Zaid Hamid Threatens 2nd year Medical Student

It will not come as a surprise that in our country those people who heal the wounds of our nation, often face the threat of injury. These threats do not come from accidents or machines, but by rouges that live in our midst. Very often we will hear stories about doctors being hassled and harassed. I have a similar story to share. It will come as a shock to the entire doctor community that a prominent speaker, Zaid Hamid, personally threatened a second year medical student the day before yesterday.

I am a third year student in Shifa Collage of Medicine Islamabad. In early feb, some of our students arranged an Islamic conference to which Mr Zaid Hamid was invited. A controversy arose as there were some allegations that Mr Zaid Hamid had some link with a false prophet named Yousf Kazzab, who was latter sentenced to death. In order to clarify this allegation some of the students went to meet Mr Zaid Hamid. As the student who was threatned(lets call him x), was a very close friend of Mr Zaid Hamid’s son who himself is a first year student at shifa, he too went in that group.

As a big controversy had been created in shifa about Yousf Kazzab, Zaid told X to make a video in which he explained that Yousf Kazzab was innocent and wrongly accused. It was a 58 min video, and X was instructed to show it to people but not at any cost be given to any one or be uploaded to youtube.

X did as he was told but very soon he started receiving threats that he should delete the video or else horrible things will happen to him and his family. The problem was that X had given that video to a few friends including me.

For the past 1 month X has been suffering from sever depression. He took world distinction in A levels and was a top student but Zaid Hamid made him so tense that he missed his neuro science module exam. He stoped meeting people even in college.

The day before yesterday Zaid Hamid called him personally and said “I warn you and I threaten you… If you leak that video there will be blood shed”.

X has no Family in Islamabad. The nearest person he knows lives near Bhawalpur. His father is 75 years old. If they know that there is a threat to his life they will call him back and his future will be lost. I told him to stand up for his rights and he has even stoped talking to me. That is why I am not using his name. I checked whether I should report it to the Police but people told me that Zaid Hamid will lodge an FIR against X. Besides I don’t know much about this kind of stuff.

I really feel angry that a person who is a cream of the Nation is tortured so much and there nothing we can do.

Talha Saad

24 comments on “Zaid Hamid Threatens 2nd year Medical Student

  1. Ahmad says:

    ay imaan waalo jab tumharay paas koi Faasiq Faajir khabar lay kar aay to tahqeeq kar lia karo…so i don’t accept this

  2. Abu Muhammad says:


    This is to inform you that, we are following the group of events that are unfolding very closely with our group, and all the information that you’d see or that will be shared on this blog is with full responsibility.

    For you to assume the other Muslim brothers being ‘fasiq’ is also not correct in the first place without checking. Did you verify it with us before accusing us of being ‘fasiq’? One needs to have correct understanding of the verse of the Holy Quran being one speaks up.

    Hope you’ll understand.

  3. imik says:

    Asalam o alikum

    hairat hai pora media jab jhoti news sunata hai usko koi fasiq nhi kehta .

    lakin jab zaid zaman kazzab ki asliyat samnay lai jati hai to fasiq fasiq k naray lagte hain .

  4. ALI says:

    Bhae video release karoo… kon see video hai.. iss ko iss ke ghar tak le ker jana hai.. aur you know where is his final destination.. by the command of ALLAH….

  5. Adil Pervaiz says:

    well i dont understand why the focus of our community is shifted to one single person? Why dont we talk abt others who are corrupt and their sins are visible to all our nation…we dont know wht zaid hamid is…and we keep on updating false and unproved allegations about him…so please if you really care for Pakistan go and see the poor who are suffering who have to stand for hours to get a bread for their family…think about improving their conditions and strengthen our country…think again and again cuz its not zaid hamid who is active part of our government..

  6. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Adil Pervaiz

    Please visit our “about” section to understand the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog, is simply, to handle the issue and case regarding Zaid Hamid as per Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, which is an International Credible Organization, know to have dealt for the Muslim Ummah the case of Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis.


    There is a lot of difference between a ‘normal sin’ and ‘sin’ that is related to False Prophet according to Shari’ah point of view.

    The demands for such a person, if he doesn’t clear himself of it, is as follows:

    Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has “nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him”. What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past?

