Zaid Hamid Admits his Links to Yousuf Kazzab and Defends him

The Exegesis:

  1. He still defends Yousaf Kazzab and defends him through his ‘Shari’ah Interpretation’, implying thereby as if the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat don’t have any record on it.
  2. He insulted the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying they were threatening the court, to pass judgement against Yousuf Kazzab.
  3. He insulted the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying words like ‘Maulvi beech phass gayee”, “Maulvi beech main ghusair diyee gayyee” “paisoon waisoon kay chakkar main”. In other plain words, he accused Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat that they had ‘wordly motives of money’ and again doesn’t prove it.
  4. He is totally misrepresenting facts. This has been replied as under:Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid’s enmity because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with Yusuf Kazab?A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid, and take rest of the evidences, which are too much, coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have any “proof” that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs. Its an open challenge for any one.
  5. He blamed the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by saying that ‘they were bought by the Khabrain Akhbar’. Again a lie which he has prefected from his predecessor – Yousuf Kazzab
  6. He consideres still Yousuf Ali not a Kazzab and considers him to be a Muslim and Scholar.
  7. Regarding the issue of Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi, Zaid Hamid is lying again. The following is the fact: (Br. Talha Saad)
    “It is a lie that Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi supported Yousf Kazzab.”

    A comrade of ours went to mulana Niazais students and they told him the real story. When Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi was very sick,in his last days Yusuf Kazzab went to him, grabbed his feet and started crying.

    He told him that he was a true lover and slave of prophet(SA), and that he didnt declare prophecy…in return molana replied“ a bench of ulema should be made to decide ur matter…if you are masoom than you will be free and if you are proven wrong than you will be executed…(he didnt say that yusuf didnt declare prophecy)…”

    After that Yusuf altered this news and told the press as Zaid Hamid says it. The next day Molana Abdus Aattar Niazi condemned it and did a press conference that Yusuf Ali lied about him.

  8. He said he’ll keep 9mm Pistol with him, we’ll make a judge, whoever is proved wrong he’ll put a hole in his head.
  9. Since, when the punishment of lying became death penality instead of lashes?
  10. Calls that he’ll have the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat hanged and lashed. Is this how a sensible person will talke Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat who defended this Ummah from the fitnah of Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis?
  11. He doesn’t want to clear himself from the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat by excusing that there is no Islamic Law. With this excuse, the Qadyanis should be called Muslims as well, because there was no Islamic Law when they were called Kafir.
  12. Accusing Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of doing a naPak-Paleet Game-plan against him.
  13. Called Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat as the most ‘ghatiah’ (low) Maulvi on earth? Is this the adab and manners to those who defend Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of Prophet (s)?
  14. Doesn’t give any appropriate answer against from here he made all this Videos and who was sponser of it?
  15. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat ‘Bloody Liers’.
  16. Makes fun of their Beards, Imamah’s and makes fun of Aalmi Masjlis e Tuhafzze-e-Nabuwwat. They will listen absues from me.
  17. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat murderers (May be he is showing is anger of his False Prophet being murdered on them), accused lies ( Same case, defendsFalse Prophet Yousaf Kazzab).
  18. Zaid Hamid become a ‘Shariah Judge’ passes judgement on the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat and says they should be punished by lashes.
  19. Doesn’t want to make this evidences on public. [It is public now]
  20. He doesn’t for the sake of ‘Allah’ as well as ‘Messenger’ (s), though being a Muslim we do things only for the sake of ‘Allah’.
  21. Lies that Dr. Israr and other groups are with us. Dr. Israr and group already apologized for associating with him because he was not aware and personally he has met Zaid Hamid only two times.
  22. Calls Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat corrupt and criminal. Accuses Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat of distorting ‘Shariah’ and letting it apart.
  23. Allah and Rasool say koi darta hai? ( A Muslim only fear Allah Alone). He has some freak concepts.
  24. Doesn’t recite the word of Allah correctly. It doesn’t start with ‘Tu’minoona’, it starts with ‘Afa Tu’minoona’.
  25. Khabrain Newspaper is famous blackmailer. Proofs? (Like this then every Newspaoer should be called blackmailer)
  26. He doesn’t even consider that it was blasphemy case, but rather goes against the judgement of court, saying it abused the law.
  27. ‘Doo takay kay Maulvi’
  28. He doesn’t even consider ‘Yousuf Kazzab’ and this is how he defends him still. Shariat’ rules don’t implement on Yousuf Ali – so we can’t call him Kazzab.
  29. Tells Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat that “They can go to hell”, called them liars, criminals. They have spoiled religion. Call them terrorists. Accused them that the TTP is behind the Ulama of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat. They are Fraud. They are not worth it.
  30. Calls it Deobandi-Brailvi Issue
  31. Called the document of “Khatame-e-Nabuwwat” as ‘Bunch of Rubbish”
  32. He doesn’t give a damn about the Maulvis ( Refering to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars”)
  33. Says that the High Court is threatend by Maulvis (Refering to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars”)
  34. Calls the Nizam – Kufar ( If someone else would have said it, would not have been left like that)
  35. Maulvis are corrupt and calls them Fasadi( Refereing again to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars)
  36. Maulvis ( Refereing again to Khatame-e-Nabuwwat Scholars ) are told to behave. If they don’t behave they will be prosecuted also. This is like making a Fasad.
  37. Proud of his ‘Media’ and says they are ‘The Media’.
  38. There will be no security threat on us. We will ‘threat’ these Maulvis. We haven’t done this yet, and they are coming on top of us just for nothing.
  39. He seenms to defends his claiming of Prophethood, through mystercism and spirtuality.

