Meet Hesham A Syed – An Eye Witness Of Yusuf Kazab's Claim Of Prophethood

Hesham A Syed was amongst several persons who got acquainted with Yusuf Kazab. Fortunately due to his strong understanding of religion and help of Allah Subhan ahu Tala, he managed to escape the spell of Yusuf Kazab. Hesham wrote a detailed narrative of his several meetings with Yusuf Kazab, some of which were held at Zaid Zaman Hamid’s flat in Rawalpindi.

We will now cut short the introduction and let you read first hand what Hesham A Syed – an eye witness of Yusuf Kazab’s claims has to say about Yusuf Kazab and Zaid Zaman Hamid. In order to aid your reading, we have highlighted the most important parts of the narrative. So even if you don’t feel the urge to read the whole narrative, just read the highlighted parts to get an essence of Yusuf Kazab’s claims and Zaid Hamid’s associations with him.


Cults in the Muslim World.

A few facts about Yusuf Ali (Lahore) who claimed himself to be the continuity of Muhammed ( saw ) but was assassinated in Adwala jail in Rawalpindi Pakistan by one of Sipah Sahaba member imprisoned with him in the same jail in 2000.

[ Based on personal meeting and observations made by Hesham A Syed ]

1. For those who do not know me , let me first give you my brief back ground :

My professional qualification is of Engineering and of Business & Project Management – I have been setting up Business and Industrial Projects and managing many reputed Trade and Industrial Companies and Financial institution in senior most management positions in different part of the world beside Pakistan .I have carried out self driven studies on literature , science , socio political culture , economics and almost all religions as well as of various cults around the world. Beside a deep rooted religious environment I had inherited ,I have embraced Islam with all my consciousness and of course with the Taufiq and Hidayat of Allah ( swt ), as the only course in life to follow .The love of Allah ( swt ) and His Prophets or Messengers specially the foremost , supreme most and final most Muhammed ( saw ) and for all those who have this tie and link called Wali-Allah is impregnated in me .This is again Allah’s ( swt ) bounty and blessing and I will never like to compromise on this at any cost with all my humility and thankfulness to Him alone – Alhamdo li Allah and Ashkar Allah.

I am a writer , poet and a free lance journalist also.

I have no formal association or affiliation with any religious or non religious or political party or any agency – I write and express myself independantly and truthfully on any subject.


1.I met Yusuf Ali when I was living in Lahore and working as a General Manager with PEL + PAL the two industries of Saigols group in 1994.

2. I met him through the courtesy of JZ .

3. Yusuf Ali came to JZ house where I met him for the first time – We sat on a dining table – Along with him were another Pakistani person ( I was told he is settled in Norway if I remember correctly ) and a Pakistani girl ( I forgot both of their names ).

In the first meeting itself Yusuf after a casual introduction , discussed Sufism and told me that his status as of that day was of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani ( rahama alaih ) commonly known as Ghausul Azam. { Later I learnt his [Yusuf Kazab’s] strides made him excel even Muhammed ( saw ) }. He recited one of his English poem to me possibly knowing about my poetic inclination and we talked about love of Prophet ( saw ) then he told me that “ I like to congratulate you that You ( Hesham Ahmed Syed ) will meet Muhammed ( saw ) in person , physically with your open eyes just like you are seeing ME now ” . {Quite honestly I felt that very moment that he is actually telling me that he is Muhammed (saw )– My sixth sense , fire wall and virus protection or filter to such a claim started working simultaneously and I could only reply to him – “Thanks to Allah ( swt ), if that is what is destined ”– How ever I felt uncomfortable also that why he has to push himself to prove his importance so much because this was an impression unlike of all the genuine Wali-Allah and Saints I have read about and known in person among the Soofi clan – I also felt a bit disappointed that he made a wrong assessment or evaluation of me }.

I found out later , that this was his most affective trick to pull people in to his clan or group – Muslim in general out of their love to Muhammed ( saw ) have been and can be wrongly exploited emotionally until and unless a balance state of mind prevails and one is disciplined to think every thing rationally and in light of the teachings of Muhammed (saw) ie Quran and Sunnah or Hadeeth – Emotional attachment to Muhammed ( saw ) is the most powerful tool to be used to inculcate and propagate positive attributes in a human being but Satanic people also have used it for their vested interest.( Afraat aur Tafreet doanoaN hee khatarnaak hathiaar haiN MuslamanoaN ko gumraah karney key liey – Afraat is making Muhammed ( saw ) as Allah ( swt ) Himself and Tafreet is lowering his status given by Allah – Baad az Khuda buzurg Tooyee Qissa Mukhtasar.

A distinction between the Creator and Created , an Atta vs Moatee has to be clearly understood.

4. Further meetings with Yusuf Ali also was arranged obviously on his instruction to JZ in Lahore and I also reciprocated with kind wishes to him and with the idea to exchange views to put things on right track , learn and make him learn but he had his own bent of mind and would not listen to any other point of view but his own self. I also visited his small house ( prior to his moving to Defense housing society which I was told was an expensive buy out with electronics gadgets etc fixed in it for surveillance etc – wa-Allah o alam ). Later meetings took place one time in Karachi on some one house I did not know where there was a big crowd and a few meetings took place with him in ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] apartment in Rawalpindi.

The crowd of young or middle aged , Men or Women , Students , Married or Non married gathered in such meeting in the same room , I found them seated there and looking at him under a magical spell and I have also seen male members kissing his hands bowing in front of him and Male or Female prayed behind him as if they were praying behind Muhammed ( saw ) – this feeling was confided in me by one of his mureed or devotee.

5. Twice Yusuf met me in isolation , in a room as he desired , one time when I met him in Karachi and one time at ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] apartment in Rawalpindi – where he told me that I should give him 25 lakhs of rupees ( which was a whole some of money in 199 4 or 1995 ) and in return he will make me meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically – He would read some thing on sweets he kept with him blow on it and ask me to eat and I would gladly eat it reciting BismiAllah without any fear with the conviction that nothing will go wrong to me as long as Allah ( swt ) is protecting me. How ever I wanted to experience all this out of my curiosity and wanted to know more in depth of this new Cult in the making.

