Dr Israr Ahmed's Tanzeem-i-Islami Issues a 24 Hour Ultimatum to Zaid Hamid

We have learned from reliable sources that Dr Israr Ahmed’s organization Tanzeem-i-Islami has given a 24 hour ultimatum to Zaid Hamid.

According to reports a four member delegation of Tanzeem-i-Islami went to visit Zaid Hamid in his office. The delegation has asked Zaid Hamid to repent his past and denounce his association with Yusuf Kazab. The delegation further informed Zaid Hamid, that a failure to issue a categorical bar’aat from Yusuf Kazab within 24 hours would force Tanzeem-i-Islami to decide their own course of action.

Source: Engr. Naveed, Ameer Tanzeem-i-Islami, Karachi

25 comments on “Dr Israr Ahmed's Tanzeem-i-Islami Issues a 24 Hour Ultimatum to Zaid Hamid

  1. I am also against Zaid Hamid but I have a question for the Tanzeem-i-Islami.
    Is merely asking him to denounce Yousaf Kazab enough?
    If he does that, then what?

    Will that wash away his REAL crimes? The crimes of misleading the youth of Pakistan through verifiable lies and deceit?
    To instigate ONLY hatred and war mongering in an unstable State with Nuclear arms and questionable judgment on whether it will use those nukes or not against its historical enemy i.e. India?

    To jeopardize the lives of everyone in Pakistan by seeding hatred into the hearts of Muslims rather than acceptance and love for one another?

    I think that if the ultimatum is ONLY limited to him renouncing a man who is not even in the picture – nor was he ever a big player in national politics or religious circles and giving him a convenient escape from ALL of his crimes by this act is a crime against the people BY the Tanzeem-i-Islami as well.

    Denounce Zaid Hamid publicly for what he is doing. Break the back of this movement by your efforts and words. SHOW for once that even religious organizations can be progressive and do not abide fascists amongst their midst. For if you do not do this – then you do a great disservice to the great people of this land.

    Mobeen Chughtai.

  2. Dr. Imtiaz Hussain says:


    please issue my acceptence of challenge to Zaid Hamid
    allah o Akbar

  3. Taha says:

    This man is such a loser.. i joined his fan page ..i really used to praise him.cause i thought he can reform our society our youth.. But 2 days back i asked him through wall post about his past and that article he wrote in Dawn. and the next day my post was deleted and i wasnt even allowed to post on wall… Loser…

  4. My friend, Taha

    Zaid Hamid is a Fascist in the truest sense of the word. He wants to create an Islamic/Imperialist/Anti-India, Anti-Israel nexus in Pakistan which is simply intolerable.

    The ‘democracy’ he wishes to shove down our collective throats is more than evident from the manner in which he treats people asking him simple questions. Deleting facebook wallposts or large truths from History – that is all he’s really good at.


    I would respectfully like to know the Tanzeem’s position on this subject.

    Thank you.

  5. Jamal Ahmad says:


    This is to certify that…No Eng. named as Engr. Naveed, Ameer Tanzeem-i-Islami, Karachi…is working or associated with our organisation…

    We haven’t issued any warning or deadline to zaid hamid or anyone associated with him…

    We don’t have any issues related to Zaid Hamid and his organisation..

    Jamal Ahmad
    Amir Rabata-e-Amma
    Markazi Daftar, Tanzeem-i-Islami, Lahore

    [Editor’s Note: This is to inform all readers that this is an absolute sham. Entire Karachi knows that Engr. Naveed is associated with Tanzeem-i-Islami. After we received this comment, we have double checked with our sources, and they stand firm on their report. I can post the phone no of Engr Naveed here, but cant do it for privacy reasons. Similarly I can post the email address of this person, who is mailing from a GMAIL account, but I wont even do that for privacy reasons. Brother the next time, you come here to spread your propaganda, try to be a little bit smarter – Fidai e Rasool SAW]

  6. hesham syed says:

    What happened to this 24 hour notice ? Is Tanzeem Islami reviewing their decision ?

  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Aisha

    Walaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    Honestly speaking, the ideology of Islam as a common ground should be enough for us as Muslims. The other thing we need to understand that we are Muslims foremost, then anything else and we cannot allow to let loose anyone to play with Islam and Khatm-e-Nabuwwat at the expense of Pakistan, Iqbal and Qauid-e-Azzam. These are secondary matters after Eman.

    Our stance against Zaid Hamid is very clear and we urge him to clear himself from the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, and then we will not be having any problems. But as of now, it is very unfortunate, that we as Muslims are trying to keep blind loyalties, and not willing to change them, if someone is found wrong.

