Refutation: Yusuf Kazzab case was a problem of Deobandi Brelvi maslak?


Yusuf Kazzab case was a problem of Deobandi Brelvi maslak?

Zaid Hamid’s second biggest lie is that yusuf kazzab was targeted by Deobandi Molvis because he was a Brelvi and No Alim of other maslaks talked against him.


If it was an issue created by Deobandi Molvis against a “Brelvi scholar” then it means any Alim of any other Maslak had not delivered Fatwa or press release against Yusuf? But if we read history of news reports of those days we find every maslak taking against yusuf including Brelvis also.

Lets have a look on a detailed Fatwa report of daily Ummat (not Khabrain, as zaid hamid says khabrain had some “personal issue” with yusuf)

Please pay little attention to the start of the report, as report starts with these words, “Karachi (staff reporter) Daily Ummat and Weekly takbeer………….”

See this Fatwa cum press release shows that Yusuf’s news was not reported in Khabrain till this report that’s why reporter describes only Ummat and Takbeer.

Otherwise he might mention the name of Khabran also… Zaid Hamid says only and only Khabrain reported all of this…

Then read all red boxed names of Ulema and their maslaks…….

Report is continued below

The above report from Daily Ummat ( 19 March 1997) includes the fatwa and press releases of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (brelvi), Sunni Tehreek (Brelvi) , Jamiat Ishaat toheed o Sunna (Ahle-Hadees) Ahle Sunnat wal jammat, Shiya Muslim Mutahida Mahaz Pakistan (Shiya).

This clearly shows that yusuf kazzab case was not an issue between Brelvi and Deobandi as Zaid Hamid claimed.

If it was an issue against Brelvis then read the statement of Molana shah Ahmad Norani (The Most authentic and Mohtram name of Brelvi Maslak)

Book Fitna Yusuf Kazzab page 84,

Please necessarily read above the remarks of Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik Shaheed (a well know Islamic Scholar on that

After all this some one can say that Yusuf Ka Deoobandi Molvis as he was Brelvi? and Zaid Hamid says if he raises this issue again then Deobandi-Barelvi riots may happen.

This is time to say “Ina Lillah he wa inna alia he Rajeoon”

Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

“A believer is not stung twice from the same hole”. [Bukhari, Muslim]

Document (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab
Scribd (English): reply-to-zaid-hamid-defense-of-yousuf-kazzab


One comment on “Refutation: Yusuf Kazzab case was a problem of Deobandi Brelvi maslak?

  1. tajzia says:

    If i remember correctly, I have heard what Dr Ghulam Murtuza Malik said with my own ears in Karachi in 1999 i think, in Faran Club. I remember he said a kazzab said Rasoolullah sallallahoalaihiwasallam just cameout of his roza and gave u a green flag.

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