To sum it up what he said, he holds ‘respect’ the Ulama of Khatame-e-Nabuwwat as follows:

Maulvi, Maulvi Ghusair diyee gayee, Maulvi paisoon ke waja say andar aye, get lashes, naPak Paleet Plan of Maulvis, Ghatiah(low), Bloody liers, Makes fun of their Beards, Imamah’s and makes fun of Aalmi Masjlis e Tuhafzze-e-Nabuwwat, abuses for them, murderers, fasadis, accusers, corrupt, criminals, destroyer of shariah, Do takay kay maulvi, They can go to hell, They are Liers, Fraud, Terrorists, Fasadi. They will be prosecuted if they don’t listen to Zaid Hamid. Tells that he’ll threat the Maulvis.

Document (English): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-exegesis
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-1
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-2
Video (Urdu): zaid-hamid-accepts-his-link-to-yousuf-kazzab-3

53 comments on “Zaid Hamid Admits his Links to Yousuf Kazzab and Defends him

  1. imik says:

    Asalam o alikum

    pehle to ye is kazaab nay youth ko bewakoof bana kar apne sath kiya .

    aur ap khul kar yousuf kazab ko defend kar rha hai kio k ye janta hai k is k sath kafi
    log jama ho chukay hain aur mulk main fasad hoga aur ye is terha say revenge lega .

    khair ye bar bar shariyat ki bat kar raha hai isne khud to shariyat ki dhajiyan uda di hain .

  2. hilali parcham says:

    Is this true or not that punishment for flase accusation of zina is lashes and qazaf ? then when the court says AMTKM accused yusuf of zina and did not produce 4 witnesses then should they not be lashed and their evidence inadmisable ?? whats so complicated about it ?? ZH is right. these fasadi mullahs are takfiris and liars in the eyes and sharia of Allah.

    • HAIDER says:

      I dont get it. What did Zaid Hamid say that you think is wrong? Did he say he follows Yousaf? No! what he said was is to follow the proper procedure of Sharia Laws. And please do not think that it is the same old public that was there 20 years ago… the generation today is way too smart to fall in your trap buddy. If you are a true Ashiq e Rasool (SAW) then kindly go remove zardari and is gang and give a shutup call to altaf. nawaz and rest of the rubbish… In your book a person fighting to implement Sharia in the society is a Ghustakh e Rasool (SAW) and people ignoring Sharia and embracing a fitna called JAMHOORIAT are the champions of Islam. And plese while u’re at it also teach a lesson to maulana fazalurrehman that selling diesel across the border without paying taxes is also against Islam as it breaks the law.

      Do what you must… InshAllah the true Ashiq e Rasool (SAW) will win this time and always!

  3. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Hilali Parcham

    Ask Zaid Hamid to take the Ulama of Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat (AMTKN) to Fedearal Shariah’ Court on grounds of Qazaf, if he thinks he is right.

    First, Zaid Hamid says that he doesn’t claim to be scholar, on second accounts, he becomes the ‘judge’ and issues the fatwa of ‘Qazaf’.

    You need to understand that Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat (AMTKN) is a very credible organization on these issues who have taken a stand against Qadyanis and Gohari Shahis fitnas before as well? What is making you question AMTKN credibility?

    Also, by quoting these scholars as ‘Takfiris’ and ‘Liars’ in the eyes of Shariah, you yourself become liable to doing false accusation and liable to lashes? Right?.

    When was the last time you sincerely checked up with AMTKN on this issue. Go and check now, it is never too late even now.

  4. Fawad says:

    this blog missed a lot of questions and presented only the material which is exposing only the one picture

    1) Khatam e nabuwat guys declared yosuf kazzab zaaani, session judge didnt declare it in his judgement. Khatam e nabuwat guys should explain this

    2) they should also show both sides of pictures, like the nation quotation and the abdul sattar niazi statment. they r showing it when zaid hamid exposed it? i want to know why khatam e nabuwat guys are hiding the picture and showing one side.

    3) why no ulma came in that case judgement?

    4) they didnt tell about the person who observed yousuf kazzab blasphemy and then filed the case?

  5. Fawad says:

    Please do not just put the summary, but also the answer of his questions

  6. Fawad says:

    Also put yosuf kazzab beyan, please dont verdict any thing, let the people decide

  7. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Fawad

    1. Did you check up with KHTAM-e-Nabuwwat regarding the decisions?

    2. Regarding Abdul Sattar Niaza Case

    The latest that has reached us is as follows:

    “It is a lie that Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi supported Yousf Kazzab.”
    A comrade of ours went to mulana Niazais students and they told him the real story. When Molana Abdus Sattar Niazi was very sick,in his last days Yusuf Kazzab went to him, grabbed his feet and started crying.

    He told him that he was a true lover and slave of prophet(SA), and that he didnt declare prophecy…in return molana replied“ a bench of ulema should be made to decide your matter…if you are masoom than you will be free and if you are proven wrong than you will be executed…(he didn’t say that yusuf didn’t declare prophecy)…”

    After that Yusuf altered this news and told the press as Zaid Hamid says it. The next day Molana Abdus Aattar Niazi condemned it and did a press conference that Yusuf Ali lied about him.

