The Truth About Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case

During Yusuf Kazab’s court trial, Zaid Hamid left no stone unturned, he moved from corner to post, travelled the length and breadth of the country to gather support from Ulema e Karam in favor of Yusuf Kazab. However, he failed in all his efforts. His defense proceedings within the court also suffered a death blow, when the Session Court declared Yusuf Kazab guilty of Blasphemy and ordered him to be hanged to death.

However, even the final verdict of the Sessions Court didnt stopped Zaid Hamid – being a truely die hard Ummati of Yusuf Kazab, Zaid Hamid resorted to a maligned media campaign. Zaid Hamid published an article in DAILY DAWN on 13th of August 2000 calling the verdict of Sessions Court to be a death of justice.

Facing with such utter falsification of facts, Mohammad Ismeel Qureshy – a Senior Advocate of Supreme Court, who was the lawyer of the prosecution wrote a Forward to a Book “Truth About Yusuf Ali Blasphemy Case”. The idea was to bring the entire facts of the case in front of the public so that Zaid Hamid could not misguide innocent people into believing that his prophet Yusuf Kazab was falsely accused and punished.

The entire foreword is being reproduced here, without alteration. However, we have inserted our comments to explain a certain things within the foreword. The comments where ever present are enclosed in square brackets [This is a sample comment, you would see such comments in the foreword too].


Truth About Yusuf Ali Blasphemy Case

First I was reluctant to offer my comments on the exhaustive judgment of the learned Sessions Judge Lahore Mian Mohammad Jahangir dated 05-8-2000, whereby he has awarded death sentence to Yusuf Ali for offence of contempt of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as he had claimed to have attained the last and final stage of the Prophethood after his return from the holy city Madina-i-Munuwwarrah. Alongwith death penalty the convict has been punished for committing the heinous crime of fraud and forgery in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He is punished also for degrading the sublime status of Ahl-i-Bait (AS) and Sehaba (RA). Secondly I avoided to make comments as I am the part of the judgment and my book “Namoos-i-Rasool & Qanooni-Tauheen-i-Risalat” has been referred again and again by the convict in his statement before the trial court. In the meanwhile a so called Sahabi of the convict namely Z.Z. Hamid [Zaid Zaman Hamid] expressed his opinion about the judgment in Daily Dawn’s issue of 13th August 2000 and stooped down to the lowest level of mischief by calling the judgment as to be murder of justice and presented the convict as a benevolent and honourable Sufi Scholar of Islam [Zaid Hamid’s Daily DAWN article]. The remarks about the judgment show the shallowness of legal knowledge of the writer. The facts stated by him amounted to travesty of truth. Similarly the Daily News of Lahore of the same date published statement of the convict, which is distortion of the true version of the case.

This malacious campaign prompted once close associate of the convict, Janab Arshad Qureshi, a learned scholar, who belongs to Qadriah Sufic lineage, to publish the judgment of the learned Sessions Judge in a book form, so that the public should see the convict in his true colours through this historic judgment, so he approached me with a request to write a foreword for this book which is under print. The compiler of the present book is also author of the book ‘Fitna-i-Yusuf Kazzab’ in three volumes.

In view of the convict’s unfair continuous campaign not only against the trial judge, but also against myself and my panel consisting. of eminent lawyers; Sardar Ahmed Khan, Mr. M. lqbal Cheema, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry, Mr. Yaqoob Ali Qureshi and Mian Sabir Nishtar Advocate, I thought it necessary to make it clear to the public at large by writing this foreword that half truth is more dangerous than the naked falsehood. The judges cannot defend their own decisions but can speak through their judgements, so the matter which is concerned with the court, the court will take notice of that contemptuous matter, but I will deal only with the character assassination of the complainant’s lawyers through certain section of the Press. So far as the conduct and character of the convict is concerned, he has proved himself through his own documents produced in the court to be such a big fraud that human mind could have ever conceived before the latest mechanical devices.

