Refutation: Zaid Hamid claims that the accusers Molvis did not have any proof except Khabrain news

Claim :

Zaid Hamid (Master of History Distortion) claims that the accusers Molvis did not have any proof except Khabrain news. (Below we provide some of the proofs presented in court)


The above pages clearly tell that the Khabrain was not only newspaper reporting on this issue so zaid hamid’s this claim also becomes false that the accuser Molana Ismaeel Shuja Abadi did not have any proof except Khabrain news. Some of the evidences which were presented in the court are presented here.

1. Yusuf Kazzab’s audio speech

Yusuf Kazzab’s audio speech ( available on youtube) in which he says himself Muhammad SAW naoozbilah. We will request the readers to please listen this audio again by clicking this link.

Yusuf Kazzab says Sahabi for the present people and Zaid Hamid also speaks in this audio and confirms Yusuf Kazzab’sclaim. (After experts opinion court accepted it as evidence)

2. Yusuf Kazzab’s personal dairy

Yusuf Kazzab’s personal diary in which Yusuf kazzab wrote himself as Muhammad SAW naoozbillah.Here is one
page of his diary

In above page yusuf writes that all the prophets and Nabi were a continual of Muhammad SAW, then All great Sahabis Like Hazrat Abubakar, Umer Usman and Ali (RA) were also continual of Muhammad SAW Then all wali like Abdul QAdir ( jeelani), Mohiyidin, Fareed ud deen ( Gunj Shakar), Mujajad Alf Sani and Muhammad Yusuf Ali ( Himself) are also a continual of Muhammad SAW ( naoozbilah )

In the lower part of page he writes Muhammad SAW always remained in this world and he is also one of his form ( Naoozbillah)

3. Invitation Letter of so-called World Assembly of Muslim Unity

For the conference of his so-called World Assembly of Muslim Unity, Yusuf Kazzab sent an invitation letter to his followers ( was presented in court )

(this invitation was of the same conference in which Yusuf kazzab and Zaid Hamid can be listened in a same audio held on 28 Feb 1997)

Yusuf Kazzab got printed his name only Muhammad on that invitation card and even he put the short sign of (SAW) as we do in URDU.

This was the same session of above invited conference in which Yusuf Kazzab used the words Sahabi for the present people and also invited ZAID Hamid as the first SAHABI.

4. Kazzab’s letters to his followers

Yusuf Kazzab’s letters to his followers in which he claims to be Muhammad and continual of Muhamamd SAW
Naoozbillah were another proof presented in court and the court called experts opinion on the handwriting and it was proved by matching yusuf kazzab’s other documents that the handwriting is same. Here is an example of letter presented in court.

5. Fake Identity Card mentioning Muhammad S/O Ali

Some certificates of school and college were presented in court by which his real name was appearing Yusuf Ali. Later he added Muhammad with his name after retirement and at the end he used only name Muhammad. Even he arranged a fake National Identity card for him which mentioned his name only Muhammad S/O Ali. Copy of that card is below.

6. Statements of Eye Witnesses

zaid hamid claims the only Khabrain news reports were against yusuf Kazzab and Ulema did not have any evidence.. Lets read some statements of eye witnesses presented in court in front of yusuf kazzab (zaid hamid also used to be present in the court as he was following the case) there were total 14 eye witnesses who told the court that yusuf claimed in front of them as Muhammad SAW NaoozBillah.(No witness was the enemy of Yusuf and no one belonged to Molvis) all were ex-followers of Kazzab.

A Little about yusuf Kazzab’s background and personality

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

Document (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab
Scribd (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab


9 comments on “Refutation: Zaid Hamid claims that the accusers Molvis did not have any proof except Khabrain news

  1. Abeer says:

    A few notes:

    1. Zaid Hamid claimed in his video response that the hand writing of the diary does not match that of Yousuf Ali.

    2. In the invitation letter of world assembly you will find a line added by custom editing in the image in urdu, the bottom line which says “World Assembly ka dawwat nama jis men maloon ney apna naam sirf Mohammad SAW likha hai.”: If that line could be custom edited and added than there is no validity that the letter itself is not custom edited.

    3. The letter to is followers is an example of how he was corruptly and falsely blackmailed. The letter itself doesn’t make any sense.

    4. Same goes for the id card.

    5. I couldn’t come up with any disgraceful and shameful word for the manuscripts provided by eye witnesses, please everybody read those and you will fully understand the conspiracy created against Yousuf Ali.



  2. kashifiat says:

    Abeer !

    You need a psychological therapy.

    1) Then he should show / produce YK actual hand writting (because he was very closed as his sahabi (Nauzubillah). Statement is statement, bring prove. Why in cour proceedings it was not challenged ?

    2)Can u specify the line there is nothing there as per your stance.

    3)Yes, YK blackmailed those who are in touch with his circle, read the above statements carefully

    4)Same goes for the id card

    5) This is disgraceful & shameful for those who are denying that YK didn’t claimed for a prohethood. Eyewitnesses are still alive u can meet if u want

  3. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Abeer

    1. Are you working on Zaid Hamid claim, or court claim?

    2. That edited portion is there to make you ‘understand’. It would be absurd comment to tell that the court wouldn’t have known it. To explain to you, there are specialists in this field in the court, who’d identify this.

    3. May be it doesn’t make sense for you, but to many others

    4. Your right.

    5. Honestly, what makes you defend Yousuf Kazzab so much?( Oh, I know you’d say that you don’t know any Yousuf Kazzab, I mean for you, it’s Yousuf Ali). It is also ironic that the people who gave witness to his claim of ‘I’m Mohammad’ were Army People, who Zaid Hamid, so much praise about but it is unfortunate, that they went against his False Prophet – Yousuf Kazzab

  4. JAlal says:

    The most static thinking in the world is to evaluate people on the basis of their mistake which they totally deny and have never mentioned anything which can prove them to be such.

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  6. FS says:

    If Zaid says it wasnt Yusuf Kazab`s writing, and he says he never met Yusuf Kazab and he was not a sahabi, then how does he know its not Yusuf Kazab`s writing?

  7. zakaraya says:

    salam, to all those who keep writing against Zaid, please for once think what is about him that we respect him, why are we following him. WHY. Has he made some world record, a rapper?
    what he stands for? If you guys are not sure then listen care fully, he stands for Khilafah, revival of Islmic shariah/ for Takmeel e Pakistan etc Indian hate him, corrupt politician hate him. People who want to dvivide Pakistan in to four part hate him. He stands for unity.
    Brothers this should have been done by Ulemah,But Allah choose someone else. Dont behave like jews , not from us we wont follow him?
    Let him work, donot distract him. If you guys are after some funding please ask freely as the mission he is on should not stop. Indian will be laughing at us. He stood for his country boldy and see his own country has got him into this dirty trap.
    May Allah help him out of this time and carry on with his mission. Ameen

  8. hyder_master says:

    Yusuf Kazzab Haqeeqatan Kazzab tha

  9. hyder_master says:

    Where are remaining 99 Sahaba ?

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