concepts used by Yusuf Kazab in his bayan. The rest of the six parts are unedited parts of the 53 mins Audio Cassette of Yusuf Kazab’s Bayan.

Authenticity Note: Yusuf Kazab testified in Court and signed a statement that this is his Audio and he is the speaker in the Audio.

Press Outlets or any individual could download the original Audio for their own record from here.

Zaid Hamid has publicly admitted this fact that he assisted Yusuf Kazab’s lawyers and that he was an eye-witness to the entire trial. For references see Zaid Hamid’s article published in DAILY DAWN on 13th August, 2000 and his on camera statements that he took up the case and defended Yusuf Kazab (only that he fails to call him Kazab).

42 comments on “Yusuf Kazab – I am Muhammad [53 mins Audio]

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have done great service to the ummah

  2. Maxime Maximilien says:

    Masha’Allah great effort for the exposition of this cult.

  3. […] We have now added the links of the Audio Cassette in its original form in our article Yusuf Kazab – I am Muhammad. […]

  4. Muhammad Avais says:

    JazaakAllah.. Mashallah…. I dont have words to thanks you brother for this efforts.. It will help hundreds of youngs brothers who have been tricked by this Shataan ZH and his emotional dramas.. By the way this guy got my attention when i heard his views and that was clearly the same agenda our enemies are following in media and propeganda warefare..
    Onece again Thank you.. If possible can you send me all this work in one zip file coz i have to sned it to all the forums..at [email removed]

  5. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Muhammad Avais

    Jazakallah Khair for the appreciation.

    As of now brother, please take the resources by your own from our blog. We’ll Insha’Allah be preparing a Common Repository Insha’Allah soon – and then inform of it Insha’Allah on the blog.

  6. zafar iqbal says:

    jhoot ko benaqab karnay par aap log qabile mubarakbad hain

  7. Humayun says:

    We condemn this Kaffir Yousaf Kazzab. Every word he speaks is a proof of his Kuffar. May Allah curse him in both the worlds.

  8. saima says:

    Whatever allegation are mentioned in the first Audio are just baseless and someone’s own mental disturbance ( he tried to put his own words in ppl mouth). There is nothing noted in this Audio of person so called ( Yousuf or wotever his name is) that he claimed himself as Prophet (nauzubillah) as told us in the very first Audio link.

    These talks are called “Marifat” talk. He is not denying Mohammad Sallahu Alehi Wa Aalihe wasallam at all!. All he believes that Mohammad )Sallallha huu Alehi Wasallam) is still alive, and He (PBH) among us and visit all such meetings, where Allah and Allah’s Messenger (PBH) talks are discussed. Such talks (Maarifat talks) are not new, such talks are always there throughout in the Muslim history, THIS is NOT MORE THAN “MAARIFAT TALKS”, as SOFI does . he says, HAMARA RISHTA USSAY JIS KA RISHTA RASOOL ALLAH (SALLALLAH HU AALEHI WASALLAM) SAY.

    Stop bashing and stop try to put your own words in ppl mind, there is nothing what you claim in your first audio. …Allah is the only Supreme Judge who knows the best !!!

  9. Muhammad Avais says:

    Sister listen to following extra tapes of kazzab as wel:

    Secondly, i my self have studied sufism and have done some research. But even then i would be careful giving my own judgments on above matter at my own because the base of my whole faith and respect of My Nabi PBUH is involved in it. Rather i would go through the decisions of Ulamas and scholars on the matter.
    As a matter of fact, even if i only talk about ulamas about whom zaid hamid said that they opposed the decision, zaid hamid has been proven lier and all those ulamas have condemed kazzab. like Dr. Israr about whom zaid hamid talks a lot (look at their recent press release and read it.. you will find it at zaid’s website as well). Also keep in mind that Molana Abdul Sattar Niazi also condemed and said that he was shown one side of picture by a young man name zaid zaman upon which he gave statement in the favor of kazzab.