    What Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi said about Yusuf Kazzab?

    Zaid Hamid was lying about Yousuf Kazzab

    Barelvi Ulema demanded that Yousuf Kazzab be hanged immediately

    3. No Ulama on judgement case? How absurd is a person who doesn’t know what a ‘witness’ is. A witness is a person who himself have listened or seen the person saying something. If the Ulama were not witness to what Yousuf Kazzab said in his private gatherings, then, they will definitely say that they were not ‘witness’ to Yusuf Kazzab statement’s. Too difficult to comprehend?.

    The Ulama were not there as ‘witness’ but they were definitely there, as a party who pushed that case. Thus, how can you claim so absurdly, that there were no Ulama.

    4. If your so curious to know the answers, give Khatm-e-Nabuwwat a visit instead of sitting and advocating for Zaid Hamid.

    We not giving any verdicts. We are explaining the issues.

    You need to trust the Ulama Credibility, rather than put Zaid Hamid credibility over Ulama of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat which has defended the Ummah with the Kazzab of Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis.

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  10. ather says:

    mero dostoo is say pehlay mai nay bohat suna zaid hamid kay baray main zarra bar
    kya zaid hamid ka mission jo brasstacks say lecture kay surat main diye hayn woh sahi hai woh fact right hayn ya wrong pls tell me that…. he is right or wrong dostoo yeh mission jari rahay ga zaid sahab hoon ya nahi mujhay kuch ikhtilaf hay magar yaqeen karo mujhay unki kahe hui bat zarra bara bar shak nahi i check whatever he say in every lecture.

    1-ImamAhmed ibn habal ko sach baat kehnay per kandhay toor diyeh gay
    is tarah ki misal bohat hay

    2-Allama iqbal when he praise the bait system in qadyani once he too called qadyani

    3- Moulana Moududi ko kuch moulvi kafir aur shia kehtay hain(mai nay khud parha mufti rasheed ki kitab main when i confirm with those refrences the story was diff)

    4- Zaid sahab jo keh rahay hayn is say say tamam mojudah nizam jo bhi system hay us say saf saf takrau hay is tarah yeh aik ilzam aur bhi lagayn gay for eg woh security firms jo baherki hain unko advice detay hayn jo kay aksar yahudi hayn etc …

    magar meray bhaiyoh asal bat ye umkay program main kya koi bat hui

    thora sa main apko qadyani ki tareef bataun
    yeh to apko maloom hay kay qadyani ap (saw) ko akhri nabi nahi mantay ky apko maloom hay woh jihad kay sakht inkari hayn nabi ki authority kay bad unho nay jahad ko kaladam ker diya.

    zaid sahab per her ilzam lag sakta hay nahi lag sakta to qadyani ka kyun kay koi qadyani jahad ki bat kabhi nahi kerta app sab aqal kai nakhun lain applogon ko ho kya gaya hay zaid sahab
    ap ka mission apka anahi Allah ka hay Allah is ko jari rakhay ga inshaallah baqi jawad zaid sahab nay day diya hay.

  11. danish says:

    If you want to prove some one wrong…im sorry this is not the right way to do it. Come with a video of your self and prove in a very mannerful way…..I dont agree how you just potray him(Though im not a fan of him and neither yours). Provide us an argument not what you think out of all the videos you have posted./

  12. asad says:

    i was not a fan of this person but thank you so much for showing these Videos i thought that their would be a wrong link between Zaid hamid and yusuf whatever u people say !! but i m damn sure that u don’t know the real negative power of media !! zaid hamid is the true person !! first 3 videos are proving his honesty !!
    infect as friend if someone accuse my friend in some false issue i would help him as much as i could !! same thing is happened here too !! zaid just tried to protect his friend and media also involved him too !! and that z all !!
    now i m the fan of Zaid hamid !! its all about understanding the view point !! you would also understand …only if u want to !
    but human is selfish by nature he just see what he wants to and ignores the reality !

  13. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Danish

    We just convey the truth and we are not liable to make you convince on it. This comes from Allah Alone.

  14. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ather

    Are you defending Zaid Hamid or are you defending Yousuf Kazzab?

    Please don’t degrade the scholars of Islam by comparing them with Zaid Hamid( Zaid Hamid is not a scholar and himself says he is not a scholar nor claim one).

    What Zaid Hamid is saying, is nothing new. Islaam has already delivered the message to you. It is time that you open up by yourself the Book of Allah and follow Shair’ah in your life and attain the mercy of Allah.

    If Zaid Hamid is really sincere in the issues of Jihad, then ask him to take a brigade and reach Afghanistan and Iraq at the earliest, and help those Muslims who are fighting against the USA Invaders, rather than doing speeches without ACTIONS. This is all nothing but deception.

    If your really sincere in seeking truth, visit Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat at your earliest and understand that by advocating for Zaid Hamid your actually defending Yousuf Kazzab

    سفير الاســــــــــــــــلام

  15. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Asad

    Before understanding and accepting the view point of Zaid Hamid, you should first upgrade yourself to view point of Islaam on this issue. For this visit our about section for further clarification and read the interview that has been published.

  16. Shahryar says:

    You people are just narrating one side of the story … If u wanna prove him wrong then post the videoes by those ulemas and others as well … Let the people decide themselves … You really dont have to force people or try to convince them that what you think …

  17. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Shahryar

    We are narrating the ‘other’ side of the story. We are no way forcing people nor are convincing them. We are just ‘conveying’ the truth as it has reached us.