He (Yusuf Kazab) has submitted a document which has been exhibited as DL by the trial court and is also part of this book as Schedule 1. About this document he claimed that it was certificate directly sent to him by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) declaring him to be Khalifa-i-Aazam. According to admission in the cross examination by me all the Prophets were appointed as Khalifas i.e. vicegerents of God on earth and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is Khalifa-i-Azam, chief vicegerent, so by virtue of this certificate, now he is Khalifa-i-Azam on earth. He further admitted in the cross examination that neither one of four Caliphs was holding the high office of Khalifa-i-Azam. In an answer to the question he said this certificate of Khalifa-i-Azam from the Holy Prophet was sent to him by a saint of Karachi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi through the medium of computer on his letter pad. It is interesting to note that the said saint of Karachi had died 300 years ago. In the said certificate which is in English, the convict has been addressed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as Khalifa-e-Azam. Hazrat Imam AI-Sheik Abu A.H. Muhammod Yusuf Ali . In the said certificate the convict has been declared that his knowledge is all encompassing and his wisdom is supreme. In explanation of this declaration the convict said that he is commentator of Holy Quran. He knows all about Hadees and Fiqh. He is master of Tassawwuf and also knows all the worldly sciences. In order to testify his all encompassing knowledge and wisdom, I cross examined him in regard to his religious Knowledge and put questions relating to modern scientific research. I would like to mention here that the convict has stated in the court that he has been receiving all the messages direct from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) either in Arabic or English. I asked him the connotation of Quranic word “Taqwa”, but he was unable to answer. I asked him the meaning of “amplitude” and “resurrection”, the words on the top of the certificate of Khalifa-i-Azam, but he miserably failed to tell the simple meanings of these words. He was unable to tell even the names of six authentic books of Hadees (Sihah Sittah), known and respected all over the muslim world after the Holy Quran. He has no knowledge of a very famous Hadees of Madinatul Ilm in respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Ali (RA) despite his claim of being AI-i-Rasool, descendant of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), whereas he is Bhatti by caste according to his school ccrtificate. His name was Yusuf Ali according to school & college certificates and service record (Schedule II). He added “Mohammad” after retirement with malacious design to doge and defraud people for getting huge amount and property worth millions of rupees by means of deception in the name of the Holy Prophct (PBUH). These facts have been proved by his own admissions and admitted documents. Kindly see the judgment. He claims to have deeply studied Iqbal , but quite unaware of his six lectures and does not know the meaning of his phraseology in his poetry, nor could he explain philosophy of “Khudi” i.e. Ego propounded by Iqbal [Similar to Yusuf Kazab, his first Ummati Zaid Hamid also portrays himself as a devoted Student of Allama Iqbal]. His claim to be associated with Maulana Maududi is absolutely false and denied by Jamat-i-Islami. Similarly he does not know ABC of modern science and failed to answer for what DNA stands for. The word he used in his own statement before the court. In furtherance of his notorious plan he claimcd himself to be the Director General of World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a worldwide organization with its Headquarter at Jeddah and offices throughout the world. I have been associate member of this organization, so when I immediately contacted its Secretary General Dr. Manch-Al-Johani who replied by very urgent fax to me that any person by name of Yusuf Ali is not known to WAMY, nor was he ever appointed as Director General. In the said Ietter it has been clearly stated that if the said Yusuf Ali prodeced any document or any other material to prove his claim, it shall be regarded untrue and false. The Secretary General WAMY authorizcd me to take of legal and lawful action to get him punished. The said letter was produced in the court and it is also attached as Schedule III. The convict was not contended with this forgery, so he upgraded himself as Ambassador from Saudi Arabia to Cyprus lind posed himself as His Excellency in group photo (Schedule IV) with late Chief Justice Hamoodur Rehman and Justice (R) Muhammad Afzal Cheema, who denied to be acquainted with any such His Excellency on my telephone call from Islamabad . This fact may also be verified from Justice Cheema.

