What Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi said about Yusuf Kazzab?

Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi’s first statement was in favor of Yusuf Kazzab because he was un aware of the full details and the very next day when he was approached as to why he has given such statement against murtid Yusuf Kazzab, he clarify his position and said that he was shown only one side of the story by Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid.

Maulana’s both statement are given below. These pages are taken from the book “Fitna e Yusuf Kazzab”.

Also, please note that Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi belong to Barelvi school of thought and so does following well known and well respected Ulama, who actively participate against Yusuf Kazzab (apart from prominent Ulama belonging to other school of thoughts):

Dr Muhammad Sarfaraz Naeemi – Jamia Naeemia Lahore
Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani – JUP (Noorani)
Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi – JUP (Niazi)
Pir Aijaz Hashmi – Cenral Secratory of Information – JUP (Noorani)
Muhammad Saleem Qadri – Quaid – ST
Allama Kaukab Noorani Okarvi
Mufti Abdul Aziz – Dar ul Uloom Amjadia Karachi
Dr Mufti Ghulam Server Qadri – Jamia Rizvia Trust
Muhammad Afzal Qadri – Ameer – Minhaj ul Quran Sahiwal
Shah Fareed ul Haq – Vice President – JUP
Maulana Shoaib Qadri – JUP
Maulana Muhammad Hussain Lakhani – JUP
Pir Safdar Shah – JUP (Niazi)
Maulana Ayaz Niazi – JUP
Shabbir Ahmed Hashmi – Central Ameer – JUP
Sardar Muhammad Khan Laghari – JUP
Dr Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair – JUP
Qari Abdul Hamid Qadri – JUP
Engineer Salimullah Khan – JUP
Muhammad Siddique Qadri – Convenor – ST
Maulana Muhammad Noor Al Mustafa Rizvi – ST

There were a lot more, see complete list available here.

The latest that has reached us is as follows:

“It is a lie that Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi supported Yousf Kazzab.”
A comrade of ours went to mulana Niazais students and they told him the real story. When Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi was very sick,in his last days Yusuf Kazzab went to him, grabbed his feet and started crying.

He told him that he was a true lover and slave of prophet(SA), and that he didnt declare prophecy…in return molana replied“ a bench of ulema should be made to decide your matter…if you are masoom than you will be free and if you are proven wrong than you will be executed…(he didn’t say that yusuf didn’t declare prophecy)…”

After that Yusuf altered this news and told the press as Zaid Hamid says it. The next day Molana Abdus Aattar Niazi condemned it and did a press conference that Yusuf Ali lied about him.


25 comments on “What Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi said about Yusuf Kazzab?

  1. Ajeer e khas says:

    Assalam Alaikum,

    brother you are doing a wonderfull job. just one request please ask all your comrades to also get some written/audio/video statement of all there meetings with the Ulema e Karams. this will speed up our cause.

    wa salam

    Ajeer e Khas

  2. Abu Muhammad says:

    Waalaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    Jazakallah Khair akhi, Remember us on your sincere duas. Insha’Allah, we are moving forward on this and soon Insha’Allah a lot of things will make it’s away here. Bi’Iznillah.

    سفير الاســــــــــــــــلام

  3. Acid says:

    JazakAllah khair,

    It really opened by eyes.

    Zaid Hamid is an outright liar.

  4. haq says:

    dear brothers in islam u all need 2 work hard…a lot now….inshaallah jo bhi haq wo saamnay a k rahay ga…bus ab yusuf ko kazab saabit karna baqi hai…aur mujhay yaqeen hai yeh bhi aap loog jald karliengay..inshallah
    bus yeh kehna tha bohat say loogon ki tarhaan ami bhi is gumraahi ki samndar mai doob rahi thi ALLAah tala nay bacha liya alhamdulillah …
    duago wa talib….
    haq ki taalib..

  5. Abu Muhammad says:


    Waalaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    Insha’allah, we are working hard. The Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat ware taking matter very seriously. Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah keep everyone save from this Fitna. Ameen.

    سفير الاســــــــــــــــلام

  6. Fawad says:

    bUT I HAVE SEEN dr israr ahmed with my eyes. he was with zaid hamid, how can u say he was against yusuf kazzab. i also want to know, why all these ulmas are khamosh and only jalapoori sahab is speaking?

  7. Fawad says:

    how can u say he was kazzab, when there was no court which proved it?

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Fawad

    Please read this:

    Ulama are not silent over this issue:
    See this Video:


    Regarding Dr.Israr, read

    Be patient and Insha’allah you’d know of it. Visit Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Office at your earliest.

    Insha’Allah will be khair.

  9. hesham syed says:

    The photo copies of books attached makes maulana abdusattar niazi second statement dicy – he did not check what are the detail to call yusuf gustakhe Rasool – I am not saying in defence to Yusuf because there are evidences in abundance to understand that he came out of the fold of Islam but our scholars also need to be careful and check on the issues in detail before any statement is made – when zaid came to him and read a few script from Mardey Kaamil ka wasiat nama why sattar niazi issued statement without even reading the whole book or getting to know more about it – This attitude and impulsive behavior really has spoilt our our religious and social environment.

  10. MNBAIG says:

    Assallam O Alaycum Wa Rehmat Allah

    brothers, i am one of those who was very impressed and admired by the style Zaid Hamid presented himself and so was my wife. Well now after all these news both of us are very disturbed who to believe. My wife is not ready to listen any excuse or any word against Zaid Hamid. Any articles from you people and videos of ulemas published on your site were shown to her, but the result was that Zaid Hamid can not lie but these all ulemas are liars.