    A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following:

    1. Acceptance – Accept publicly and openly that he “did” a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet.
    2. Repentance – Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala.
    3. Disassociate – Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs
    4. Condemn – Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
    5. Tajdeed e Iman – Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly
    6. Tajdeed e Nikah – Do tajdeed of Nikah

    For you to assume that we don’t care about Pakistan and poor people is initially wrong at the first place. We do understand the level of the neediness in our country, but the purpose of this blog is totally different. Kindly see “about” section to know in detail.

  7. Ammar says:

    Bhai jan aap wo medical student wali video release kero … baghir ksi video ke me apki baat pe kasey yaqeen ker lun

  8. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ammar

    What do you mean by ‘Medical Student Video? The Threat was made on the Telephone Call, so how can we produce the video for you?

  9. Ajeer e khas says:

    this totally make sense, if you see the video uploaded by bullehshah007 on youtube, it is dated 28th feb. zaid hamid on the other hand released (left with no choice) it on 3 march. Hur join lashkar e Hussain R.A (subhan Allah).

    i wish this fitna reach a proper court prosecution.

    Baqi rahay naaam Allah Ka

  10. Abu Muhammad says:

    Answer # 1:

    Zaid Hamid had no choice but to show the full video, after he got exposed and it was leaked. This proves that he is a liar at the first place and the credibility of AMTKN is further proven. See our other posts related to it how he has lied on this important issue and denied any sort of links.

    We can’t force you to trust us. It is upto you to beleive what we convey to you. Let’s be assured that from our side it is with full responsibility. You preceive so much ‘good’ of Zaid Hamid, that you can’t see the ‘bad’. Seems like you didn’t see the video correctly, he himself said at the end: “Before these Mulla threat us, we’ll threat them before” [Mind you it is his own words, check it out – so what makes you think he’ll not threat others]

    Answer # 2:

    If we had known before that he’d threat, we’d have made sure that the software of recording is installed and would have recorded it.

    Answer # 3:

    You should speak with proofs about what exactly the Organization has voilated which has reached you.? With your comment, all what you suggest now that we don’t have any sort of responsibility to stop these fitan of Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis or any other fitna that will come? You want the organization to call these Kafir as Muslims now? This is not possible.

    You need to understand Sharia’h intially and then conclude your judgement according to it. We need to worship Allah, not the Ilah of our desires. Whatever suits our desires, that Islam we take, and reject that doesn’t suit us. Is this for what we have been blessing with being a Muslim.

    We are Muslims and we don’t threat other Muslims but rather are merciful among each other.

    We need to think about Islam seriously.

    سفير الاســــــــــــــــلام

  11. zara says:

    Comment #1:

    i am not favouring anyone but if your frd x made a video whch interviews zaid hamid and i have even seen the video on youtube and in it, it is clearly said by zaid hamid tht the video should not be published until he tells to and should be used only for frds n close groups. therefore i do think mr. x is wrong here coz he has voilated an agreement on record. therefore stop trying to gain sympathy by showing tht uf us k sath kitna bura ho ra ha hai n stuff like dt. its his own fault. stop this stupid properganda u ppl hav started..& talking about threats u and i both know threats kis ki tarf sey atey hain n kis ko aarahey hain…n by the way stop saying tht the ppl whu made the video r ur frds, coz u know it wo apko jantey bhi na hongey n its a stupid allegation coz jinhon ney video bnai ha they seemed like educated ppl with having a sound intellect…and as far as i know zaid hamid or hav hrd about him. he could nvr hv gvn a threat ovr such a thing although he has a rite,. but choro.tum logon sey behas krna fazul hai,, coz u guys take every positive thing in a negative manner.

    Comment #2:
    and abu muhammad sahib agr threat phn sey ai thi tow apney record ni in wow ni yad ni raha or its just u know..y…???? n stop it mara.,,call trace bhi ni krwai.