# To pull me on his side in private meetings he told me that Muhammed ( saw ) has asked him ( Yusuf ) to take special care of me and serve me well – He further said to me that I ( Hesham ) was already at Sidratul Muntahaa and only one step will take me to Miraaj to meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically and all this one step was minimum 25 lakhs of rupees to be given to Yusuf { interesting trade off isn’t it ? . I was amazed of his audacity and for the first time in my life I was faced with a situation where spiritual upbringing or elevation or transcending was being traded – Muhammed ( saw ) all his life struggled , and delivered Allah’s message selflessly with all the humility and modesty , never asked any one in return of his blessings & services he offered to all without any discrimination and have always been at the giving end–and now what sort of re-incarnation was this ? }.

# He also indicated to me that I excel spiritually in the entire group even from ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] ,and I will have a higher status than any one in his group if I walk in. He also told me to have one room exclusively reserved for him in my house as his core devotees did , so that he could come and stay there , carry out private meetings or may be use it as another Ghaarey Hira ,wa-Alla ho alam. I have never mentioned these private conversations Yusuf carried out with me ever before to ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] or JZ or to any one in his group till if they read it now. Even if I did it would not have changed any of them as they were completely possessed – And may be because what ever he said about my spiritual status did not make any sense to me and I preferred to continue living as an obedient servant of Allah ( swt ) and as a devotee and a true lover of Muhammed ( saw ) whose respect and integrity has always meant to me more than my life.

# He also mentioned to me that his wife is the most beautiful woman he has seen , how ever it is over flowing love for all devotees and if any woman on her own offers herself to me how can I help { I quite did not understand this at that time specially from a person who happens to be claiming of such a high spiritual caliber or status to the extent of presenting himself as Muhammed ( saw ) to his sahabaas or devotees / mureed of-course – For me such a thing was not even conceived even by any normal person with basic moral standard }.

# All what I was experiencing was like a child play to me , amazing and frustrating at the same time that how can this disillusioned person misguide so many apparently educated male and female around him as his devotees but the answer is simple – Hidayat is minAllah and most of these people were engulfed due to their love of Prophet ( saw ) and not having a proper guide or Murshid to them to put them back on right track.

6.The demand of such Nazrana or Gift or a price to meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically started right in Lahore during my initial meeting itself – otherwise he said to know the Haqeeqat it requires a few lakhs of recitation of Durood o Salam which would have taken ages , so a pay off to him was the payment meaning to Muhammed ( saw ) himself – What a mockery and insult this was to our beloved Prophet ( saw ) – A complete paradox and contrast to Muammed ( saw ) personal attributes – AstghfarAllah.

# In Lahore, first he demanded a fully loaded Toyota Car and later he switched to buying a house for him in Defense Housing Scheme – He also showed me a few land papers a few of his devotees had given to him to prove their devotion to Muhammed ( saw ) or to him in pursuit of the Haqeeqat he wanted to reveal.

On one occasion in Lahore he gave me his personal bank account no also in foreign currency account which some how or other I lost , which I regret very much other wise this could have been another proof – may be all this was making me suspicious and I never took him seriously to even save the account no , thanks to Allah ( swt ).

He possibly thought that as I have lived in Saudi Arabia or Gulf countries for many years and have served at higher positions , I must have over flowing bank balance. He would repeatedly ask me of my balance of account but knowing of his intention I would normally avoid to answer this query – he did not realize that an honest person has to live on day to day or month to month basis with the liabilities & family responsibility around him or her.

Never the less , those who had fallen to his prey I was told they did pay for a house for him in Defense in Lahore , and for a fully loaded car and what not I have heard and read about all the non sense to reach Miraaj ie taking him as Muhammed ( saw ) and seeing him means seeing Allah ( swt ) in human uniform – In poetic words , Nazar Aa libaasey majaaz meiN- AstaghfarAllah.

7. His demand of money or substance was not the only thing which was making me suspicious but his knowledge of Islam, Quran , Hadeeth or even of Tasawuff was questionable – Of course he would openly say that all translations and tafseers are wrong and only he knew the Haqeeqat of Allah ( swt ) and Rasool or Muhammed ( saw ) which his devotees will take it for granted and hail him in very high esteem but all this bothered me a great deal and I started parting away from him cautioning others as well. I never found his interpretation or what ever he was saying or writing as a columnist during those days in an Urdu paper Pakistan in Lahore, intellectually stimulating or of any clarity of vision but it was jugglery of words used for deception , neither it was of any caliber of even saintly writing or verses or expression I had and have gone through but I could hear all praises of his knowledge and eloquence from his core devotees.

His core devotees I knew of were like just His Master Voice in thinking and some time adopted even his style of speech , selecting the same pattern of words and sentences.

# A few of his responses to my queries were direct Shirk.- for example while discussing Prophet Issa / Jesus ( pbuh ) with me in a gathering he said that people calling Jesus son of God is wrong but if they called him God it is right and I was shocked to hear this from him and that day only I knew where to he is leading his devotees. The Quran is so clear on the subject but obviously Yusuf had his own Quran or of it’s new interpretation and philosophy to offer.

# Beside, in all this process I was confused , unable to understand or find any Mission or Objective of this new group in making , worth while to be associated with – Why should one take him for Khalifaey Azam or what ever he claimed – what this group is heading for I will always question. All prophets and messengers of Allah ( swt ) had a mission and objective up to the finality of Muhammed ( saw ) , so where was the mission for Yusuf even if one take him as a leader or a person who may revive Daurey Khilafat , other than just throwing spell on others and enjoying the gift by his blind folded devotees or a religious loot through emotional exploitation – The only thing which I was told is that just stick around with Yusuf and be blessed that is a Miraaj itself , and from some corner it was also mentioned that they were preparing for Ghuzwatul Hind as per one of the prophecies of Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) and Yusuf also one time offered greetings to me that I will participate in this Ghuzwah. (possibly till the time he had a hope that I will pay him the whole some amount what he demanded which obviously did not materialize – ashkur Allah ).