    It is for you to prove now that Yosuf Kazzab was not a Kazzab not us. Go and visit Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Scholars, if your really seek the truth.

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  19. Syed Faisal Ali says:

    The thing is, there is a lot truth that this person zaid hamid said on his video.. if the people who think that zaid hamid is wrong, think that zaid hamid is a real big issue, then they must go to him and talk to him on the issue, present him the evidence you people have, make a video of it and publicize it..let the general public decide on the basis of that debate rather then arguments that you people are presenting.. if u cant do that then u have no right to speak against him at his back… it is very easy to make a blog or community on a site and keep commenting on it without any big evidence…

    i do not support this guy, as there are many doubts regarding his personality,therefore i do not follow him much.. but i do oppose this histeria being created without having the boldness to face the man..

    i , rather loads of people will appriciate your effort of having a debate with the guy live… If he has nothing to hide, or be ashamed of, then he must clear his stance in public….

  20. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Syed Faisal Ali

    Our stance is very clear which is presented in the about section.

    Please read our entry on this blog titled:
    Refutation: Zaid Hamid said,”Molvis should come to me to clear it”

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  22. Faisal says:

    Well this guy who posted all this crap showed a sign of back biting. He always says this or that about Islam but he forgot to mention that backbiting is an action of a unbeliever.

    If you are so sure about that then come and visit my office at AJ News in Karachi.

  23. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Faisal

    How can you call this back biting. Do you really know what back biting is? Zaid Hamid is saying all this in front of everyone and admits everything?

    For your Islamic Knowledge, which I fail to see any, back biting is not related to unbeliever. It can be considered as a common sin, which can be found in muslim and non-muslim.

    The problem with so-called media like yourself, is that, you love sitting in air-conditioning offices, and expect that all the news reach you in our office table. Time has come for you to stop eating easy-cooked-cakes and come out to know the truth and defend the truth.

    Also, from where would we know that who your ? Where your working? What is your designation? Is it another way of just passing a comment on this blog, without any proper sincerity?

  24. Abdul Rehman says:

    @Abu Muhammad….

    First of all I am not going to defend Zaid Hamid

    Point 1: I am neither supporting nor denying whether Yusuf Ali proclaimed to be a Prophet because i don’t trust the justice system of Pakistan…
    Point 2: If we suppose that it was you on whom the same allegations were made and suddenly people started calling you Abu Kafir or something like that and if they ask your brother or your dearest friend who are sure that you couldn’t do this sort of thing will they say that they know Abu Kafir and you should be hanged without any credible proof…. Infact they will fight for you….
    Point 3: If in actual if Yusuf Ali’s prophecy claim was all a hoax and not true as you mention in your post as well that he said to Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi that he doesn’t claims to be a Prophet so Zaid Hamid might be fighting for a good cause….
    Point 4: Even if Yusuf Ali claimed to be a Prophet and there is no credible proof of even then we cannot say he is kafir and leave everything to Allah to punish him in Aakhrut….
    Point 5: I never heard Zaid Hamid say that Yusuf Ali was a prophet and he strongly condemns that notion and believes on Khatam-e-Nabuat….
    Point 6: A person is innocent until proven otherwise… And trust me you don’t wanna trust our judiciary on that… or you might never had the chance to be involved in the case….
    Point 7: If Zaid Hamid is supporting Yusuf knowingly that he claimed to be a Prophet and still it cannot be credibly proven that he did claim it or not you cannot brand Zaid Hamid like you do until he admits himself or proven….
    Point 8: I disagree with him in the same regard branding the mullahs as being money lovers and stuff because the same logic applies to him…. If he has proof then he should come to court….
    Point 9: You say you are putting in facts then why is it i see a negative tone in your posts…. Isn’t it hypocrisy on your side…. One one hand you say you are just posting facts and not forcing your opinions and on the other hand i see a statement “Zaid Hamid Defends HIS False Prophet”…. Either have the courage to say that you are trying to make people think that Zaid Hamid is doing Blasphemy or change your posts and write them as a neutral…

    I don’t know when will this hypocrisy stop on both sides and when will we Muslims start accepting each other… We keep on calling each other Kafir and then going to war against each other…. We keep on differentiating each other on being Barelvis, deobandis, ahle-hadees, shias…. and when that is not enough we start differentiating by calling ourselves Punjabis, Pakhtoons, Sindhis and Balochis…. I don’t know when we will learn to live with each other and for each other….

    May Allah bless us all as Muslims and as Pakistanis…..

  25. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Abdul Rehman

    1. If you don’t trust the justice system of Pakistan, then you shouldn’t even call Qadyanis and Gohar Shahis Kafir also.
    2. The point is that for Yousuf Kazzab – the 24 witnesses along with other evidences – was enough to declaer him Kafir.
    3. Where did we claim that, he doesn’t claim to be a Prophet? Have your facts right and study our case properly.
    4. There is more than credible proof but the problem is that your eyes are blinded enough not to accept it.
    5. Every liers says, he is not a lier. You’ve to understand the concepts of Yousaf Kazzab properly, before you conclude. Even Qadyanis say that they don’t consider Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani as Prophet, so do you take their evidence and words into count ?
    6. Even if for the sake of argument, let’s leave judiaciary aside, what about the crediblity of Khamt-e-Nabuwwat? If you suspect them as well,then it is your problem.
    7. Zaid Hamid has no credibilty to go against the Ijma of scholars in Yosuf Kazzab case. If he thinks his Prophet was falsely murdered, he should re-open the case.
    8. That is what we are asking him to do.
    9. Excuse me – have you read our stance or is it unfortunate that poor english comprehension is leading you to say all this? What we are saying is that we are just ‘conveying’ the message, we are not ‘convincing’ here.