    Comment #3:
    and talking about ur organisations credibility,,,well i do hav my doubts about ur workings coz recently i hv hrd many cases whr ur organisation has voilated laws and has not even come in the lime lite.,,as in i know hr jaga kuch log corupt zarur hotey hain jis ki waja sey purey groups badnaam hotey hain.,,but y dont we leave the blame game.
    as in i believe there is one god n there is nothing equal to him.and i hav also learnet tht all religions preach this thing..isnt it…so y dont we leave the bahas n believe in our allah and baki sab ko chorian..

    pls i realy wana know,,pls do clarify Abu muhammad sahib as in k isnt it all us and our we cant force ppl to believe wat we feel is rite.

    coz i hv hrd cases whr some ppl frm ur organisation hv threatened some ppl k yey ho jaye ga, wo ho jaye ga,and stuff like tell me,,isnt it wrong.Prophet muhammad (saw) ney bhi to peace ka msg dia tha n even non believers were alowed to keep thier own faith,,so main aur app kaisey kisi ko force kr saktey hain..
    wat about sectarian violence…isnt it wrong,,dont u feel hamarey sath divide and rule wali policy use ho rai ha,,whr hamm religion ki behas sey nikal hi ni paa rahey..
    kia hamien apney khuda pey bharosa ni…???kia hamien Quran pak pe bharosa ni..
    ham hr waqt is kashmakash ka kyun shikar rehtey hain k hai hamarrey religion ko ye kharab kr gaya ya wo kr gaya..for god sake.,,khuda ney tow khud is ki zimadari li hui ha, k wo is ko sambhaley main koi adal o badal ni hosakti…

    insan tow khuda ki makhluk hai,insan ko khuda ney paida ham kaisey aisi cheez ki responsibilty uthaney ka sochain jis k barey main khuda ney khud zimadari li..
    khuda ki marzi k bagair tow pata bhi ni hilta,
    ,agr mainey aapp ka blog parha n abb app ko kuch likh rai hun, tow is main bhi tow khuda ki marzi hai..

    i hope mainey kuch ghalat ni kha ho.. aur kisi ko meri baat buri na lagey..agr lagi,tow main mafi maangti hun..but i just wrote wat i feel write now..i dont know if i m rite or wrong..
    ..& ps..i hope i wont get a threat…
    allah hafiz.take care.

    [Edited:Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Combined your 3 comments in one]

  12. Asa says:

    If he was so threatened by zaid hamid. Why didn’t he erase the video? Why did he keep on fighting back? Eventhough he had so much to lose. Were there people with him that didn’t want him to erase it? Who were they? or he was just trying to be a hero, won bhi filmi???? I don’t get it?????

  13. lolz says:

    akhir kaar fitna barh gaya . aur log zaid hamid ka jurrm daikhne k baad bhi usko defend kar rhe hain .

  14. EyeOpener says:

    Leave aside this Issue of his link with Yusaf Kazzab…….For those who defend ZH blindly, do not you people watch his programs carefully? or you donot have basic understanding of islam at all?

    He in his talks many a times has made many statements and even full programs which are in contrary to Islamic basic teachings. For example, his series of program, on Naimat Allah Shah Wali (full of crap, shirak and Kharafat). This program has been removed from PKKH site along with loads of people comments quoting Quran and Hadith to prove him wrong…….PKKH administrators first said we are talking this link off for maintenance and soon upload that again? What king of hollow argument that is……its been long time now they have never made that link live again………..

    In his confess he accepted that Yusaf claimed Khilafat-e-Uzma… all listeners of ZH are actually educated lot, can you do a little research that where this concept of Khilafat in sufism and imamat in Shiaism has come from and what kind of beliefs are associated with these termenologies…… both these sects an imam and Khalifa (maz Allah) are greater than a Nabi and some time equal to Allah.

    I know most of you blindly follow ZH as he talks abt pakistan…from the history cant you see a person who over-claim his association to some thing is in fact is a liar… By accepting wrong concepts abt islam on the name of pakistan and loose iman is of not good to no one…….

    Sadly, our pakistani youth has poor knowledge about every thing (a survey done by Talat Hussain in Live with Talat) and yet pakistan’s biggest population is youth and ZH is targeting this big population from their weak side.

  15. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Asa

    Please, don’t try to dig ‘deep’ into the issue. This is a ‘leaked’ video and somehow it has reached the public now – Alhamdulillah. We should praise Allah, that He helped us from His Mercy to expose this person, who was very fond of his ‘Media Games’ and now the same ‘Media’ with the help of Allah, Insha’Allah, will make him stand to justice of Islam.