    This is something we need to work upon.

    If we follow Islam we’ll succeed, but if we follow a religion known as ‘Pakistaniat’ (An Idol worshiped besides Allah – also called Nationalism), we are pushing ourselves to failure without realizing it. Nationalism as a concept is alien to Islam at the first place.

    It is narrated by Abu Da’wud that The Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said:

    “He is not one us who calls for `Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for `Asabiyyah or who dies for `Asabiyyah.”

    And in another Hadith, The Messenger (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) referring to nationalism, racism, and patriotism said:
    “Leave it, it is rotten.” [Muslim and Bukhari]

  8. Taimur says:

    For Zaid Hamid, it is not about establishing a Khilafah — if you look at his methods and his teams, you will realize that far and wide he and his anchors (the hotties he bring on TV), the Burger Bacha class, all of them have nothing to do with Islam except for being born to Muslim parents. By their dresses, by their appearance and by their nationalist views… nothing is Islamic.

    So this is a lie that Zaid Hamid is striving for Khilafah. Basically, he is supporting agenda of ISI. IN my opinion, it is like:

    CIA >> ISI >> Zaid Hamid

    It is no wonder that if Zaid Hamid has not appeared on TV screen two years ago, many of the Pakistanis were not supporting war on tribal Muslims who were supporting Afghan Jihad. Despite of all Zaid Hamid lies, just ago 900 FC personnel were sacked for refusing to fight against tribal muslims, if Zaid Hamid wasn’t in… it would have been 9,000 or even more!

  9. Abu Salamaah says:

    All Praise Be To ALLAH The Lord of Worlds!

    May The Peace, Blessings and Mercy of ALLAH The Exalted, Most High Be upon His Messenger, his companions, family, and wives and to those who follow him to this day.


    Assalamualaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wabarakaatahu

    This is a response to Mobeen Chughtai.

    I commend him for his anti-zaid hamid stance.

    But I despise and condemn him for his secularist view, which he has proved in the following:

    “He wants to create an Islamic/Imperialist/Anti-India, Anti-Israel nexus in Pakistan which is simply intolerable”

    Firstly Zaid Hamid, an agent of the ISI, will never want to do that. He is here for protecting Pakistan’s interests only, and this illusionist (miniature dajjal) is misguiding people in the name of Islam. This tactic is known as Disinformation, spreading within a context of truth. It is commonly used by many “famed and respectable” personalities nowadays such as Javed Ghamdi, Aamir Liaqat Hussain, Yusuf Qaradawi, etc. The list is long.

    Unfortunately, our youth awed and inspired by the west, can not decide the truth because they do not follow the Glorious Quraan and Sunnaah. So any x,y,z can come to them and very easily misguide them.

    Perhaps Mobeen Chughtai does not realize what he just said…..AN ISLAMIC STATE IS INTOLERABLE!!!!!!!

    Here is the refutation, provided by Verses 44-46, from Surah Al-Maeda (Chapter # 5).

    “44. Verily, We did send down the Tawrah, therein was guidance and light, by which the Prophets who submitted themselves to Allah’s will, judged for the Jews. And the Rabbaniyyun and the Ahbar, for to them was entrusted the protection of Allah’s Book, and they were witnesses thereto. Therefore fear not men but fear Me and sell not My verses for a miserable price. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the disbelievers.”

    “45. And We ordained therein for them “Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal. ” But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it shall be for him an expiation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the unjust.”

    “46. And in their footsteps, We sent `Isa, son of Maryam, confirming the Tawrah that had come before him, and We gave him the Injil, in which was guidance and light and confirmation of the Tawrah that had come before it, a guidance and an admonition for those who have Taqwa.”

    “47. Let the people of the Injil judge by what Allah has revealed therein. And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are the rebellious.”

    In the Light of these Verses, it is unanimously agreed upon that secularism is disbelief. A Muslim who believes that Allah’s Laws are either equal or inferior (NA’OOZUBILLAH MIN ZAALIK) becomes an apostate/murtad who has to be killed. Anyone can confirm this.

    Whereas a Muslim who does not implement Allah’s Laws, but believes in Their Supremacy is a rebellious sinner/faasiq.

    Condemning Zaid Hamid and his likes is good, but to suggest that Pakistan becoming an Islamic State is not tolerable is tantamount to becoming an apostate.

    I advise Mobeen Chughtai to repent sincerely infront of Allah, otherwise what will become of him on the Day of Reckoning. comes. Death can come at any instant, so avail the Door of Repentance, before its too late!