    Secetarian issue is a different thing, and this issue has nothing to do with it.

    Unfortunately and Unintentionally, your all points just ended by defening Yousuf Kazzab and thus defending Zaid Hamid. Honestly, brother, think about it, where are you heading?

    Isn’t it high time we start learning our religion, before we come and conclude things ’emotionally’ rather than ‘rationally’. ?

  26. Abdul Rehman says:

    @Abu Muhammad….

    The same thing i posted on an other post…. Then i guess we should consider Heera Mandi in lahore to be correct according to Islam as it is also a judgement of the court of Pakistan in the light of Islam…. :/…. The thing is that we should only blindly follow what Allah and His prophet says…. And not blindly follow what the Ullema say….

    Zaid Hamid lies… about 99% people do that…. I will start to curse him the day its proven to me that he committed blasphemy…. So I am now just waiting when everything will be crystal clear…. I wish you guys best of luck because you are going for a good cause as your niyat is saaf….. I won’t say that you win your case but pray that may Allah reveal the truth…. :)…. And brother I just don’t follow any of Zaid Hamid’s Zionist ideas and have only listened to just a few minutes of one of his talks :)….. Its just that my rational thinking didn’t convince me on his ideas….. but same was the case above that my rational thinking some how made my points in favor or him…..

    May Allah be with you…..

  27. Fahad says:

    Well, why you people just accuse or play blame game and all…. Just listen what Zaid Hamid ask for nation to do? If he is not doing justice with Pakistan, if what he says to end this corrupt govt. if wrong.. then just don’t follow him. But if he is right, what he says and do you think is right, then do right… He is not forcefully asking you to follow him. I Personally think that the initiative in this era taken by Zaid Hamid is really a great and remarkable achievement. I think its worth taking part in TAKMEEL-e-PAKISTAN movement. We should have Khilafat-e-Rashida here in Pakistan. These corrupt Govt. puppets should be hanged.

  28. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Fahad

    How can Zaid Hamid claim to establish Khilafah, while he is a government supported man, especially assigned to keep the youth diverted from the real issues?

    Will Zaid Hamid fight the Government of Pakistan to establish Khilafah? These are like fair tale stories, which are full of words,and void of actions.

  29. D@!Z says:

    Funny How Jalal Puri Is Assassinated While He Just Said “We will ‘threat’ these Maulvis.” And Now His Name Is On Fir:-
    He Is A Kafir And A Murderer

  30. Zainuddin says:

    When did Dr.Israr apologize for being associated with Zaid Hamid? Here is a video where they are doing a show together

  31. To all those who think Zaid Hamid is innocent.

    I researed on zaid hamid nd found him to be a follower of yusuf kasab..

    Tum logoon ne us video main ye nahi dekha ke zaid ne bola ke barelvion ka sab se bara madarsa ashrafiyah ke naib mohtamim moulana abdul rehman ashrafi yusuf ke dost the or haj sath kiya tha jb ke agli video main moulana abdul rehman ashrafi ne khud kaha ke main na to yusuf ka friend hoon na me yusuf ke sath haj karne gya tha albatta yusuf mujhe mila tha mina main.

    to is se andaza laga lo ke zaid 1 number ka jhota hai. Is ko bhi phassi honi chahye. ye link pora study karo to haqiqat samne ajye gi

    Main ya islye de raha hoon ke mujhe bhi zaid bohat pasand tha par main hamesha kissi par bhi yakeen nahi karta jbhi main ne khud research shoro ki zaid par.

    If u didn’t satisfy call me on mobile number.

    Nd plz plz plz don’t say any single word about our ulemas. These ulemas are the original scholar of Islam.

    Time mila to aur postings kiya karo ga inshallah is topic par.

    [Moderated By: Abu Muhammad]
    [Remarks: Please read blog rules before commenting.]

  32. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Abdul Rehman

    Refutation of your claim that it fulfills everyone requirement.

    Zaid Hamid’s Latest Press Release More Twists, More Lies, More Deceptions

  33. ather says:

    @ Abu Muhammad
    1-1st of all my point of view was qadyani or who don’t believe Muhammad(p.b.u.h)last propht never be so vocal about jihad.

    2-similar attempt made in past to defame people i am not comparing zaid hamid he is simply B.E not Aalim deen.

    3-I have checked Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat when Moulana Jalalpuri Not assasinated
    i mail Darool uloom Korngi to check the fatwa and authenticity of the website of (Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat ) but they reply by saying they don’t reply on english and roman urdu i was really disappointed by this answer by arool uloom korangi.
    but when moulana got shahdat i more involved into this discussion to check the reality.