    Secondly cant you see that zaid and media is condemning all ulemas in a systamatic manner (just go through zaid zaman’s openion in his programs). There may be some black sheeps but on the basis of some people’s wrong doings you cannot balme whole. and blv me they want to create doubts in your mind about anyone who can come in the way and agenda of zaid zaman..
    May Allah bless you with wisdom


  10. Tahir says:

    Please checkout with every authentic sufi sect in Pakistan and no one will accept this as Ma’arifat talk.
    Check out the bayanat of Barelvi scholars on this site like Maulana Noorani who said in clear terms that this person is liable to be killed for what he said.

    And by the way many people have been led to believe by Zaid Hamid that sufi’ism is something specific to Barelvis. Reality, on quiet the contrary, is that Deobandis also follow the same Sufi silsilay that Barelvi follow. And they do have the same concepts of khilafat too. So most of the Ulema from both Barelvi and Deobandi schools of thoughts who declared Yusuf as kazzab are not only very well aware of Sufi’ism and Ma’rifat, they actually practice it themself.

    Your statement about ma’rifat reminded me of ignorance of a guy living in Karachi for all his lift who used to think that anybody who have beard belongs to Jamat-e-Islami.

  11. saima says:

    Before I answer your concerns, you have to allow me to express my opinion on this particular issue, equally. I asked admin, why he/she blocked my opinion, I just wrote something that is either deleted or not approved by the admin. I will not talk if you keep interfere in my opinion. This shows that how much you are ready to listen the other side of the picture. Is it justice ??!!

  12. Sheraz says:

    @Saima..if you are Authetic Alim i would listen to you….but i know you are not because any Alim cant say this is Marifat…by the way i am Bralevi Sunni and words of this Shaitann Yousaf Kazaab ar just kufr

  13. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Saima

    Blog Rule # 20
    Finally, give your comment a day or so to register; do not automatically assume that we delete your comment. Your comments go into the moderation box waiting for us to moderate. If you don’t see your comment up in a few days, then it is either deleted or we have hundreds of other comments to go through. So please practice patience as patience is a great virtue.

    Thus, as you can see your comment has already made it here, because, it complies with the Blog Rules. Patience is a virtue, which we need to practice.

    Leaving aside what ‘Ma’irfat’ is about for you, let me say this very clearly, as other user have indicated, that no ‘Ma’irfat’ talk makes you believe that ‘The Noor of Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam)’ No’ozbuilllah has incarnated into any other Mal’oon body.

    If someone does that, by wearing the cloak of ‘Ma’irfat’, he denies Khatm-e-Nabuwwat and has committed blasphemy of extreme order. Hope it is clear.

  14. Wahab says:

    +1 saima

  15. sardar sajjad says:

    u have done great job to expose these mushrik people

  16. jabran says:

    sorry ye youtube links to kaam hi nai karahay mai sunu kaisay jo pata chalay usne kia bola

  17. sohaib says:

    brother sufi barkat ali ludhyanwi from faisal abad (dar ul hassan ) has declared yusaf as kazab way back in 80,s he had pridicted that this man ill declare himself as prophet
    i requseat u to do some research on that

    • Editor says:

      @Sohaib. We already know this. Sufi sahib got very angry on Yusuf Kazab when he came to meet him. And asked him to go away immediately. Sufi sahab said to Yusuf “Khabees insaan mujhe maloom hai tun yahan kuon ata hai. Dafa ho ja yahan se.”

      When AMTKN filed a case against Yusuf Kazab, some followers of Sufi sahib met AMTKN people around 1998. By that time Sufi sahib had died. Sufi sahib’s mureeds informed AMTKN that Sufi Barkat Ali kicked him out and was very angry on seeing him. It is because may be Sufi Barkat Ali found out that this person will claim Nabuwat later on in life.

      We know the complete story. So what exactly do you mean by do some research on this ? Do you want us to write a detailed article on it ?

  18. Afaq says:

    Brother, thanks for sharing this and spreading the truth. The evidence is overwhelming and for any sane, understanding, open minded person, the first 2:13 mins of the audio speech is enough to know what type of person is talking.
    I once again thank you for ur efforts and dedication towards our ummah. You have done your duty as a muslim. I hope Allah gives hidayah to all of us, ameen.
    Fi AmanALLAH.