    May The Peace, Blessings, and Mercy of Allah Be Upon the Last of Messenger.

    And Allah Knows The Best.


  10. Aisha says:

    AOA all,

    I personally believe that in todays’ odd world of misinformation and logic, the best way to go about things is to find a common ground. My common ground with Zaid Hamid (and many alike, PYA, Dr. Israr, Sherin Mizari etc) would be, Pakistan; its success and glory Inshallah. Zaid hamid orates. He brings the ideology of Iqbal and M Ali Jinnah to the masses. The reason for attacking India so much, is merely because Indians are being highly effective in gaining access into our households. One infamous Channel CEO once told me that, he discouraged showing indian programs/ films on his channel, mainly because, they’re too ‘believable’ as in, they’re too close to our culture…our language SOUNDS similar, our dress code matches, and we look alike. So it becomes dangerously easy for them to target us, because we can very effortlessly mold our Thinking, Ideologies, Logic and perceptions to what THEY show to us. Therefore, showing an English program would not be as damaging, for its ‘foreign’ as compared to an Indian program, for its ‘too similar’

    To cut it short. no one is asking anyone to FOLOOW them…its just to correct and do ‘Islaah’ in your own ideology, because, lets face it, by the end of the day

  11. Aisha says:

    To cut it short. no one is asking anyone to FOLLOW them…its just to correct and do ‘Islaah’ in your own ideology, because, lets face it, by the end of the day WE ARE MUSLIMS, and WE ARE PAKISTANIS…so lets evolve this resolute amongst ourselves.


    Pakistan Paindabad

  12. paki zindabad says:

    Add this too guys

  13. Ahsan says:

    Very well said by brother Abu Salaamah…
    Ayesha you need to read his answer carefully….

    As FAR as TALIBAN and True Muslims are alive we will never let pakistan become secular, or democractic state where womens are liberal like west, where Hijab is not mandatory, where music and hollywood and bollywood movies/west culture novels are sold, where Muslim from Afghanistan is not accepted to take a refuge because he is Afghani, where Sister Afia sadika is sold , where grave worshiping is open, where banking system is soodi nizam , and where soldier fight for plots and salary and not for raising the FLAG of ALLAH….

    Zaid Hamid is being given DHEEL by ALLAH so that he can enjoy life temporarily and those who support them must not FORGET their MUSLIm identity …

    Any who support Zaid Hamid even an inch is supporting Yousaf Kazab and all those people will face consequence as what Yousaf Kazab faced…InshAllah..

  14. Ahsan says:

    Dr Israr Ahmad is not an intelligent and nothing good can be expected from him…

  15. Aisha says:

    @ Abdullah and Ahsan,

    In order o play a sport, for example tennis, one has to be given the proper arena for it, for instance, a tennis court, proper tools, racket and ball etc, and of course players with expertise.

    A state acts as a ‘player’ and the court is the basically the World Arena, where each representative player has to excel at their skill.

    Islam is a Code of Life, its beyond a religion, its an ethic. Pakistan was made to have this ethic practiced without fear, humiliation and hesitation. To have Islam excel, Allah SWT blessed Muslims with this Arena, to not only practice and publish themselves, but also to enlighten the whole of humanity and be the torch-bearers for the rest of the world; for Guidance, Knowledge and Faith. Pakistan was made to be the Hub for spirituality, practicality and salvation. Now, at this moment, it seems to be a lost cause. Why? because, we dug our heads into sand and said, “Allah ki marzi”

    You and I were supposed to be a citation of Human perfection for those who do not believe and are led astray. Now that we have a Arena to play our roles in, why let it go waste? Pakistan is the Platform, that can be used as the sole Torch Bearer for the whole of humanity; Pakistan shall Inshallah be used for the spread of Islam. Inshallah

    Allahumma ‘hdani wa saddidni

  16. Waheed says:

    besides all the things said here by our brothers, I saw another thing…… a muslim Nastrudomus ….naimatulllah shah wali ……. a pack ho lies which have no historical proof or what so ever……all predictions somewhat like French Nastrodamus. What is he trying to proof by this pack of lie… you can find his book at scribed.com……….. the good thing is that I know Farsi very well and i can say it that this book is not written by a person who’s first language is Farsi….. I suspect it has been written by him and than translated the poetry into Urdu.have a look for naimatullah shah wali you will find it easily……….. wasallam

  17. S M Humayun says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Brother what happened to this ultimatum? 24 hours are over? any updates on this ultimatum?