The convict denied in his statement that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani is known to him; but as a matter of fact, he has adopted the same methodology of his predecessor in interest Mirza of Qadyan, a planted agent of British imperialism, who first appeared as reformer, then he claimed himself to be Mehdi. Concept of Medhi is ingrained in the minds of muslim as Saviour. Then he declared himself to be the Christ, who is also being awaited to come down from the heavens to defeat the forces of evil. After strengthening himself with the coercive Powers of British Government he finally announced to be the reappearance of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and according to dictates of his masters abolished Jehad which was permanent lurking danger of toppling their Govt. This so called attainment did not satisfy his devilish desire, so he claimed to be the superior to the last Prophet of Islam (PBUH). It is pertinent to state that the law of Blasphemy of the Holy Prophet was abrogated by the Britishers after usurping the powers from Muslim rulers of India, while the law of blasphemy was in force in England at that time in 19th century and still it is on the statute book.  Despite the fact that the law of blasphemy was abrogated in India by British Govt. and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed had full Governmental support for his new religion in the guise of Islam, he could not face the wrath of Muslims of India for his false claim. So in his book Hamamalul Bushra published in 1311 Hijra i.e, 1893 A.D. (Schedule V) he clearly stated (at page 46, which is also placed as exhibit in the court) that after appearance of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), the doors of prophet hood had been closed for all the times to come; but after reassurance of his ruling masters that iron hand of the British Govt. would crush down any religious movement against him he again  proclaimed that anyone who disbelieve him is out of pale of Islam. This announcement was made in his Maktoobat published in the month of March 1906 (Schedule VI) copy of the same is attached as part of the record of the trial court.

With this background, the convict Yusuf Ali followed the footsteps of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and proved himself by oral and documentary evidence that he is true successor in interest of his predecessor impostor. First he (Yusuf Ali) approached to the religious ‘quarter as preacher of Islam, then as Mard-e-Kamil, thereafter as Imam-al-Waqt i.e. Mehdi, the next step after Mehdi was declaring himself as Khalifa-i-Azam. We have already given details of self upgrading. He’ then claimed himself to be the Holy Prophet (PBUH) before the followers in the basement named as Ghar-i-Hira. Like Ghulam Ahmed Mirza he was also not satisfied with this so called claim therefore finally in order to show himself greater than the last Prophet of Allah (PBUH) he declared that 1400 years back the Holy Prophet was on duty; but in the present times he has attained the perfection and finality of prophethood by beauty. In support of this mischievous and outraging claim of the convict the prosecution produced 14 witnesses out of them Brigd. (R) Dr. Mohammad Aslam PWI, Muhammad Akram Rana PW2, Muhammad Ali Abu’Bakar PW3 from Karachi Hafiz Muhammad Mumtaz Awan, PW4 Mian Muhammad Awais PW5 from Lahore who deposed direct eye witnesses account of convict’s claim of being Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with perfection of beauty. There is no enmity with these witnesses of social and religious status. On the other hand they were blind followers and particularly Muhammad Ali Abu Bakar was so closed that he was given title of Abu Bakar Siddique for compliance with the allegiance of top most surrender to his convict master. This devotee had paid money worth millions by cheques and drafts from Karachi and constructed well furnished palace for him with Ghar-i-Hira therein. The facts of receiving money in cash through cheques & drafts had not been denied by the convict. He was awarded the title of his Sahabi as Siddique for surrendering all his property in favour of his so called prophet. In this way he has entraped the innoccent people in the name of the Holy Prophet and left them as destitute people. When he saw the wrath of muslim populus against him, he denied the claim just like Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani in order to save his neck. The denial was deceitful misinterpreting the sacrcd words ‘Muhammad’ ‘AAI-e-Rasool’ and ‘Sahabah’ as apparent on the face of record.

I will recommend the reader to critically examine the statement of the accused and my cross examination alongwith the documents produced by the convict. I hope and believe that this will expose the convict and his false claims.

Without being apologetic I have proud privilege to say that I am the first to revive punishment of contempt of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in Pakistan after its creation as muslim state but it is significant to note that this judgment in accordance with this law will dispel all doubts of non muslim communities in Pakistan and abroad, particularly the Govemments of Europe and USA that the law of blasphemy of Islam is not to victimize the non muslim, Christian or Qadyani or any other religious community and no non muslim has been convicted under this law so far due to strict observance of law of evidence. Yusuf Ali, a muslim committed the gross and grave contempt of the Holy Prophet to defraud and deceive people with ulterior motive to grab thc money and property of the innocent people by entrapping them in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and this evil design of big fraud and forgery would have continued, had he not been brought to books under this law which uphold the dignity of man and holy personage in accord with charter of Human Rights. Moreover this law of blasphemy is not only against the contemner of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but also against the contemners of all the Prophets of Scriptures. There is punishment for disrespect to all the recognized leaders of other religions as well.