# Further more , It gave me also a warning signal as why to gain popularity Yusuf desperately and wrongly propagates his close & long association with Abul Ala Maudoodi , or WAMY or any other political or religious person or institution when he claims to have been given the status of Niabatey Rasool and Khilafte Uzma by the Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) himself through a saint died 300 years ago ie Abdullah Ghazi ( alai rahma ) – What is any body’s status to compare with Muhammed ( saw ) ?

# Let us also ponder that if Muhammed ( saw ) is Allah ( swt ) Himself and Jesus ( pbuh ) or any other prophets carried the personal Noor of Allah in human uniform then why was it not revealed this way – and Quranic revelation + teaching of Muhammed ( saw ) differentiates this – Since when another Wahie than Wahie Matlui and Ghair Matlui was sent to other than Muhammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mutaalib – and is it not a mockery of Allah ( swt ) and His Rasool ( saw ) that they had hidden all this till now and Yusuf and his like before along with their core devotees only could know this Haqeeqat – Was or Is Allah ( swt ) afraid of any one not to reveal this – ( aoozobiAllah ) – What a satanic inclusion and intrusion.

A Quranic verse was referred to prove their point which again was quoted out of context – Those who use Quranic verse from any where and apply any where to suit them without caring for the cause of it’s revelation make blunders in it’s interpretation – I have found this happening with many so called scholars also.

Such an innovation and amalgamation have always been done in other revelations of Allah ( swt ) before Quran ( which is under His direct protection ) , but satanic people will never fail to attempt to create doubts in Quran as well and by interpreting it different and contrary to Muhammed ( saw ) teachings and actions.

# Support of Hadees : I heard from one of Yusuf devotee about a Riwaiyat referred to Abu Huraira( ra ) that he said to a few Sahabas as if he knew this Haqeeqat that Muhammed ( saw ) is the Allah ( swt ) himself but if he said it openly the sahabaas will kill him so he kept it to himself – Can any one imagine the blasphemy this statement or riwaiyat carries to even Abu Hurairah ( ra ) and Muhammed ( saw ) and Allah ( swt ) -This obviously has been fabricated and falls in to the category of Innovative ( Maodou ) Hadees which must be at once rejected than capitalizing on this and creating a fitna or a cult.

8. My inhibitions, and resistance to meet Yusuf demand obviously with the passage of time placed me in a circle outside of him but I continued giving my advices to a few of his devotees I knew , that they have to be careful and cautious – they were following a very dangerous path and this has nothing to do with Islam and Tasawuff . The whole thing was a hoax to me leading to another cult and derailment from the clear path of Islam and against the teaching of our beloved Prophet ( saw ).I did consult a few mature , religious people and even from Soofi clan and they all confirmed my suspicion about him and thought that he could be an Aamil who has acquired a few magical spell to throw it on people and make them his devotees – wa-Allah o alam.

After I moved and settled in Canada – I learnt that a case was filed against him by the Majlisey Tahffuze Nabuwat and I could see Yusuf was heading for the end of his Tasalsul of Muhammed ( saw ) or being at the seat of Khilafate Uzma or Mahdiat. na-ozobiAllah.

9. It may not be out of place to mention that I know parents of ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] and JZ and inlaws of ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] and of their other relations who come from very respectable family and are straight forward practicing Muslims – They showed a lot of concern and anxiety to me to the way Yusuf was misleading their children and family members and Z + J parents in tears requested me to help the situation , so did ZZ’s [Zaid Zaman Hamid’s] father in law told me to counsel them – which I tried and even when I was in Canada and when Yusuf trial was going on in Pakistan I had been writing to ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] & JZ to make Yusuf do Tauba & Istaghfar and submit to Allah ( swt ). I even wrote to ZZ [Zaid Zaman Hamid] what I dreamt about Yusuf which clearly indicated to me that he will face humiliation , insult & will be cursed but no heed was paid to my discourse and the devotees saw floods of Noor in Yusuf even in Jail – One can not change any one’s fate or destiny if he or she does not want to change – Quran says that, “ it is not the eyes only but hearts are blinded as well ’’.

10. The One Missing Link : Hazrat or Murshid of Yusuf : Who was he ?

On my one time visit to Yusuf’s small house in Lahore as mentioned , he told me that he has an associate older to him and he is like a Murshid , Guide and a Messenger to him who has informed Yusuf that now his status has excelled Shaeikh Abdul Qadir Gilanee and much beyond.Yusuf mentioned to me that all such saints like Sheikh Abdul Qadir carried the same Noor in them called Muhammed ( saw ) but now I ( Yusuf ) have been elevated at a higher status. The way Yusuf spoke of this man was like a Murshid or Sheikh to him but yusuf said that his Sheikh has even confirmed that I ( Yusuf ) is of higher status than him.

# I always wondered who was / is , this Man [i.e. The Murshid of Yusuf] ? I never met him – I could not again remember his name – I asked ZZ and JZ about him but they told me not to worry – They said that they have met him , he comes some time but with no introduction , undisclosed and unidentified to many among the visitors. Is he still alive , living where ? Why during the trial he was not mentioned and brought to answer queries made about Yusuf – This could have shed more light on the whole thing. Is he the person who is the main culprit , mislead Yusuf and brought him to face what he eventually did. What sort of influence he still carries among the group members if there are any hidden members left ?

Beside , what is the back ground of Yusuf himself , where are his parents , in laws or any other relation – why they did not come on surface even during the trial and tribulation ?

11. What ever the association I have had with Yusuf ( met him only 5 or 6 times – 2 times in isolation in closed rooms and 4 times in small gathering , never attended his world assembly or any large meeting or his inner core meetings or attended to his sermons given in mosque ), and what ever I have observed , listened from the members of this group it was more of a research project and inquisitiveness for me to dig in if there was any thing special he had to say than I did not know of the philosophy of such cults but to my dismay there was nothing new to me , same old mysterious tales and statements in riddle for any one to keep guessing and conclude what ever he or she wants , an aura or a charisma of the Murshid beyond any doubt and with absolute authority entrusted upon.