    4-After assasination it is proved and i confirmed too that this fatwa is from Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat website
    may be any lover of zaid hamid killed or any agency but ie 100% sure that
    Moulana Jalalpuri Shaheed did the fatwa against zaid hamid

    from zaid hamid video he said that
    he (yousuf Ali) perform hajj with Moulana asharafi ie absolute wrong its total disinformation this official web
    in front page they deny all what zaid hamid says

    now freinds what zaid hamid say about in his brasstacks videos are really good but his past and he is denying from all past relation with accused person yousuf Ali(kizab)
    do research yourself and check what is right thanks for correcting me @Abu Muhammad

    but two proof that should go in favour of zaid hamid are not going whereas zaid hamid is confirming as true muslim Moulana asharafi where as
    check yourself

    Allah forgive us and show right path (Ameen)

  34. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ather

    I appreciate your sincerity to research on your own to know the truth and Alhamdulillah, it is good that you’ve found the lying factor involved in Yousuf Kazzab and Zaid Hamid.

    Regarding the links, brother, we’ve already checked it and posted it in our blog and exposed his lies.

    Brother, I’m sorry I couldn’t understand that what two points you’re mentioning that goes with Zaid Hamid? Can you be please more specific, Insha’Allah, so that I can reply accordingly.

  35. ather says:

    @ Abu Muhammad
    brother these two point what i mentioned is that deniers of khatme nabuwat like qadyani and bhais they don’t have concept of political islam and jihad i don’t understand why zaid hamid so vocal about jihad and not denying relation with yousuf ali and supporing him and for verifying provide incorrect evidence specially (

    jazakallah Abu Muhammad

  36. ather says:

    one more thing abu muhammed that i want to clear is that what zaid hamid said so far did good job on concept of
    political islam
    riba free economic model
    khilafat system revival

    these thing never said by these madrasaz so openely

    his links with yousuf ali absolutely proven already

    but what he wanted to like revival of khilafat gold based economic model

    these thing never said by so called ulema they are running madrasah but real islam and implementation of it in the way of sahaba(ra) and muhammad (saw) was never said like zaid hamid said i wish he should not involved and should not incourage mix gender culture but reALITY IS DIFFERENT.
    abu muhammad and other it’s duty to only criticize wrong thing of zaid hamid.
    these moulvis dewbandi brelvi ahlhadees believe in strict masalik
    they don’t offer salat with jammt with other masjid
    they are equally condemnable.
    they make bracket within islam by saying sunni–> fiqh difff—> maslak and called mushrik or kafir to each other.
    @Abu Muhammad do point out god thing specially implementation of khilafah.
    and role and do say loudly to all ulema why they are not yet openely talk about khilafat insted they bacame active in potical system we all know what is it nothing to say about.

    it’s time for young educated people they should come foreward and learn deen islam because
    our ulema don’t have enough knowledge specailly they don’t accept and more important they promote sect within islam which is not in islam.
    Our name in quran is muslim not sunni dewbandi barelvi etc.. our aqeda should verify by quran and sahee ahdidees.
    zaid hamid not crticize bad things of pa army ie wrong
    do correct me if one feel that go wrong in any of my lines

    Allah give us wisdom and Hidayat (Ameen)

  37. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Ather


    If I’d summarize this for you, I’d reply in some words. For anyone who claims to be a Prophet, it is not necessary, that he might not be vocal to Jihad. Though this is true that counter parts of Qadyanis and Lahoris don’t have any concept of Jihad, but if you look into the first Kazzab – Musailma Kazzab – he had his own army to fight. Thus, for some Kazzab this can be true, for others, it might not be.

    As for Zaid Hamid being vocal to Jihad. This is what we can deduce or know of through his associate Yousuf Kazzab.

    1. Zaid Hamid calls Pakistan “Madeena-e-Sani” (2nd Madina) – This is something even the Mufti of Pakistan hasn’t claimed. Do you know why he consider Pakistan Madina-e-Sani, it is because, the continuity of Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) – Yosuf Kazzab – (Naozubillah) according to Zaid Hamid came in Pakistan. Since it is Madeena for him, and he is the appointed Khilafah of him, he takes it as his responsibility to defend him. This is his concept of Jihad.

    2. Also other aspect of it, I commented someone else, I’d like repeat here.

    In the Global Crusade against Islam, ISI, Government and Army have allied with the Crusaders against the Muslim Afghanistan Nation and Mujahideen as a whole. There is nothing in Islam that allows the Muslims to ally with the Kuffar and fight against the Muslims.

    A Mujahid is a person who fights for the sake of Allah Alone, not for the sake of disbelievers, which as of now, the Government, Army , ISI is doing to appease and please the Kuffar for a miser gain of this world.

    Once you’ll understand Shari’ah correctly, only then you’ll be able to deduce correctly. Start this Khilafah movement, if ZH is truthful, by mending it’s own army – whom he calls Mujahid. This army is such a Mujahid Army that in this ‘Musilm’ Army/ISI – more than 95% don’t pray even? and this Mujahid Army is responsible for handing over Dr. Aafia Siddique ( May Allah free her and ease her difficulties ) and more than 700 Mujahideen to Kuffar (Something even the USA and allies are unable to achieve as well and the Kuffar praise this Army for it). Isn’t is amazing what kind of ‘Muslim’ this army is? WOW.!

    I’ll be amazed and astonished, if a non-praying army – who can’t even complete the first obligation of Islam, will be the Maseeha/Army of Mahdi for Pakistan; let alone the Muslim Ummah.

    Zaid Hamid wants to bring Jihad through this Army to invade India? Do you really think this Army is obeying Allah with regard to Shari’ah that Allah will bring victory to it? Brother, this is nothing but a deception of Satan, to misguide the Muslim Ummah from the religion. A religion – Islaam – which is free from any defects, but we know not.

