Zaid Hamid Confirms He Was The Khalifa Of Yusuf Kazab [Video]

During the past year or so, where ever Zaid Hamid used to go he was confronted with one simple question. “Are you the same “Zaid Zaman Hamid” who was the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab ?. The Zaid Zaman Hamid who became famous for defending his false prophet both inside and outside the court. The Zaid Zaman Hamid who was the first Ummati of Yusuf Kazab, and the most dedicated preacher of this false prophet.

However, Zaid Hamid always used to deflect the question or outrightly lie about his relationship with Yusuf Kazab. His most common answer used to be – I have done more than 200 programs, have you seen anything against Prophet Muhammad SAW in my talks. But this was not what the questioners used to ask, they only wanted to know if he was the same person or not ? When pressed hard, Zaid Hamid at some occasions did stated that he had no relations with Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani or any other False Prophet.

However, now suddenly he has come out defending Yusuf Kazab – trying to make a mockery of the court proceedings that declared Yusuf Ali to be Kazab and blasphemous by evaluating a stock pile of evidence, which included Yusuf’s own claims that he was Khalifa e Azam and the testimonies of Yusuf’s followers – who even within the court thought that Yusuf was in fact Muhammad SAW (such was the state of brainwashing of these poor souls).

The latest videos released by members of zaidhamidexposition team conclusively establishes the following facts:

  • “Zaid Hamid” is the same “Zaid Zaman Hamid” – who was the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab. This has now been accepted by Zaid Hamid himself, he states in the video “Yusuf ke Barey mein .. Yes I knew Yusuf, Lots of people knew Yusuf, I knew Yusuf since 1992. I met him in Karachi.”
  • Zaid Hamid is still defending Yusuf Kazab, which proves beyond doubt that he still believes in the preachings and Aqaids of Yusuf Kazab. Yusuf held the view that he was Muhammad SAW, since the Rooh of Muhammad SAW is now in his body. Zaid Hamid does not consider this to be a claim of prophethood, which in other words means that he holds the same believe – that is why Yusuf is still not a Kazab to him.

Watch the video created by zaidhamidexposition team proving Zaid Hamid’s lies with the help of historical and current video clippings.

For historical referencing we are embedding some of the videos in which Zaid Hamid was asked about his relations with Yusuf Kazab.

4 comments on “Zaid Hamid Confirms He Was The Khalifa Of Yusuf Kazab [Video]

  1. Dear Brother Haq.

    We are only a handful of people, due to which we have to work day and night. Inshallah we will soon be launching a full fledge campaign in which other brothers could participate.

    The need of the hour is to spread the truth to the farthest corners of the earth as quickly as possible. For the time being, please join our Facebook page and invite all your friends to join the page. If you do so, we believe you would already have played a small part in this effort. Jazak Allah

    • haq says:

      hmmm inshallah i would surely… u r not a hand ful of people.. i deny ur this thinking bcoz u know ALLAh tala ALLah k farishtay or ALLah tala k tamam mehboob banday aap loogoon k saath hain….
      n i m ur sister in islam …merey laaiq koi khidmat ho to zaaroor yaad karien … alahamdulillah i m only afraid of ALLAh n have full faith on him… baqi dunia ki koi shae merey faith ko hilaa nahi sakti…. my email id is already wd u .. u can contact
      jazak ALLahu khairan..

  2. haq says:

    Excellent work mashallah… i m wd u brothers in islam…..bohat ziada duaien aap loogon k liye ALLAh aap ko apnay hifz o aman mai rakhay .. ameen suma ameen

  3. Kashif says:

    I don’t think that you are handful people. All the Pakistani Nation and Muslims are with you. Keep it up.
    Jazak Allah.

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