# I learnt about Yusuf even more from an audio cassette of his world assembly recently posted at website , read about him in many papers , and knew of his back ground more from his devotees and in such cases the leaders or guides or Peers or Murshids are overly projected and given a status he or she does not posses or importance he or she does not deserve.

Kuch tto hoatey haiN muhabbat meiN junooN ke aasaar

Aur koch loag bhi deewanaa bana deitey haiN.

# Many of his devotees now after his assassination in Jail, I understand have reverted to Islam-Alhamdoli-Allah , Good luck to them and God bless them.

12. What I learnt directly from him and from his devotees and from other reliable sources, the summery of the basic few beliefs of this group were or are as follows :

1. Allah ( swt ) & Muhammed ( saw ) are the eternal noor and one and the same thing – This is what Yusuf and his like has said for centuries as Haqeeqatey Muhammadi.

2. The continuity of this Noor is unending – The same noor was in Adam ( alaihi assalam ) and all prophets or messengers and also in famous Wali-Allahs.

3. Muhammed bin Abdullah bin Mutallib was also a carrier of the same Noor.

4. The promised Mahdi or Imam will also carry the same Noor.

5. So Allah ( swt ) basically travels some time on this earth in human uniform naming Muhammed and this is a transformation of Haqeeqat to Majaaz.

13. Based on the above Yusuf ( which I consider was totally disillusioned and must have gone through illusionary process , having hallucinations ) called himself as Tasalsul of Muhammed , appeared in front of his close devotees as Muhammed , called himself Ana Muhammed , named some body’s house or the basement of his house as Ghaarey Hara , called his devotees as Sahabaas , called them all in superlative degree to bring excitement and thrill to them , played with their psyche to be loved and acknowledged for their more forceful attachment to him and by self counseling he must have been so convinced about what he desired to be that all his wishful thinking must be coming as a true dreams to him with open eyes and must also be hearing his voice of inner misguided self – artificially creating a similitude and comparing himself to Muhammed ( saw ) and his family and devotees as of Ahley Bait at-haar and Sahaabaas ( raa).

# By the way calling Baitey Yusuf Raza the house of one of his devotee as Gharey Hira in the world assembly speech ( I have no idea when was it carried out ) I heard recently on an audio cassette posted on website is again a wrong similitude as Ghaarey Hira was the place of meditation and receiving the divine revelation or message and not declaring the Prophet hood , neither any assembly was done at Ghaarey Hira – it was on the hills & valley of Faraan where Prophet ( saw ) assembled most of tribal leaders and his relation and declared himself publicly first time as the Prophet of God – I can understand Yusuf historical inadequacy of knowledge to link the event with proper place but what about his devotees ? None could correct him for his childish impulses ? This is the most hilarious audio cassette I have ever heard but it is so comprehensively recorded that it exposes him completely and this ONE proof itself is more than sufficient to declare him a Lunatic.

Text / Gist / Content of this Audio Cassette is as follows ( this is copied from a website ) :

Time Line
of the audio:
00:00 starts with Yousuf speech
02:08 there are 100 “sahabas” here sitting (in bait e raza!!) – Yusuf being Muhammed there.
04:20 introduces Abdul Wahid. a financer cum”sahabi”
05:30 Abdul Wahid (first “sahabi”) arrives to speak and declares Yusuf as God in human uniform. Libaasey Majaaz meiN.
07:20 yousuf kazzab introduces Zaid Zaman as “sahabi”
09:30 Zaid Zaman speaks to praise yousuf ali in response to his title as “sahabi” calling Yusuf as Mardey Momin.

10:10 Yousuf call bait e raza lahore similar to ghar e hira –

14:20 Yousuf says all the translations by ulama “naqis” and himself as Ataab / Sun.
15:00 Yousuf says “ALllah Muhammad all are one”- this is the Haqeeqat mentioned.
24:24 Yousuf announces all the participants as “jannati”. aap kee jannat pakki
26:40 apparent daughter fatimas marriage(”apparent” a special terminology used by yousuf to give similarity to Muhammad sallallaho laihe wasallam,sometimes he used to say “ana muhammad” i am his mureeds..naoozubillah).
47:33 2 and a half year old kid announced as having deedar of ALLAH the grandson of “sahabi” Mr Abdul Wahid .

50:40 Yousuf Kazzab says I can see muhammad everywhere .


Hesham A Syed is alive and well and can be contacted personally at

41 comments on “Meet Hesham A Syed – An Eye Witness Of Yusuf Kazab's Claim Of Prophethood

  1. hesham syed says:

    I am receiving emails and messages / comments from various sources, i.e. from Pakistan and Over seas , so to clarify please note my responses to a few as follows and I request others to refrain from repeating queries – I am not in to character assassination of any individual whether he or she is Muslim or a non-Muslim – I have even tried to hide names of people of this group as far as possible but readers are wise enough to make out who is what ? As a human being I am only concern about the well being of all and don’t want any to spoil the sanctity of the Muslim society and destroy themselves by drifting away from the fundamental principles of Islam and use Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) name to add on to many fitna’s already existing around us. Allah’s door of forgiveness is always open for those who sincerely and honestly repent for their misguidance and do not arrogantly pursue their wrong belief and action. All positive things being done and visibly in process by this group will be lost in to the dark fog of wrong Aqeedah – Hence I will request all those who are still in the doldrums or confused state of mind about Yusuf Ali belief , should immediately offer their Tauba & Astaghfar to Allah and revert to Islam and to the purest teachings of Muhammed ( saw ) who will never be replaced in his status as the final most Prophet & Messenger of Allah ( swt ) – Any one who claims other wise or has any belief of his reincarnation or coming in to the form of any other human being has transgressed and such a similar belief which has been the belief of Firqah Bateynia takes the person out of the fold of Islam and can never be blessed with love of Prophet ( saw ) or of Allah ( swt ).
    May Allah guide us to the right path, the path of His chosen people?
    Ihdenas seraatal mustaqeem, seraatal lazeenah An-amta alaihim, ghairil maghdoobey waladdualeen (Ameen).
    Hesham Syed