    She listened the audio of yusuf kazab where he introduced zaid hamid as sahabi (naaoozbillah) but she refused that as well.

    My request to you brothers is to provide more relevant and authentic references so it can be cleared.


  11. Brother Abu Muhammad can you provide some documentary evidence which proves the support of Dr Muhammad Sarfaraz Naeemi – Jamia Naeemia Lahore, against Yusuf ?

  12. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Syed Ali Abuzar

    I’ll Insha’Allah try to find it out but at the same time you can look into the Book “Fitna-e-Yousuf Kazzab” two volumes and you should be be able to find many scholar fatwa related to it. Insha’Allah.

  13. Maqk says:

    Yaar ye Fawad type ke log nayee ids aur nicks k saath wahee sawal poochte hain – they are doing that on purpose to give an impression of innosence for YOusuf Kazzab – bhai Fawad itne bhole Q ban rahe ho – agar waqai bhole ho to itne sangeen maaml;e me begher tahqeeq k Q bol rahe ho???

  14. laraib says:

    jinke ankho aur dill dono par parde pare hon unko na kuch dikhai deta hai na kuch sujhai deta hai

  15. Ahsan says:

    again thz rujoh statment of 10th july is not from actual news paper it is uploaded from that very doubtful book.

    bhayoooo khuda ka wasta hae kay koi khuda ka nayk banda 10th july ka news papers nahy la sakta library se? how stupid it seems kay favor statment to original news papers ki cutting k sath mojod hai lekin Rujoh wala statment is from a Book?
    pleasssseeeee work to find out original news paper

    • Editor says:

      @Ahsan I m not saying that no one should bring the original newspaper. All I am asking is what made the book doubtful – just because Zaid calls it doubtful. But Zaid himself is a proven liar – and since he talks against the book. It makes the book even more credible.

  16. Ahsan says:


    why dont you understand my brother. A book cannot be as reliable as news paper cuttings are. it is also imbalance attempt to provide FAVOR STATEMENT from original news paper and DIS_FAVOR STATEMENT from a book? When i update my friends who are actually fan of zaid hamid i tell them see abdul sattar niazi took his statment back, they say where is it stated? I tell them in a book. They laugh. End of Story.
    Please try to understand. A book meant nothing as far as Ulema’z statements are concerned, any writer can write anything which is un-verifyable. While on the other hand if we can find Maulana abdul sattar’s statment of favor ddirect from news paper, then why cant we find his statement of dis-favor direct from news paper?
    And one more thing i want to tell you. Right now allll the suppporters of zaid hamid are favoring zaid hamid on the basis of just one aailm i-e maulana abdul sattar khan nizai. all other ulama who spoke against yousuf are declared as fasadi, though their given name is of no importance but they are strongly regarding maulana abdul sattar’s statment of 9th july 1997 from news paper. So if ZHE guys can bring up his statment of 10th july direct from news paper, it will blow off like a bomb in Zaid hamid’s supporters.

  17. salman saif says:

    @ zaid hamid fans

    jao aur ja k koi aik bhi zinda aalim ley k aao jo yousuf ali ko kazaab na boley

    phir bat kerna

  18. Ahsan says:

    kya bat hay main jab bhy ye sawal kerta hon kay original news paper le ker ayen to mujhe jawab nahi dia jata. this is doubtful for me as well. Pehle bhy yehi bat 3 dafa keh chuka hon mukhtalif posts pe k maulana niazi ka statment from newsppaper le ker ayen please magar mujhe koi jawb kiu nahy deta. abu muhammad se sawal kya tha pehle or ab mr editor se. Please dont let us down.

    • Editor says:

      @Ahsan Jab original news paper available ho jai ga to online daal dein ge. If you can manage to do so, please let us know and we ll publish it.

      You will be let down, if something that we say is proven false. That has not happened till now and will not happen in future too inshallah.

  19. Ahsan says:

    I live in karachi how can i got o lahore archives liberary. zhe team is more stronger to do so. jab zaid hamid k supporter 9th july wala news paper la sakte hain to phir zhe walay 10th july wala kaisay nahy laye ab tak?
    my friends are insulting me on this and they say that me and zhe team is lying . is ko let down nahy kehte to kya kehte hain mr editor.

    • Editor says:

      @Ahsan you do not have to be in lahore to get the 10th July Khabrain paper. It could be available in some library of Karachi as well. Do discuss Zaid Hamid’s statements about Dr Israr and Dr Israr’s denial of those statements with your friends. And then ask them if we are lying or if Zaid Hamid was lying.

      I am not saying we wont get the news paper. We will, but unfortunately our resources are also limited.

  20. Ahsan says:

    resoucrces are limited? yae kya keh rahey hein?

    or mainay dosto se dr israr wale bat kee thee. they say kahan pay kaha dr israr nay? i showed to them second press release they say it is not frm dr israr it is from his son or dr israr tanzeel i islami ke active member nahy hein bas kismati sae dr israr ka inteql hogaya lekin wo zinda bhy they to chup they. unhen malum tha kay log ghalat fehmi mein hein or samajtay hein kay second press release un kee tarf say nahy. phr bhy unho nay clear nahy kya.

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