    They have to follow Shari’ah, if they want anything good for themselves to come out in here and hereafter. No one is free from the application of Shari’ah. Not even you, nor me, nor any Muslim.

    It is high time, we start learning our religion and start understanding it ourselves and do our own research with sincerity to Allah to guide.

  38. zakaraya says:

    Salam, Abu m. read your comments, Its very clear that you have no sympathies for Pakistan/Army/ donot aspire to be leading nation. Zaid is not claiming to have an Army. I think you are not getting it right or you are doing intentionally.
    zaid stands for a change, a revolution, a revival and the end result of that will be an Army following commands of Allah. There is some thing called Hikmah. What you want him to do make enemies on all fronts. help him and people like you and Ulemah will be in that Army.
    Imran Hosein( Islamic scholar ) has made it clear that zoinist/us is geared towards disaming Pakistan/ dividing it. that what you can see on the ground.
    ALLAH is not going to send another nabi/ its from Ummah that I hope Allah will choose. And I think with guy/mujahid like you we stand the best chance of becoming the leader of Islamic world.

  39. Bilal says:

    kufr ki bhi 3 qismen hain
    1)aik wo jo ailniya kafir hai
    2)aik wo jo ander se kafir ho lekin lekin upper se apne apko musalman kahe
    3)aik kafir wo hai jo apne kufr ko Islam sabit karne ki koshish kare
    no 1 main yahudi eisai hindu mushrik waghera sab dakhil hai ye khule kafir hai
    dusri qism wale ko munafik kehte hain jo zuban se La ilaaha illallah kehta hai magar dil ke andar kufr chupata hai jinke bare main Allah ne farmaya
    “munafiq jab apke pas ate hain to kehte hain ke hum gawahi dete hain ke Aap Allah ke Rasool hain Allah janta hai ke App waqai Allah ke Rasool hain aur Allah gawahi deta hai ke munafiq jhoote hain munafiqon ka kufr aam kafiron se bar kar hai ke uno ne kufr aur jhoot ko jama kya aur kalma par kar kufr aur jhoot ka irtikab kya aur musalmano ko dhoka dya
    ab in munafiqon se bar kar teesri qisam walon ka jurm hai wo kafir hain lekin apne kufr ko Islam kehte hain lekin isko Islam ke nam se paish karte hain balke Quran ki ayaat,Ahadeese tayyaba, Sahaba Karam ke irshadat aur buzurgane deen ke aqwal se man mani tafseer karke aone kufr ko islam sabit karne ki koshish kare aise logon ko shariat ki istalah main zandeeq kaha jata hai
    to ye kul teen huay awal khula kafir doosra munafiq jo pane dil ke andar kufr chupay huya ho aur zuban se jhoot moot kalma parta ho teesra zandeeq jo apne kufr par islam ka malma chara kar apne kufr ko ain islam sabit karne ki koshish kare
    ab aap agar ghor karo to zaid Hamid zandeeq ke zamre main ata hai kyunke wo bar bar ye kehta hai ke main kisi jhoote nabi ka perokar nahi aur doosri taraf yousuf ko kazzab manene ko tayr nahi jisko 25 gawahon shawahid saboot aur tamam ulmay karam ki ray kay mutabik adalat ne mujrim qarar dya
    lekin zaid to ulta yousuf kazzab ko defend karta hai na sirf ye balke ulta ulmay karam ko do takay ke molwi zameen par bad tareen log criminla keh raha hai aap khud dekho jab koi us se youusf kazzab se barata ka ailan ka mutalba karta hai wo ulta usko ye hadees “jo kisis par kufr ka fatwa lagay aur wo jhoota hoto wo fatwa lot kar us par ayga” suna kar apne apko sacha sabit karne ki koshish karta hai aur is ziman main ayaton aur hadieths ka bhi istamal karta hai
    ab bat karte hain ke murtid kise kehta hain murtid wo hota hai jo musalman hone ke bad islam se phir jay aur kuf ikhtiyar kar le aise shakhs ko islami shariat ke mutabik 3 din ki mohlat di jati hai ke wo tobah karle warna phir usko qatal kar dya jay is bat par charon fuqha ka itifaq hai is main hamaray aaimma-e-deen main se kisi ka bhi ikhtalaf nahi