    1.My reply to some one on face book : ( name with held for privacy )

    It is not might be true – but every thing said there is a truth – I have posted on my Blogg long time back , my direct observation and interaction with Yusuf without a word of exaggerations & without any political pressure or for any lust or temptation , purely for the benefit of those who are still with this Cult and for those who could be potential candidates , so that they pull out and save themselves from falling in to this pit of darkness any further – I have also said in my posting that no one should take any political mileage or any kind of personal revenge from any by using my script of detailed truth , My objective is to correct people and not to harm them – I am finalizing a book called Cults in the Muslim world , and Yusuf is a chapter only of the book – This book is being written as a service to Muslim Umma and as a part of Tableegh and with no other motive. If any one does not want to believe what I have said and want to take a route for himself or her self in that direction what Prophet ( saw ) has forbidden then it is his / or her preferred choice – Under this condition I can only say – GO to Hell. I don’t want any nonsense debate or argument on this subject for the sake of argument only. Hope I have made myself clear. Please use my direct email to write instead of Face Book – I don’t carry this kind of discussion on Face Book .Thanks
    Hesham Syed

    2.Another reply / comment to some one on email : ( name with held for privacy )

    Zaid is commando trained , a linguist , a scholar , brilliant , master of Iqbaliat – these all are rubbish claims from him or from his followers , This has been over amplified – I found him a person of fair intelligence – All the aggressiveness in his speech etc and building up of Ghuzwate Hind is all Yusuf influence on him – When he speaks he reminds me of Yusuf style – Yusuf had the art to pump people by talking to the person in superlative degree – that imposter could only assemble people around him by pampering his followers – Neither Yusuf nor any of his follower had in-depth knowledge of Quran and Hadees rather they all drifted away from fundamentals of Islam and were wandering in their own world using Sufism but the distorted form and concept of Sufis hence they did not even understand what is Sufism.
    I have heard Iqbal verses being explained wrongly by him – Any one can just memorize 20 or 30 verses of Iqbal and use those in speech to impress youngsters specially these days when medium of instruction as English keeps the youngsters so far away from Urdu or Persian writers and poets — These are and one of all the techniques used by Cults members to take people in illusive world or in a state of hallucination. See my article – Cult in the making on my Blogg.
    Hesham Syed

  2. Shahid Aziz Khan says:

    Dear Mr.Hesham Syed,
    It has been a pleasure and extremely informational, to read this personal narration, where you detailed interactions with Zaid Zaman and Yusuf Kasab. I am grateful that you had the courage to bring these up, despite weighing the repercussions. It is really astonishing to see misguided youngsters follow this guy, without even trying to inquire about his background. I hold our current politicians responsible, for this shift that has occured in the minds of our desperate youngsters, for whom supporting an alternative has become sort of ‘life saving drug’. How many Dajjals will the nation be forced to follow before they meet the GREAT LIAR? A follower of a false Prophet – Zaid Zaman should be traced out and punished like his false master Yusuf Kasab!
    Thanking you for your sincere efforts,

  3. Ammar says:

    sir ager aap sachey ho to please hamarey saath chalo … Zaid Hamid ko challenge kro or jhoota ki saza wo jo ISLAM me ha … hum media le kr chalte hain … ap sabit kerna ye baat media ko , ager apne sabit kr di to me pehla admi hunga jo apko Zaid Hamid ko curse kerun ga

    • imkik1 says:

      jhota to zaid hamid hai usne pehle kaha wo nhi janta yousuf ko ab kehta hai janta hun .
      ye bhi vedios say prove hai ?
      amar sing wali kahani main bhi media k zariye zaid hamid jhota sabit hoa kiya andhay ho tum
      log ?

      in 2 jhoot ki saza kiya day li tum nay jo ab us k false prophet ko support karnay lagay /

      mera aik sawal hai agar ap ki pohanch zaid hamid tak hai to please ye sawal kariye ga .

      Question : Yousf ali nay dawa kiya tha k wo Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W ka tasalsul hai ..
      iska matlab ye hai k wo koi new nabi nahi . ishe liye zaid hamid nay kaha k wo khatm e nabuwat ka tahufz karta hai . kiya zaid hamid ye manta hai k yousuf ali kisi prophet ka tasalsul nahi ?

  4. hesham syed says:

    Meira maqsad haqeeqat ko saamney lanaa ttha aur hai – Apney aap ko sacha manwanaa naheeN -Koyee meiyree baat pey yaqeen karey na karey yeah uska naseeb hai aur uskee aqal o hidayat pey munhasir hai – Mujhey iss sey koyee farq naheeN parrhta – Aur meiyra maqsad Yusuf Ali key group ko raahey raast pey laana bhi ttha aur hai, aur naiey loagoaN ko khabar daar karna hai key woh apnaa eimaan na kharaab kareiN – Shaaieyd Yusuf key group ko apnee ghalatioN ka ehsaas ho aur woh eimaan ki taraf loat aaieyN – Huzoor sey muhabbat ka taqaazah Huzoor ( saw ) ki bataayee hoyee baatoaN pey chalna hai – Khud Huzoor naheeN ban jaana hai – AstaghfarAllah

  5. imkik1 says:

    please koi ye sawal zaid hamid say karay …


    Yousuf ali nay dawa kiya tha wo Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W ka tasalsul hai . ishe liye ulama nay
    usko kazaab kaha tha . ab zaid hamid Yousuf ko kisi prophet tasalsul samjta hai ya aam admi ?????

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Imkik1

    It doesn’t matter as of now, what he believes as of now because according to Shari’ah, he has to do the following:

    Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has “nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him”. What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past?

