A minor victory but the struggle continues…

“Verily truth has come and falsehood perished and falsehood is bound to perish”– Alhamdollilah Zaid Hamid has himself released the video which we had in our possession and our team had made public clips of it. This video proves our point of view that Zaid Hamid did have a deep link with Yousf Kazzab, a fact which he completely denied previously. The purpose of Mulana Jalalpuris book ‘Rahbar ki roop ma Rahzan’ is complete.

First of all we would like to make it clear that Zaid Hamid never would have released this video on his own. He just did it save his face after we started to air clips from it. Our friend who made this video from his Nokia Cell phone was threatened for the past 1 ½ month by Zaids supporters.

Day before yesterday Zaid Hamid personally called that friend, who is a 2nd year medical student, and said “I warn you and I threaten you…If you release that video there will be bloodshed”. When our comrade told him that the video is out then he had another meeting with his challas (according to our sources) and then decided to make that video public. We make it very clear that the video was leaked not published. Neither is it made to be released. He himself instructs in that video not to have it made public.

The other fact about the video is that it is 58 min clip. Zaids video shows 68 min. The audio he shows is 48 min. I haven’t seen the video on takmeel.pk except for first 4 min. If there is some problem with the video I will Inshallah make a note and publish it.

This is a minor victory, but we should remember that the greater struggle is still there. This fight has now taken new dynamics as now the discussion will be more focused on Yousf Kazzab case. I also think that Zaid Hamid will no longer complain that these people have not met me as he has already made public what he had to say. I will talk to Hazrat Mulana Jallal puri sahib tomorrow inshallah and discuss this. He is already working on a booklet on Yousf Kazzab. All the arguments given in this video are false.

What makes me wonder is that why on earth are official Jihadi groups i.e Lashkar e Taiyyaba and Jaish e Muhammad supporting Zaid Hamid. They claim to do jihad and support some one who attacks the aqeeda of Khatm e Nabuwat. They support some one who abuses the Ulema publicly. In my sight they are nothing more than mercenaries.

I also draw attention to the fact that Zaid Hamid has the ISIs and establishments full support. There providing support to a mulhid is not such a surprise, but what is sad is that our people still harbor expectations from these tyrants.

Brothers and sisters when ever you come across a fitna, then struggle against it. Allah will give you victory. Look we were so few in number. Just Zaid Hamid’s paid staff is twice our size (20-25 according to our sources). But Allahs nusrah came and today the entire nation is with us.

When we fight fitnas we should always keep in mind that it is a part of a greater struggle for shariah. This is because it is hypocrites like Zaid Hamid who make a Jammah which then fights Khilafah and the movement for shariah.

I will keep you all updated on any latest developments inshallah.

Talha Saad
Published Date: 04-March-2010

Document (English|pdf): a-minor-victory-but-the-struggle-continues

12 comments on “A minor victory but the struggle continues…

  1. zari says:

    wats the title of the video at takmeel.pl?

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Zari

    Unfortunately, we can’t provide you video links on their website. You have to search on your own.

  3. Dear Talha Bhai,

    I am Alhamdulillah working with Aalmi majlis Khatm e Nubuwwat at lahore. I was working against Zaid Zaman for last 3 months and I am really shocked to read that you are saying that Jaish e Muhammad (S.A.W) is supporting Zaid Zaman.

    I am not opposing you. But have you got any evidence that Jaish is supporting him ? have you seen or found that is any official of Jaish is supporting Zaid?

  4. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Affan Farooqi

    Asslamaualaikum wa rahmatullah,

    There is a dilemma in our country that unfortunately, agencies are using good organization to do their dirty work at a low-level to give momentum to some of their absurd goals which are un-islamic.

    What became APPARENT while following up the functions of Zaid Hamid is that the security was provided at a ‘low level’ by these Jihadi organizations. It is indirectly equivalent to giving support or showing support to the least, without realizing it.

    We are not saying that these Organization are DIRECTLY supporting Zaid Hamid, but what we are saying is that INDIRECTLY at a low level, agencies are using them to give momentum to this false movement, by asking them to give security, which has in turn confused many sincere Muslims. Sincere Organization, should even keep away from giving any sort of INDIRECT support as well. [After explaining, many things have changed now, and we expect some good moral support from such Organization in the form of statements in support of Aalmi majlis Khatm e Nubuwwat.]

    Also, if you’d notice in the latest video, Zaid Hamid has already misused this indirect security support, by claiming that Top Jihadi Organizations are with him. This is what we want from these Organizations not to be doing.

    To understand a direct interaction, please read here:

    Hope, this clarification suffices. Insha’Allah.

    We pray that Allah helps you with your efforts and reward you.

    Note: This reply is not from Talha

  5. Muzamil says:

    my question is whether if zaid hamid is wrong in yusuf kazab’s case then shud we listen to him to know abt the muslim history????
    is the history told by him is true???

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Muzamil

    Zaid Hamid beside the case of Yousuf Kazzab, is already a master of distortion of History. He is not even a Historian? So what makes you trust him in the first place?

    If we just start writing about his lies, in all TV show and speeches, the blog will overflow.

    It is better now that you stick and enhance your knowledge of Islam and Muslims from authentic sources, which is far better, than getting deceived once again.

  7. Ahsan says:

    Our brother who made this website and those who gather and collected evidences have done such a great JOB MashALLAh that only ALLAH knows its ajer…

    Brother Abu Muhammad Allah bless you more wisdom and courage …Remember you are not alone..All God fearing and Lover of Prophet Muhammad Sal ALLAh Ho Alahye wasalam are with you and all the team..

    ALLAH Hu Akbar..Our Lord is the GREATEST..

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ahsan

    Jazakallah Khair for your appreciations and prayers. May Allah give you the good deeds for it and give you better in here and hereafter.

    Don’t forget to remember us in your sincere prayers.


  9. JazakALLAH for your reply bhai…..

    “Issue Security from Mujahideen”

    This was the main thing which compels me to ask the above question.
    Brother Jaish e Muhammad (S.A.W) is not supporting him at any level. This is a propaganda of some of Zaid Hamid’s Team members who are ex-members of Jihadi Jamats. I have my self talked to many officials who clearly deny his support and ideology.

    The security with him is not from Jaish. But people very close to him (like Imad ud din who are no more with mujahid Jamats claim that Zaid is having support of MUJAHIDEEN)

  10. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Affan Farooqi


    Jazakallah for dropping by and clarifying this issue further for us. It is very much appreciated.

  11. AbuAbdulrehman says:

    I can categorically assure , that no jihadi Group is supporting ZH , I have personally met the leaders of both JEM and LET , initially when zh’s was not controversial he had fans from all proportions of community and organizations,there were some practicing young volunteers who provided security as they had seen in jihadi programs , they created a replica because being inspired by mujaheddin… it was not any sort of official or unofficial , or agency manipulated low intensity support..that’s for sure ,

  12. Zia says:

    This is official website for newspaper by Jaish e Mohammad; please visit and request them to issue their official statement on Zaid Hamid just like Jamat Dawa did.


    These websites are also from Jaish:


    Please visit and contact webmasters for official statement of Jaish.

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