    Be patient and don’t be suspicious of your other Muslims Brothers. It is sin.

    • EyeOpener says:

      I repent to Allah (SWT) for sounding like suspecting of my own muslim brothers, but I care about them as a muslim brother and I urge them to think abt wot i said and do some research for their own betterment……..

      Be careful of new concepts in deen and do acquire true knowledge of Islam thats your shield InshaAllah from all ind of fitnas.

      I hope you will get my message in +ve sense and please do remember this humble brother of yours in your prayers.

  16. Ahsan says:

    Zaid Hamid nae poori kAUM or PAKISTAN army ko Pakistan kae Mujahideen jo wazitistan kay Khilaaf kiyaa …

    Pakistan army or Quam ko Ghaz e Hind ka jhansa day ker or Jazbati batain kerkay Ghumarah kiya

    Or Dosri tarf Waziristan or Swat kae Mujahideen jo America ko martain hain un kae secular islam ko tasleem nai kertay un ko deshat gard or Agent bana ker logon kay GUSAY ko uchala….

    Alhamdu-Lillah ALLAH ki Insaaf ki LAGHTI agayee hae…
    Suma Alahamdu-Lillah Suma Alhamdu-Lillah…

    Wazristan kae Mujahideen nae Abu Ghujana kae sath mil ker aik ZABERDAST plan banaya or CIA kae 9 top class agenton ko JAHANAM raseed kiya wo KESAY CIA kae agent ho saktain hain….Zaid Hamid nae behtreen Musalmano per ILZAAM laga ker DOSKH mae jaga kharid li hae….Pakistan army ko ab in Mujahideen kae sath SULAH kerkay kae AMerica kay KHILAAF khara hona chahyae or Islam ko Pakistan mae mukamil nafiz kerna chahyae…Jahan Fahsahi, behayai, jhoot, rishwat, nainsaafi, soodi banking naazam , cable, porn website, music, drinkin, gambling or sub Burayan Pakistan ki Sirzameen sae Pak ho jai or Pakistan waki Pak logon ki rehnay ki Jaga bun jai Na kae American kae secural Islam ki Jaga…

    Salam dosto DUA mae yaad rakhain..

  17. Amen Ibrahim says:


    All I want is say is that you are doing a great job. May Allah give the power and protect you from all dangers. I have my personal study and understanding about this topic and I can understand that things will not remain that simple and easy going because Zaid Hamid can do anything to save himself. Unfortunately, he is getting all the support from ARMY. Of course the Ahle-Hadith support ARMY and vice versa so just to avoid direct involvement by appointing people from agencies, ARMY can arrange Lashkar-e-Tayyaba’s commandos for his protection. Things are quite complex. About the scholars, let me add that Zaid Hamid is a big liar. Just by doing one program with Dr. Israr, he can claim the Dr. Israr supports him fully and this is how he is running the show.

    May Allah guide us and help us to fight for our religion because our religion is our true identity.

  18. OpenUrEyes says:

    I don’t think your playing of “liar” card holds any clout. No one is such a truth teller these days and it applies to all. My biggest anger is against the Maulvis who create bigger fitna by dealing with issues EMOTIONALLY. Blasphemy laws have become more of a weapon against opponents. We have been so declined intellectually as Muslims that for us there is NO other issue worth attention than creating violent protests against, say drawing of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh)’s cartoons. As if it is the MOST important issue Muslims face today. We are NOT concerned at all how bay-namazi our youths are, how many social evils we have in our society. These ulemas will spent time giving verdicts against different group as kafirs while NOT DOING ANYTHING about Zakheera-Andoz, Kidnappers, murderers. I have rarely seen them engaging in acts of getting a poor person set up an independant business by loaning (or arranging to loan) money.

    That is really the cause of our downfall.

    None of these guys have given any proofs against the falsehood of Yousuf. Give us his lectures, his books, his interviews so we know how wacky he was. If Yousuf is really that bad, then Muslims will be able to deduce such from his writings

    But these “Mullah” only show opinionated articles against him which attempts to divert your attention against Yousuf.