  19. laraib says:

    har kisi ki apni marzi hai maane ya na maane lekin jab kisi shakhs ki haqeeqta zahir ho jay ke wo ghalat hai phir bhi uski takleeed karna khuli gumrahi hai
    kitna kufr baka hai is yousuf kazzab ne is audio casset main mujhe to hairat hai ke is kazzab ko sahi se bolna bhi nahi ata iska to lehja bhi itna karakht hai ajeeb si karahiyat se mehsoos hoti hai phir log kese iske haq main nare laga rahe hain

  20. farooq says:

    plz read the book by Arshad qureshi written in 1997 given all the proofs agianst yousuf kazzab.
    arshad qureshi is not an aalim but was the companion of yousuf kazzab .after this proofs listening to the other side is kufr.

  21. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    Asalamoalaikum. I have conducted a reasearch of my own on Zaid Hamid and Yousuf Kazzab, and have gathered many proves, including original audios of Yousuf Kazzab, books, articles and Fatwas against them. Please take some time to view this very little effort of mine and see the true facts for yourself. Here:
    Please share this page with as many muslims as u possibly can. JAZAKALLAH.
    Also Please do provide me with any comment/critic/ point out my mistakes/extra info etc, both in favour or against the topic, at the bottom of the page. JAZAKALLAH.

  22. Ahad says:


    Maulana abdul sattar niazi himself said that the audio tapes and the certificate that yousaf showed in court was fine it had nothin blasphemous in it.

    Please kindly study the whole issue from some source other than khabrain, daily ummat and that book fitna of yousaf kazab.

    Here are the videos =) thanks..

    • Editor says:

      @Ahad Awan It seems you yourself have not listened to what Moulana said. Moulana said that he saw the video cassette. He never said that he listened the audio cassette.

      Leave Moulana aside do you yourself believe that the Audio cassette is fine in which Kazab is saying that Allah and Muhammad are one ? And introducing 100 sahaba ?

  23. Ahad says:

    btw whatever zaid hamid did in his past is our least concern. What he is doing now, matters. Right now he didnt ask anyone to follow him in islam or to accept yousaf as Prophet Nauzobillah or whatever. He is trying to save pakistan. so should everyone else. thanks.

    • Editor says:

      @Ahad According to your logic Musharraf can say the same thing. That whatever I did in the past should not matter. See now I am talking about saving Pakistan, so everyone should support me. Will you accept this argument from Musharraf ? If not why not ?

  24. Shamil haqqani says:

    Dear Editor:


    I think you guys are doing a great job, Rock On with the powerful campaign.

    However, I want to know, like so many others, what is your final destination. I mean, you have brought awareness about Zh’s wrong doings, anti-Islamic ideas, lies etc. Your awareness and efforts have banned him on many channels. My question is simple, is this awareness and campaign enough to change minds of his fans?

    — Silencing him is not the solution. To me, the real solution is ” complete eradication of such elements” from the society and indulging normal people’s “”islamic knowledge” high enough that they do not follow such kazzabs.

    —- I am still interested to know how will you handle it other than silencing his voice. Still few ignorant are following him, and “his strategy changes” with yours.

    I found him irrational, emotional and totally illogical, other than being a liar and insult to Islam. The youth still gathers around him, you need to find why??

    Let me suggest WHY? The youth, our youth usually runs away from “Ulemas” and “Molvis.” Now, due to propaganda or some Alims who are not alims- Our youth is polarized to anti-ulema elements, taliban etc.

    ZH used this weakness to his favor. However, it is also true that “90 percent” of the Ulema are our guide, only a few can be labeled as biased etc.

    Lastly, my request is to modify “extremism ” into moderate enough, so that youth may have such ulemas which they can interact too. I am talking about majority of youth here, o-level, a-level elite class guys specially.

