ALERT: Zaid Hamid Brigade Invades Wikipedia

This is for the information of everyone concerned that Zaid Hamid’s robotic brain-washed army has invaded Wikipedia and has modified the wiki article related to Yusuf Ali aka. Yusuf Kazab to conform it to the statements made by Zaid Hamid in his leaked video.

A mere two days back we obtained the web links of the Audio Cassette of Yusuf Kazab from the links provided on Yusuf Kazab’s wiki article.  However, as of today all links to materials that could prove that Yusuf Kazab committed blasphemy have been removed from the article. In its current form, the article is just a heap of text, with no links to externally verifiable resources whatsoever.

We have now added the links of the Audio Cassette in its original form in our article Yusuf Kazab – I am Muhammad.

A closer examination of the text of Yusuf Ali’s wiki article reveals that the article has been skilfully edited to show that the Session Judge was biased against Yusuf Ali. We could take a detailed look at the edits.

According to the trial records the complainant, office bearer of a local religious organization, alleged that Mr Yusuf Ali ‘indirectly committed blasphemy’ by showing his resemblance with Prophet Muhammad on an unknown date, during a Friday sermon, more than 2 years before registration of the case.

This is absolutely sham, as the cassette’s of the sermon were sealed by the police within a few days. Both the audio and video cassette’s bear the date of the speeches and the date when they were submitted to police as an evidence in the case. The phrase ‘indirectly committed blasphemy’ is another master piece, as Yusuf Kazab committed blasphemy without a shred of doubt in his Bait e Raza speech.

The learned judge of Pakistan’s lower court found no evidence of adultery, as the complainant could not produce any information to support the allegation. No proper evidence of blasphemy or fraud was produced[citation needed] in the court except a few people’s word[citation needed] against Mr. Ali’s, including a local newspaper reporter who reported the fabricated[citation needed]stories in the first place. The complainant produced video/audio pieces of several sermons copied onto two cassettes. Nothing objectionable or offensive was found in the sermons[citation needed]. The date of sermons and maker of cassette were unknown, which make the produced evidence highly unreliable and legally inadmissible.[citation needed]

There was no need to provide evidences for adultery since the complainants never filed an FIR accusing Yusuf Kazab of adultery. For details see Refutation: Zaid Hamid says Yusuf Kazab was accused of Adultery.

The evidences presented in the court together with the eye witnesses were so impeccable that Yusuf Kazab was the first person in the history of Pakistan to be declared guilty of committing the heinous crime of Blasphemy. For reference see The Truth About Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case.

Khabrain was neither the first nor the only newspaper to report the Yusuf Kazab case. Scores of other newspapers and magazines were in this battle together with Khabrain. For reference see Refutation: Only Khabrain reported Yusuf Kazab Case.

The Honorable Judge acknowledged in his verdict that evidence in this case was oral in nature. In his verdict, he accepted the complainant’s word against Mr. Ali’s. He praised the complainant’s religious organization, on record, and gave them credit for bringing provisions of blasphemy law in the Pakistan Penal Code. He nullified the statement of Mr. Ali issued in his defense by calling him Kazzab–a Great Liar.

This statement has been specially and purposefully included to prove the fact that The Honorable Judge was biased against Yusuf Kazab.

Mr. Ali testified during the trial[citation needed] that according to Islamic beliefs all human beings are representative of God Almighty and all Muslims should also strive to be a representative of Prophet Muhammad. He advocated that to gain human excellence all human-beings should respect each other and live life according to examples set by their great leaders such as Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses, Mahatama Buddha, etc. Mr. Ali admitted that he himself lives life according to teachings, examples and guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, strives to fulfill his mission, and considers himself his humble and true representative.[citation needed] However, the judge deduced that the last statement amounts to indirectly committing blasphemy.[citation needed] He declared Mr. Ali an infidel, an apostate, liable to death, and sentenced him to 35 years of rigorous imprisonment on several counts to be followed by death.

The last two sentences in this paragraph are such a blatant lie, that we are shocked to our core. Yusuf Kazab was not declared an apostate on the basis of this statement alone, but on the basis of irrefutable evidence presented before the court. One such piece of evidence was a “Certificate of Khilafat”. Yusuf Kazab produced a certificate in the court stating that he recieved this certificate directly from the Holy Prophet SAW. When inquired by the prosecution lawyers about the means of the certificate Yusuf stated that a Sufi saint from Karachi Abdullah Shah Ghazi sent him this certificate. The certificate was written in English and typed on a Computer. It is worth noting that Abdullah Shah Ghazi died 300 years back. Yusuf Kazab stated that he received this certificate from Abdullah Shah Ghazi while he was in Islamabad. A closer examination of the certificate revealed that Yusuf Kazab had used (Suwad) an arabic character which is a short form written in place of SAW on his name. However, he erased the (Suwad) before producing the certificate in Court. Even after erasure, the (Suwad) was visible on his name.

Yusuf Kazab was a liar par excellence and was declared to be a Blasphemer on the basis of overwhelming evidence. People who are trying to prove him innocent are either spell bound by Zaid Hamid, too innocent, absolutely incapable of conducting thorough examination of their own, or at the worst – themselves a followers of Yusuf Kazab and his Khalifa Zaid Hamid.

3 comments on “ALERT: Zaid Hamid Brigade Invades Wikipedia

  1. Junaid says:

    Wikipedia invasion ? U can go and change as well 🙂 this is how wikipedia works, provide me links and we can together change the entry.

  2. Amen Ibrahim says:

    Provide me detailed information and I will post it on wikipedia as well. This is how a community works. Right? We must place the content on wikipedia as ZAID HAMID’s team is removing or blocking the content and even reporting links to the content against zaid hamid as abusive in facebook.

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