    A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following:

    1. Acceptance – Accept publicly and openly that he “did” a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet.
    2. Repentance – Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala.
    3. Disassociate – Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs
    4. Condemn – Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
    5. Tajdeed e Iman – Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly
    6. Tajdeed e Nikah – Do tajdeed of Nikah


    Please refer to the complete interview here:

  7. hesham syed says:

    I have gone through many of the court proceedings provided on websites + Bloggs and even latest videos smuggled out by Zaid lieutenent and released plus in defence to Yusuf Ali what Zaid Hamid has been making statements – Yusuf through out had been a lier and Zaid also has been playing with words only , confusing people , a complete deception of truth , possibly Taqaiya to get away from the destiny forthcoming. I am surprised that Zaid still can not see that his strong faith in Yusuf as a great saint , a walee Allah or as a tasalsul of Muhammed ( saw )-Astaghfra-Allah, is misguiding so many and is making it clear that his own proclaimed love of Prohet ( saw ) is also not true otherwise how can he digest , accept such a blasphemy – His devotion to Yusuf and dislike or hate to those who are concerned about Tahfuzey Nabuwat is some thing he should look in to himself and see how Shaitan is leading him to a total loss of his effort in this world and above all to Hiyat Akhirah. I as usual, once again request him to come back to his senses – He has been blind folded by Yusuf and does not know what is he heading for ! Gathering of crowd of youngsters with emotional speech will not work , it may back fire – Your parents , sincere family members and friends are concerned about you – Please land and touch the ground from the artificial sky you are floating – Wake up Zaid before Pakistan Wakes up – Take this positive call from a sincere one who still cares for you and for your family welfare as a Muslim, as a human being and from a devotee of Prophet Muhammed ( saw )+ and a humble servant of Allah ( swt ).

  8. Ahsan says:

    Problem with ZAID HAMID is that He have not read QURAN or HADITH and he is blind follower of people like BANO QUDSIYA, this writer and that writer ….

    His eyes will open when he will READ Quranic tranlation by himself..
    Allah says in Quran that Muhammad Sal ALLAH Ho Alaye Wasalm is MAN like us but He believes that He is NOOR of ALLAH .Astagh-Firullah

    He believes in NATIONALISM which is HARAM in Islam
    Alama Iqbal said
    “In Taza Khudaon mae bara Watan hae
    Jo Pairhan hae is ka wo Mazhab ka Kafan hae.”

    Alama is against NATIONALISM and who ever have IOTA of nationalism GOD will make his religion as COFFIN..TAboot..and Alama Iqbal said Nationalism is new made GOD..

    Zaid Hamid have no shame in front of Non Mehram….A Momin cannot promote inter mingling of opposite sex.He imitates in his dress like that of non-Muslims….

    He do not talk about young boys to offer 5 times prayers,
    He do not talk about Pious life
    He do not talk about Sunat e Nabwi…

    So what kind of person He is and what kind his followers are..
    I leave this question for you to think very deeply..
    It is time of Dajjal and deception..Keep this in mind

    Do not have sympathy for Zaid Hamid apparent innocence….I equate his innocent with alligator who shows tears but soon someone comes close to it, He ruins and exploit its..

    SAVE SAVE SAVE your skins..Brothers and espcially sisters who are emotional by nature and easy victim….

  9. hesham syed says:

    Trouble is that the followers of Yusuf and followers of Zaid have made them scholars , where as the reality is different. People get possessed with stage entertaiment and we all love various dramas and rumours of all kind.

    Kuch tto hotey haiN muhabbat meiN junoo key asaar

    Aur kuch loag bhi deewanah banaa dietey haiN

    But we must also refrain in making personal remarks about any one – No one is perfect , Every one has an unique weakness to deal with – Let us concentrate on our own weaknesses and over come that. Thanks

  10. Faisal says:

    I am really surprised at all the details. People are deviated and misguided because they dont recite quran and read saheeh hadith themselves.
    As a result these people are vulnerable of being misguided by someone.
    I would like to suggest that all muslim brothers and sisters learn Arabic and recite the quran and understand the message. This will keep you from falling prey to someone.

  11. tajdeed-e-iman says:

    koi gazwatul hind ki sahih tahqeeq shuda ahadis share karay plz
    jazak allah

  12. […] on Breaking: Universities Refusing Zaid Hamid Permission To Conduct Lectureshesham syed on Meet Hesham A Syed – An Eye Witness Of Yusuf Kazab’s Claim Of Prophethoodhesham syed on Dr Israr Ahmed’s Tanzeem-i-Islami Issues a 24 Hour Ultimatum to […]

  13. hesham syed says:

    Ahadees on Ghuzwat ul hind are available but there are many interpretations about the time of this Ghuzwah – A series of scholar believe that this Ghuzwah had already taken place but there are many scholars who are still waiting for this to happen.
    How ever I have my own reservations about the way it is being hyped up these days by Zaid based on what he has learnt from Yusuf ( I know about it because I have heard it directly from Yusuf in the company of Zaid and his other followers ) in my opinion is childish and this will side track the youngsters in doing any thing constructive for the country but a lot of them will be focused only to attack India and put a Pakistani flag on Delhi fort – How ever this Hadees is also connected with the time of coming of Jesus ( pbuh ) , so this Ghuzwah obviously not going to happen in a few years time and not in Zaid Hamid’s life time – This hysteria building is harmful for Pakistan and who so ever is behind using Zaid for creating this mass madness is not serving Pakistan. Yusuf was not the only lunatic but there are many in Pakistan full of shallow emotions and ready to go for any individual or mass suicide once they are emotionally exploited by any retired or active army General / Officer or through a fiery speech tagging Mr Iqbal and Mr Jinnah in to it – the poor souls would not even know what is going on in this country, one said to have dreamt and other who built it.