  18. Nauman says:

    🙂 Wowwwwww, what a great lie. Reliable sources had informed you and now you saw denial message from Tanzeem-i-Islami. Why don’t you people stop lieing and creating trouble between different sacts. May God bless you all, who just love to hate everyone.
    What we know is that we damn care about Yusuf Ali. If he was bad or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are with Zaid Hamid. We have a dream now. Dreaming is not bad, but dreaming and doing nothing is bad.
    I would say “Just carry on your bloody game against Zaid Hamid, and we will carry on supporting him”.

  19. Abu Muhammad says:

    @S M Humayun

    Walaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    I think some readers are misreading this post. This 24 hour ultimatum was given to Zaid Hamid to categorical bar’aat from Yusuf Kazab, which he hasn’t done after the time elapsed.

    Thus, based upon Zaid Hamid still defending Yousuf Kazzab, Tanzeem-i-Islami would have decided some course of action and stance that they will take against Zaid Hamid.

    Till that stance is made public, let us be patient. The purpose of the post was to inform the delegation meeting with Zaid Hamid.

    @ Nauman

    When your in your sense, kindly come, and then comment on our blog.

  20. Muhammad Ahmad Suphi says:

    Just another buffer used by the soveriegn corrupt Militar Rulers to promote IDOLISM and prevent the birth of Idealism after its Destruction in 1958.


    Hes just another pawn created by the corrupt Pakistani Military to promote Jehad everywhere. To continue their businesses.
    The so-called follower of ‘Iqbalology’ has never every promoted that Iqbal as a philosopher believed in “Idealism.” No other philosophers have talked so much about idealism as Iqbal. Since 1958 after the first Marshal Law, there have been several people which have been participating from the journey of IDEALISM to IDOLISM i.e. people like Qudratullah Shahab and Altaf Gohar etc who by their works promoted that ‘do nothing, just pray & all is well.’
    Mr. Zaid Hamid is just another blue print used by the ELITE military class once again to promote IDOLISM and stop especially the youth from developing their own identity. The so called “WAKE UP PROJECT” lead by him was a shameful project for recruiting youth in groups and sending them to Kashmir to create more nuisence than already there is. Iqbal is only a name used to promote these shameful acts. Take for example the scenario is Palestine, why would the Palestinians back away when you know that there land is going to be taken from them? Think for an instance…. and than think about the Kashmir problem. It is only a problem created by our Army. We should let the decision upon its people. They know better whats best for them.
    On the other hand people like ‘the red cap wearing so called Revolutionary” they can never bring revolution anywhere except a GENOCIDE. A Muslim in reality is a free thinker regardless of belonging to a group.
    “Apnay Mann Mein Doob Kar Paaja Surragh e Zindagi
    Tuu Agar Mera Nahein Banta Naa Bann Apna Tu Bann”
    Alama Muhammad Iqbal
    Apnay is the key word here. If you go through Iqbal’s works you’ll find a greater emphasis on words like “Apna, Khudi” at several places.
    “Khudi mein gumm hai Khudaayi
    Talaash Kar Ghaafil”
    So, a revolutionary or not… The thing is we cannot be a nation until and unless we dont have our own thinking and we dont believe in belonging to groups or societies created for evil purposes. “ASRAR – e – KHUDI” (secrets of the self) is the best policy my brothers and sisters.
    “Teri Khudi K Nighehbaan Nahein
    Tu Kuch Bhi Nahein”

  21. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Muhammad Ahmad Suphi

    Brushing aside, the philosophical thinking that your trying to convey. Let me explain that Islam has enough ‘Khudi’ to make a revolution go on, only and only if, someone is willing to participate in it by words and action. When action and deeds become one, the revolutions are created.

    We, as Muslim, believe in Jihad and any notion to negate it by philosophical aspects is not acceptable to us. Jihaad, is an aspect of Islam, which has no boundaries. That is why, if a Muslim in Afghanistan is attacked, Muslims from East to West, belong from far of the far east and the west and west , goes to help them.

    We should work on ourselves to understand Islam, and then think about anything else after it. Without the knowledge of Islaam – one is like an ignorant – who has lost his way and direction.

    If you become a Momin (fear Allah Alone – not USA and allies) – your become free and this is the concept of salvation in Islam, doing everything for the sake of Allah to please Him Alone not to please the Kuffar – who are hunting us from every direction.