    This way ZH’s “” propaganda strength will be abolished forever”

    “” End the root, and not just the cause””

    Allah hafiz

    Shamil Haqqani

  25. Anonymous says:

    may ALLAH bless u and all of us with true knowledge, and right path.
    kindly, don’t publish false information. jazakALLAH

  26. sara says:

    so what if zaid hamid was even a kafir then he corrected him self , even prophet ibrahim belifed first that the moon and the sun were god, tell god gave him gauidness to ther truth “sura al anam : 76” so if hamid is saying now he dose not belife in that kazap, why peaple keep saying that he was. the sahaba of prpht muhamed were not born muslims , non ever said to them there we kafiers befor that is why they cont be muslims now

    • Editor says:

      @Sara Khuda ka Khauf kero. Tum logoon ko zara bhi sharam nahi ati. No Prophet of Allah ever believed in a false god. No Prohet of Allah was a Mushriq ever (not before being guided and sent upon with Wahi).

      The verses that you are refering too are showing how Ibraheem AS used his knowledge and intellect to find out that Stars and Sun can not be ALLAH. It does not say that he ever accepted them as ALLAH.

      Thori sharam kia karo Ambiya per tohmat lagane se pehle.

      Zaid Hamid never said that he does not believe in Yusuf Kazab. He only says he was not linked with Yusuf. He still fails to call Yusuf to be a Kazab – which means he considers Yusuf to be pious and a muslim. If this is not called believing than what is to believe in someone ?

  27. a2zTruth says:

    Editor on Sara : in sab ka elaaj chatroal hai — andhey loag hee gustaakhey Rasool aur us key follower kaa saath deitey haiN — sab ko jahannam meiN jaaney deiN.

  28. NJ says:

    The issue is very serious and on the surface people are unable to see the contradiction.

    Zaid was of course linked with kazzab, this is not the problem part, if he had realized the mistake and parted ways.
    The issue gets serious because ZH beleives in the same aqeeda that kazzab believed in. ZH only has problem with the way kazzab handled himself by indulging into fraud and extracting money. He does not even have a problem with the women issue of kazzab.

    That is why ZH is using the same vocabulary, same phrases, same spells and tricks that kazzab used to hide himself in a twisted way.

    He talks of lofty ideals and a promised muslim land just kazzab used to, he tells people about gazwa e hind just like kazzab used to. He tells people just like kazzab used to tell that they are the chosen and blessed one because they support him, those who criticise him are considered at war with Allah and RasoolAllah and will be receiving wrath of God.
    He is demanding the same unquestionable submission/allegiance that kazzab demanded from his followers.

    He even dresses up like kazzab, talks like kazzab, walks like kazzab. Considers himself above and beyond ordinary people, proclaiming as if he has a direct phoneline with Allah and Prophet (saaw) “exactly” like kazzab, labelling people jannati and jahannami.

    May Allah give guidance to all and save us from deviations from the Straight Path, ameen

    Ex wife of Zaid Zaman Hamid

  29. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    @Sara: i dun get it, why on Earth do ZH nd all his fans r soooo blindly confirmed he and Y.K are innocent? y do guys act like ZH has some sort of Hotline connection with ALLAH (Nauzubillah) ? Why does every thign ZH says is, for his fans, a universal truth?
    nd Khuda say daro… tamam ambiya since the creation of spirits and day of Misaqun Nabeeyen in spirit world and untill the end of their worldy lives were innocent nd pious persons, dun blame them..!!
    @Editor nd z2ztruth: bhai buhut dukh k sath kehna perta hai “Sumum Bukmum Umyum… ” (surah baqara) , “Waja alna mim baini aydihim sadaun wo min khalfihim….. la yubserun” (surah Yaseen) nd Surah al-kafiroon aysay blind followers of wrong path k leye he nazil huye theen.. so hum to bus truth he bata saktay hain.. baqi jissay ALLAH hidayat day.. “Wama Alaina Illal Balagul Mubeen” (Surah Yaseen)

  30. ahad awan says:


    If following yousaf produces such a good human beings, i would love to follow the aqeedah of yousaf ali and zaid hamid. i am actually following. whats the big deal. If i came to islam, started caring for my country, started showing love for Allah, Prophet p.b.u.h, my parents siblings and people around me, its just because ZAID HAMID brought me to it. “Kee Muhemmed sae wafa toa hum teray hain”
    He taught us wafa for Muhemmed p.b.u.h. If you being his wife couldnt benefit from him. i would say you are unlucky.