    I also feel that there are hidden hands behind all this non sense and that is to keep the attention away from the main issues and problems in Pakistan – There are enemies in Pakistan sitting at the helm of the affair every where ,in most of the government seats , and other institutions who are day and night busy in looting Pakistan and abusing or misusing it’s resources thus making the masses suffer more each day – It is a country with no judicial law enforcing authorities and with no socio economic justice provided , with no sense of nationalism , with no educational strides but rampant illiteracy , with no balance state of mind , with corrupt politicians , dirty rich elites , scrupulous business men , with ethnic violence , full of hates and dislikes of each other to the extent of further disintegration is foreseen and under this circumstances when our own house needs so much of cleaning , the mass hysteria to attack India by misinterpreting Hadees is nothing but total distraction from the reality of life and it will end up in total disaster for this country – Let us launch first a project of Ghuzwat ul Pakistan where the in house enemies are removed from administrative seats and we have secured our country before we go to expand it any further.
    Good luck folks! May Allah guide us to the right direction ( Ameen ).

  14. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ saima

    We have received your few comments here, which are not related to the subject or issue, nor related to the subject in hand.

    Kindly avoid giving comments that are not related. Also, this is not a forum for Islamic Discussion, where we’ll be approving all comments and discussion related to Islam.

  15. saima says:

    @ Abu Muhammad:

    Comments that I posted earlier where directly related to the subject matter that you have deleted as well. I believe that you guyz have one sided story running just for the sake of negative propaganda against a Muslim brother in Islam. Insha.Allah you all will face the consequences of your unjust behavior and actions in Akhirah (the day of judgment), if you really believe in !

  16. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Saima

    Thank you for letting me now of this. We’ll meet on this, on the day of judgement, if this reply doesn’t convince or satisfy you.

  17. waqas says:

    meri kuch questions hein plz inkay jawab dy dijiay.
    1) hum kasay yakeen karlien hesham syed jo eye witness hay yeh sahee hay…kia proof hay.
    2) ab to zaid zaman hamid jamiat mein ja chuka hay or wahaan sab khay b dia jo itny arsay say log souna cha rhay thay ab b agar yakeen na kia jaay to phr is banday par kasay yakeen kia jaay ga….mein smjhta hoon jab aik banday nay clear Hazur saw akhri nabi hein khay di or baki sab b khay dia ab b agar hum na manein to hum par gunah hoga or agar zaid zaman hamid jhoota hoa to Allah isko kabhee bhee iskay maksad mein kamiyab hongay nahi day ga.

  18. hesham syed says:

    @ waqas

    MaiN tum loagoaN ko kiya samjha saktaa hooN ? Allah hi hidayat dey – Sewaaiey charb zabaani key aur kia rakhaa hai tum jaisey loagoaN meiN – Jab kaan sirf jhoot sey ashnaa hoa jaaieyN tto sacch ki pahchaan kaisey hoa saktee hai – Jab aankh hi naheeN dil bhi andhey hoa chukey hoaN tto koan kia hai aur batil o haq ki tameez kaisey ho ?

    Fikr na karo bhai tum sab pooj-tey rahoo uss makkaar Yusuf ko Muhammed ( saw ) astaghfarullah samajh kar — aur jaan deitey raho ussi kazab key zeiyer asar loagoaN pey.

    Mierey liey Huzoor ( saw ) ki Hurmat ki barrhee ahmiat hai aur maiN jhootey aur gustakh loagoaN key followers sey koyee bahas bhi naheen karna chahta – Jaisee rooh waisey farishtey – Jaisa Murshid waisah hee us kaa cheilaa — Lakum di nu kum waliya deen.

  19. waqas says:

    why are you not posting my comments……….what is the problem????
    i am not using any abusive language. Please Approve my comment.

    This is what you said in the post that is removed:

    [Edited By: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: If you can’t maintain manners in whole post. Don’t post here. Blog rules here not limited to abuse. Check the blog rules.]

  20. waqas says:

    Now Correct:

    wasay sir hesham shab aap nay b garam joshi say jawab dia lakin meray sawal ka Ans yeh nahi tha bilkul isi tarha her takreeb mein b zaid zaman hamid say b same question poocha jata hay to wo b same isi tarha aap ki tarha……garam joshi say khenay ka maksad yehi hota hay k theek hay to phr jo cha ho tm khetay rhao q k aik banda or kasay smjhayy jab k ab sab khay chuka ho.


  21. hesham syed says:

    @ waqas ; Iss qisim key shak o shubhaat ka maiN aadi naheeN – MaiN ney zindagi meiN jhoot aur buhtaan sey hamesha nafrat hee ki hai – MaiN ney itnee saree baateiN iss liey naheeN likhiN key kisi bahas meiN parrhoN – Jo MaiN ney dekha aur suna braahey raast sab ki tafseel iss liey likh dee key shaieyd jo loag Yusuf key chungal meiN phansey hooiey haiN woh haqeeqat jaan kar nikal aaieyN aur jo iss Cult meiN phansney jaa rahey haiN woh hoashiaar ho jaaieyN taa key apney Imaan ko mahfooz kar leiN — Mera maqsad kisi ko bhi nuqsaan pahun-chaana naheeN bulkey sab key faaiiedey meiN hi maiN likh raha hooN – Zaid ko bhi maiN baraahey raast bahut samjha chuka hooN – Koyee meiree baat naheeN man-nna chahta tto na maaney ! Allah usey hidayat dey aur usey har fitney sey mahfooz rakhey. Wa-assalam

  22. Abdul Sami says:

    Hesham Syed bhai

    Jazzak Allah khair for all this.

  23. waqas says:

    Hesham shab shukria aap nay reply kia or mein b koi zaid ko acha nahi smjhta lakin bura b nahi.
    Q K
    mera Question bhout wazhay hay.


  24. hesham syed says:

    waqas query is genuine – why Ulemas are not taking Zaid to court ?
    May be the Team of this site may pursue this with Ulema !

  25. yaldram says:

    Iss ka jawab yeh hai k, zaid kazzab nay controversy banayee hai or ek gray area bana diya hai jahaan per aap sehi bhi hain or ghalat bhii.

    Ab zaid kazzab kee press statement sunnein, ussko leak shuda video dekhain, he never delcares yusuf as kazzab rather name him ali. Now he also says shahadah but never declares yusuf kazzab therefore, it creates abit of gray area for him to take cover.