  22. Muhammad Ahmad Suphi says:

    @ Abu Muhammad

    Sir, I was just trying to convey that he claims that he is a so called IQBAL follower but he says something and does something else. The thing is sir you are not different than any self proclaimed Muslim over here. If you talk about Jehad. The Jehad which is more important is Jehad e Asghar, which is fight with the self. If you have won the fight with yourself, I am sure no body can make a point on you whether its America or whatever. Picking up the guns, chanting your shameful slogans and running towards the battle field like animals.. I dont think that this is the Islam our Prophet PBUH left for us. Sir you need to go back in history and study it all over again rather than the ideology inherited to you by your elders or ancestors.

    “Dil o Nigaah’ Musalmaan Nahein
    Tu Kuch bhi Nahein”

    Have a happy life with that ideology sir. This ideology can only welcome a genocide or if its more intense than a HOLOCAUST. Being a Muslim is more than thinking like ignorants. What kind of Muslim state do we call ourselves when people die of hunger, but we close our eyes and infact invite them to mosque for prayers. This will not lead us anywhere, until we wake up and do something about the minor issues which hold great importance is life for some real public benefit, not for some purpose which is portrayed good to us by other forces around us. If we dont make ourselves we cannot make anybody else. Take for instance the Afghan Jehad, we knew nothing what we were fighting for who was providing the funds but rather all the Islamic Militia Groups united for business cartels claiming that they are Allah’s soldiers on earth.

  23. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Muhammad Ahmad Suphi

    No where I claimed myself to be different than any other Muslim here. I’d appreciate, if you don’t put your words in my mouth. I’m sorry to say this, but I feel that, you haven’t gone through the Seerah of Prpophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) and the companions properly.

    Do you think that the Islamic Caliphate which extended from east to west – was achieved through Jihad-e-Asghar i.e. to say without taking up arms and fighting against the enemy. Were the Sahaba just going out and distrbuting pumphlets of Islam and request others to become Muslim? I’m afraid, it is not the case. The enforced the Shariah’ and then if someone wanted to know about Islam, they welcome them and taught them and this is the way how we understand it, and this is the way we follow it.

    Now, how insulting it would be for the Sahaba to hear your statement when you say “Picking up the guns, chanting your shameful slogans and running towards the battle field like animals”, while you directly have failed miserably to understand the effort and sacrifice they made, so that we today are Muslims.? So who needs to study the history?

    To explain to you further, I’m not a “Muslim by chance”, I’m a “Muslim by choice”, and I’m not on the inherited idealogy of elders as you claim.

    Ofcourse, none wants to say he is a COWARD – but one can definitely frame it with statements like it’s not ‘Maslilah’, it is ‘suicide’,’holocaut’,’genocide’. The problem is only that we have steeped so low in humiliation, that we’ll only wake up, when the sounds of AK47, Missiles will reach our door steps only. I’m not surprised to hear these comments.

    The fruits of Afghan Jihad – after the conspiracy of USA and allies which came in the end to destroty the Jihaad fruits – was eventually achieved by the First Islamic State by the name “Islamic Emirate of Aghanistan”, in letter and spirit, which enfored Shari’ah, after the end of Caliphate in 1924.

    Furthermore, this thread is not here to discuss the isses related to Jihaad . Since, you left a comment with regard to that, I consider it an obligation to clear such thoughts.

    p.s. I’d appreciate, if you address me without ‘Sir’

  24. Jaydev says:

    You are seriously paranoid! India and Pakistani people not only look “similar” but for most part are “same” with shared history and culture.There are more or as many Muslims in India than in Pakistan. You are just frothing from the mouth about Islamic Caliphate only coz of hatred. Once it is established you wont be able to even go outside your home and enjoy basic human freedom.
    Just talk to women who lived in Saudi Arabia and you will get a sign of things to come in Pakistan. Good luck and hope wisdom prevails in you.

  25. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Jaydev

    Though, your query is referred to Aisha. Let me clarify this matter before hand to you.

    1. We Muslims don’t have any problem with Shari’ah(Islamic System) as a way of Life.
    2. Islamic System is what we live for, and we die for.
    3. Islamic Caliphate is all about ‘Islamic System’
    4. Though, we seem to not show any hatred, but you seem to have problem with Caliphate?
    5. You’ve a misconception that Muslim Women are not allowed basic freedom and doesn’t enjoy any rights in Saudi Arabia or let it be any other land. Muslim Women, by choice, prefer this way of life, and the other person shouldn’t have any problem with regard to it.

    I’d appreciate, if your broaden your search on Islaam. Since you seem to belong from India, I suggest you youtube “Dr. Zakir Naik” to help you with your misconceptions regarding Islaam and Muslim Women.

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