    P.s. Using Muhemmed with ‘e’ just to show no matter how you use it, a muslims in his intentions is always reffering to Prophet p.b.u.h.

  31. ahad awan says:

    Musharraf commited crimes against people. hakuk ul ibad. Whatever zaid hamid’s aqeedah is its highly his own personal matter. App logoun ko kis nay thaika diya hae logoun kay aqeedah pata karnay ka? pehlay apna apna islam to pura kar loo.. As Pir Jammat said “Pehlay Allah kehna toa seekh loo”

    • Editor says:

      @Ahad Awan Ji humein to kisi ne thaika nahi dia, leekin Zaid Hamid ko kis ne thaika dia hai is mulk mein Yusuf Kazab ki shariyat nafiz kerne ka ? Aur ap ko kis ne thaika dia hai aisey gustakh e rasool ko internet forums per defend kerne ka ?

  32. a2ztruth says:

    Editor : Yeah Ahad Awan ( jahil ) koan hai ? is ka ilaaj chatroal hai – bahas mubahsa naheeN

  33. abdullah says:

    AFter having some research on this issue for few hours, I have seen something in relation to dr israr ahmed about ZH, published in defence forum. (seems correct to me as it is, although may require further authenticity)


    editor, I am sorry to say you lack the minimum level of manners to talk properly with lady called Sara. Reason I am saying this, when we people argue or discuss matters of knowledge or research, have the level of patience to understand others perspectives and then guide them politely towards the right path if you think so. Remember, He is not muslim from whose hands or tounge, the other muslims are not saved. Now, try to think, whether any one who is accusing other of being jahanami where he/she stands. Remember, prophet S.A.W said, “Best is he, who is best in manners” so please learn manners.
    I have not yet listened to any of the debates of ZH, where I can see, he is saying things against the Islam, (with my limited knowledge, I am a phd scholar, who does research and investigates, may Allah forgives me if some thing is incorrect,)
    Let’s make one thing very clear, we all muslims are only the followers of prophet S.A.W and quran. Whoever, whether ZH or any Moulana follows the same path, it will be in accordance to us. So don’t say followers of ZH, although you can say, people having similar thoughts to him. Also, always, give benefit of doubt to your fellow muslim, if you are not hundred percent sure. I have listened to his video having 8 clips in peshawar, where he says, he believes in Khatme nubawat, now, whether he is correct in his sayings or not, is not our concern, we have to believe a fellow muslim, if he says something with the best of his knowledge according to islam. So, please have patience follow prophet S.A.W sunnah, so that we can tell world, how peaceful religion islam is. By no means, i have said or implied, that the people who don’t believe in khatme nubawat in a muslim country are eligible for any accomodation, they should be treated according to shariyah and cursed.

    In the end, remember, cursing your muslim brother without truth is a major sin and violates haqul ibad, which are not forgiven unless person forgives, remember if someone makes false witness is a major sin, e.g. person who accuses other of zina is eligible to get the same punishment if not proven.

    May Allah gives us hidaya all muslims and forgive me if something is missed. I have said with good intention. no one apart from Allah knows the best.

  34. syed zahoor baribandi says:

    ALLAH aap ko jazeekhir de.ZAID HAMID ne tamam students ko ghalt rasthy par lay chalthy ha.muslmanu owto jagooooooo.

  35. Syeda says:

    Belief is not a personal matter when that person(Zaid sahab) chooses to exercise his influence on people regarding matter of faith and pakistan. Zaid hamid needs to state emphatically that he made a wrong choice in past and has repented.No person who has repented shies away from admitting the wrongness of his deeds.If he cant say that then nothing zaid sahab has to say is important or worth listening to . What a waste of a human being.

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  37. porno says:

    My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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