    Secondly, yusuf is dead, the real issue raised by maulana jalalpuri was not to declare zaid as kazzab but to ask zaid to denounce his(zaid) lie that he never knew yusuf kazzab. This was the main crucks of the situation from where it started all. Now zaid kazzab was of the view that maulana was declaring him kazzab where as it was not the case. Maualan asked him that since you were khalifa and member of yusufs cult therefore, u have to come up to public denounce your faith and say shahada once more and say that yusuf was kazzab. The last point infact errupted a volcanic event that zaid came up twice on press release and he declined to declare yusuf as kazzab. The last point is and was and will be so valid that it infact proved that zaid himself is kazzab and he and his fans/followers/supporters need to repetence.

    I hope this clarifies your behas baraye behas….And i sincerely hope that you mend your knowledge and develop a wisdom inshAllah and share that good wisdome with us too.

    JazakAllah khaira,

  26. yaldram says:

    Also the ullemas are not chirb lisaan and jald baaz(taawlaa) like zaid that they ll hury to the court against him. They shall take there time and will study this matter and opt a course of strategy as to how to approach this case in terms of legal proceedings.

    once done u ll se the out come inshAllah.

    Ullemas dont see the reason of goin to the court as its zaid who should be challenging ullema and the court verdict rather ullemas filing against him .

  27. salman saif says:

    salaam brother
    remember me in ur prayers
    u r doing a great job
    ALLAH aap ko kaamyab karey

  28. sualeha says:

    jazakAllah for revealing the truth.very well said only Allah’s taufeeq can save us from these fitnas.

  29. Abu Bilal says:

    Jazak Allah Hesham bhai, May you be rewarded for this effort. Aameen.

  30. abdullah says:

    Jazak Allah Hesham bhai

  31. hesham syed says:

    Read more at these two sites :


    – go to Cult catagory


  32. kashif nasim says:

    @ waqas

    Alma Court main kion jain woh tu pehlee hi case jitee hue hai, Ager ZH samajhta hai ke Yousuf sahi hai tu case reopen ker dee

    Make sense naaa ??

  33. kashif nasim says:

    @ Waqas:

    Aur haan Jalalpuri sahab marhum ne apne interview main kaha tha ke woh aisa kabhi nahi karee ga.

    Meray bhai imaan ke 3 darjee hain, pehlee derjee pe jalalpuri sahab thee jo is cause ke leeay shaeed howee.

    Aur afsoos tum log tesree pe bhi nahi ho Dil main bhi buraa nahi janteee

  34. BL@CK DR@GON says:

    Exactly…!! Y.K ka ye dawa k only he has the true meanings of Quran nd all the other muslims/schollars have fake meanings is a HUGE lie, ALLAH promises, in H.Q He says tht: “O ye who believe We have revealed the book(H.Q) and we will be protecting it.” if some one is aware abt this ayat, how can he even think tht all the translations r wrong? tht logically nd literally mean (Nauzuillah) Quran has been changed and (again Nauzubillah) ALLAH’s promise has not been fulfilled.. JSt this one line of Y.K shows how much he lacked islamic info and Sunnah info, during his speaches nd a book he wrote, he has written so many wrong concept abt sufi-ism nd sprituality nd islam nd so many wrong interpretations/translations of Quranic ayas, how can such a person be called sufi? nd even ZH only seems to know few traditions or Ayas which he can pose to be in his favour.
    Actually the cruel fact is, this whole fitna is atleast 50% our own mistake, we have cut our selves from religion, we (in general most of us) dun know much abt religion, we are jst muslims by name, we dun study Tafaseer, we dun recite H.Q, we are almost blank on Sunnah information, so now who so ever stands up nd say any thing in the name of H.Q ayat or Hadees, we blindly accept it without even researching or testifying it. This is the only reason Y.K nd ZH were and still are able to divert ppl so easily…
    ALLAH hum sub ko seedhi rah dekhaye or us per chaltay rehnay ki tofeeq ata fermaye. AMEEN.

    Open discussion forum – challenge to all ZH fans:

  35. Hamza Tariq says:

    Hesham sahib,

    Itne hi haqq ke daawedaar ho to tumhare andar itna paani nahin k ab jaa kar Zaid Hamid se mil lo? Tumhein 8 saal baad Gustakh e Rasool yaad ageya? Saudia mein itna arsa ghaas baych rahe thay?

    • Editor says:

      @Hamza In our interactions with Hesham Sahib, he told us that he thought that after Yusuf – Zaid Hamid must have done touba. Zaid Hamid’s wife Nusrat Jabeen had the same view that Zaid has now done touba. It only became clear a little while back that Zaid Hamid still considers Yusuf to be innocent and a great scholar. This is why no one did anything against Zaid Hamid for the past 8 years.

      I know you will not be able to understand this argument because you might be too blinded by the love of Zaid Hamid. But in any case I just mentioned it – Hidayat is from Allah alone.

  36. Rizwan Shaikh says:

    Yusuf was dead,

    who kill him ? how carry the gun in jail ?? Y ?

    now the blames given by AMKTN (the devil group) ? Y ZH goto Court ?

    if AMKTN n molvi not sure to win the case so y they put the allegation on ZH?

    r they called Muslim himself :).

    if they r confirmed so must challenge in court 😉 but i m sure they didn’t. coz they want just fasad.

    n wht u think the peoples r stupid who beleive on Hesham type fools ! huh

  37. hesham syed says:

    Editor : Hamza aur Rizwaan jaisey andhoaN ko jawaab deina bhi apnee tauheen hai – Fikr na kareiN gustaakhaaney Rasool ( saw ) kaa jo anjaam hoanaa hai woh ho kar rahey gaa — Zaid bhi aqal aur dil ka andha hai aur uskey hawareeN bhi.

  38. Just want to say your article is as surprising. The clearness for your publish is just cool and i can think you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grasp your feed to stay up to date with coming near near post. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

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