  19. Abu Muhammad says:


    Your comment are nullified because

    1) If you don’t know about the subject of “Takfeer”, then it doesn’t legitimize you to speak on it and accuse the Ulama. Accept your lack of knowledge and start practicing being quiet,if you don’t know.

    2) If the love of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) does not draw you to come out to follow the Sahaba, you’ve only to blame yourself.

    3) In Islam, your only accountable for a deed, if you’ve the capacity. From which angle of Islam, have you learned that it is for Ulama to take care of Zakheera-Andooz, Kidnappers, Murderers?

    4) If you had known how the Ulama live, or want to live and their own simple life, which is free from any materialistic gains. You’d not have said what they said? Beside how many Ulama do you know who are rich to accomplish this task?

    5) Yousuf Kazzab has been convicted and was already convicted. After 12 years, you realized it, and now out of Love of Zaid Hamid, you’ve decided to speak for him to defend Kazzab. If the 24 eye-witnesses, who fell prey to this Fitna of Yousuf Kazzab, along with other evidences to support it, doesn’t satisfy you, then we can’t do much for you. Then, all can be said for you is – Love is Blind – and the love of Zaid Hamid has already made you blind with this statement.

    6) It is the same Ulama who have protected the Ummah against the fitnah of Qadyani’s and Lahoris, so, don’t tell us about what these Ulama’s are.

    7) If someone draws a naked photo or statue of someone’s wife outside his house, and that person doesn’t respond to that blasphemy towards his wife, as a love for her; then I doubt on whether that person loves his wife or not. Don’t try to response to this, telling me that your moderated enough to let it go.

    The cause of our downfall is that people like you, who love to speak for Shari’ah and Islaam, while not knowing anything about it.

  20. Waqas says:

    I’ll be very straight forward here… I m not a die hard fan of zaid hamid but when a mujahid (he did jihad in afghanistan) says he believes in prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and anyone who doesn’t is a lanti, its enough for me. I belive u zaid sb!

    One thing more, i request u all not to follow anyone blindly… chahay zaid hamid ho ya koi bhi molvi… Her point ko individually judge karna chahiye Islamia teachings per aur phir jo theek ho usay accept karna chahiye… I mean dont follow people, follow islamic beliefs.

    Ooper kissi nay kaha, khalifa nabi k brabar hota hai ya khuda k bhi… what bull**it! Banda thori aqal to use karay aisay comments denay se pehlay.
    Islamic history check karain, its khilafat concepts speak for itself.

    In the end, i think zaid hamid has done a great job in waking up our youth… he may be wrong in some beliefs (shah naimat ullah type) but that doesn’t matter much to me… bcoz almost her sect main kuch na kuch different beliefs hain issi liay to prophet muhammad s.a.w nay 71 sects ban’nay ki zikar kiya tha.

    Anyways, cool it off guys… yousaf nay shayed nabi honay ka daava kiya ho ga (i haven’t seen any proof yet) laikin zaid hamid nay nahin kiya… so he is still a muslimi to me, regardless of molvi’s statements.

    • Editor says:

      @Waqas Many Zaid Hamid fans say that show us one unislamic word or statement of Zaid Hamid for them here is something to think over.

      If a person claims to be a prophet and some other person supports him or dont call him a Kazab, this other person also becomes a murtad and kafir. Zaid Hamid fails to call Yusuf a Kazzab, which is Kufar.

      Following such a person will lead you no where in this life and here after.

  21. a2ztruth says:

    Editor : Waqas seem to be another child like character or a complete vegetable who does not even know the basics of what Hurmatey Rasool (s.a.w) mean – he has not found any prooof of Yusuf impersonating Muhammed ( s.a.w ) , how could he ? when he and like him are blind folded and Zaid defending Yusuf does not mean any thing to him – Those who knew Zaid and Yusuf both and all Ulemaas fatwaas and Court verdict also does not mean any thing to him and his like obviously because they are illetrate , blind folded and incapacitated damn fools.
    These characters represent satanic soul – so dont discuss , argue with them it will not work – either pray for them that Allah may guide them or let them go to Hell.

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