26-Rachna Block,

Iqbal Town Lahore.

August 30, 2000

Mohammad Ismeel Qureshy

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court .


  1. Zaid Hamid himself admits that he defended Yusuf Kazab in the court. See Zaid Hamid Admits His Links to Yusuf Kazab and Defends Him.
  2. Zaid Hamid in his DAILY DAWN article claims that there was nothing objectionable in the cassettes. This is absolutely untrue. Zaidhamidexposition will soon release the entire Speech of Yusuf Kazab delievered at Bait e Raza to the public. The general public would be shocked to hear that Yusuf Kazab not only claimed to be Muhammad SAW but also claimed to be Allah, because according to him Allah and Muhammad SAW are one and the same thing.
  3. Zaid Hamid in his DAILY DAWN article admits himself that he was at all times present in the court room. His exact words are “I was present in the courtroom to assist the defence lawyers.”
  4. Zaid Hamid claims in his DAILY DAWN article that the witnesses against Yusuf Kazab were all followers of a pir. This is not true, since the prosecution lawyers produced not one, not two but 14 eye witnesses of Yusuf Kazab’s claim that he is Muhammad SAW. Out of these 14 eye witnesses, 5 were followers of Yusuf Kazab. These 5 followers even during the court proceedings believed that Yusuf Kazab was in fact Muhammad SAW.
  5. Yusuf Kazab himself admitted that he is Khalifa-e-Azam and the only person to be Khalifa-e-Azam before him was Muhammad SAW. He mentioned that even the four Khalifa namely Abu Bakar Siddiq RA, Umar Farooq RA, Usman bin Affan RA, and Ali bin Al Khattab RA were not Khalifa-e-Azam.
  6. Yusuf Kazab produced the certificate of being declared Khalifa-e-Azam. The certificate was written in english and according to his claim was send to him by Abdullah Shah Ghazi, a sufi saint from Karachi – who passed away 300 years ago.
  7. The Khalifa-e-Azam certificate stated that Yusuf Kazab’s knowledge is all encompassing. Yusuf Kazab himself claimed to be a mufassir, sufi and alim of the highest order. However, on cross examination, it was revealed that he didnt even knew the names of the Sihah e Sitta – the six authentic books of Ahadees.
  8. In his DAILY DAWN article Zaid Hamid calls Yusuf Kazab to be one of the greatest living sufi’s, a staunch Muslim and a scholar of the Holy Quran. However, this greatest scholar of Islam didn’t even knew the names of the books of Ahadees.

Download the Original “The Truth About Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case” document.

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  1. Maxime Maximilien says:

    Urdu translation of the Foreword (Truth About Yusuf Ali Blasphemy Case) by Ismaail Quraishi Advocate is as under:

    Daily Jasarat – November 21, 2008

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  3. […] The evidences presented in the court together with the eye witnesses were so impeccable that Yusuf Kazab was the first person in the history of Pakistan to be declared guilty of committing the heinous crime of Blasphemy. For reference see The Truth About Yusuf Kazab Blasphemy Case. […]

  4. laraib says:

    Allah Tala zaleel-o-ruswa kare do jahano main jhooti nabuwat ke dawedaron aur unke manne walon ko

  5. […] In 2010, I came to know of this name through Kashif Hafeez’s blog Kashifiat. Kashif Hafeez is a columnist at the Ummat Newspaper, Karachi’s well known Urdu newspaper often considered to be ‘right leaning’ or ‘Islamist leaning.’ He posted on March 6 and 7, 2010 two of his Ummat’s columns (Part 1 and Part 2) about Zaid Hamid and his concerns regarding his connection with a person named Yusuf Ali. […]

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    Allah Apna azab musallat karay en jaise kafroon pe ameeen

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