    Zandeeq ka hukm
    Imam shafai farmate the ke main Ibrahim bin alayhe ka har cheez main mukhalif hoon hatta ke agar wo la ilaha ilallah Muhammdur Rasoolullah pare is main bhi is ka mukhalif hoon matlab ye n baz log jhoot main is had tak bar jate hain ke wo kalma tayyaba main bhi jhoot bolte hain agar wo la ilallah muhammadur Rasoolullah paren tab bhi wo jhoote hain
    ab Zandeeq jo apne kufr ko islam sabit karne ki koshish karta hai uska mamla zyada sangeen hai Imam shfai aur mashoor riwayat main Imam Ahmed farmate hain ke iska bhi hukm murtid ka hai yani usko moqa dya jay ke wo tobah karle agar teen din main isne tobah karli to isko chor dya jayga aur agar usne tobah na ki to wajibul qatal hai lekin Imam Malik farmate hain ke “La Aqbal taubatu zandeeq” “main zandeeq ki tobah qabool nahi karunga matlab ye ke kisi shakhs ke bare main agar pata chal jay ke wo zandeeq hai apne kufr ko Islam sabit karta hai aur pakra jay, phir kahe ke ji main tobah karta hoon ayenda main aisi harkat nahi karunga ‘ to iski tobah qabool karna na karna Allah tala ka kam hai hum to is par qanooni saza nafiz karenge’ iske wajood ko baqi nahi rakhenge ‘ jese zina ki saza tobah se maf nahi hoti baharal is par saza jari ki jati hai chahe admi tobah karle ya jesa ke chori karne par hath katne ki saza milti hai aur ye saza tobah se maf nahi hoti koi shakhs chori karne aur pakre jane ke bad tobah kar le tab bhi iska hath kata jayga isis tara Imam Malik farmate hain ke main zandeeq ki tobah qabool nahi karta yani zandeeq ki saza tobah se maf nahi hogi is par sazay mot lazman jari ki jaygi khuah 1000 bar tobah kar le aur isis tara ki riwayat Imam Hanbal Imam Abu Haneefa se bhi manqool hai
    to maurtid ke ley tobah ki talqeen ka huk hai agar wo tobah karle to saza se bach jayga lekin zandeeq ke bare main Imam Malik, Imam Abu Haneefa, aur aik aur riwayat main Imam Ahmed farmate hain ke iski tobah qabool nahi
    aur mujh jesa aik kam aqal deen ki kam maloomat rakhne wala banda bhi yehi kehta hai ke zindeeq ka aitbar na kya jay kyunke kay pata apne apko bacahne ke ley dhoka de raha ho
    teesra ab agar Zaid Hamid tobah kar bhi le to uski tobah kitni ehmiyat rakhegi ke kuch din pehle uski relaese hone wali videos jin main wo yousuf kazzab ko defend aur ulma ko zalleel kar raha hai nauzubillah
    kal bhi usne perss release main usne koi tobah ka ailan nahi kya balke wo ulta fasadi mullah keh kar apne kufr ko sach sabit karne ki koshish kar raha hai ke ye log mere takmeele Pakistan ke mission ko rakne ke ley kar rahe hian aap dekho ye zandeeq ki intiha hai ke kis ksi tara zaid apne kufr ko Islam sabit kar raha hai iske ley kabhi ayat kabhi hadees kabhi Pakistan se muhabta ka natak aur kabhi ulma ke bare main jhoot bol kar sabit kar raha hai ke wo sahi hai ulma ghalat aur ab tak Dr. Isars aur Jamiya Ashrafiya ke ameer ne iske jhot ki pol kholdi jo wo inke bare main kehta raha ke wo yousuf kazzab ki himyati the faisla khud karen ke zaid kya hai!!!!!!!!!!

    doosra zaid ke cheelon ko jab koi jawab nahi ata to wo ulta ya to un ulema par atack karne ki koshish karte hai ya phir Barelwiyun ko bura kehte hai ke wo bhi to yehi sab karte hain aur Tahirul Qadri ko ghaseet lete hain unki harkaten bhi to aisi hi hain (main deo bandi hoon lekin barelwis ke khilaf nahi ye bhi zaid ka propganda hai ke barelwi deobandi fasad ho jayga agar mane tv par akar prg kar dya to hum main agar 1000 ikhtalaf bhi hon to Alhamdulillha khatame Nabuwat par hum sab aik hain))
    ab iska main ye jawab doonga awal to sab zaid ke peeche yun pare hain ke usne nai nasal ko apni taraf ragib kay America India ke khilaf bol kar phir unse shariat aur khilafat lane ka nara lagay hai jo koi choti moti bat nahi ye bohat bari zimme dari hai to kya ulema is bat par chup rahe ke aik aisa shakhs khilafat aur shariat lane ki bat karta hai jiksa jhoote Nabi se tallauk hai?
    doosra Dr. Tahirul Qdri ne kabhi ye khilafat ya shariat lane ya nizam badalne ka nara nahi lagay wo sirf taleemat dete hain lekin zaid to implmintaion yani shariat nafiz karne ki bat karta hai
    teesra Tahirul Qadri jese bhi hon baqol zaid ke uno ne kabhi ye dawa nahi kya ke main App s.a.w. ka libas hoon aur mere sath Sahaba hain nauzubillah
    aur agar koi unke mutalik kuch kehta bhi hai to saboot paish karke adalat main case lare agar aisi bat unse mutalik sabit hogi to hum bhi unke khilaf honge is waqt apne gunah ko chupane ke ley zaid doosron par keechar uchal raha hai
    ye intahai khatar nak shakhs hai jo lafzon ke hair pahir aur ayaton aur hadees ko kahil bana kar apne apko bacaha raha hai lekin Allah apne Nabi ki shan main gustakhi karne walon ko nai maf karta
    ye jabse tv par aya hai jabse gustakhi kar raha hai App s.a.w. ki kya ye gustakhi nahi ke ye be parda sir khole larki ke samne ayaten aur hadieths parta hai aur host jeans pehne tang par tang charay apni laton ko ghuma rahi hoti hai?
    kya ye Aap s.a.w. ki shan main gustakhi nahi ke ye apne apko Aap s.a.w. ka sahiq kehta hai aur ye zahir karta hai ke isko Aap s.a.w. ki tarafse mission mila hai lekin doosri taraf Aap s.a.w. ki taleemat ke khilaf amal karke App s.a.w. ki taoheen karta ahi ksal ke tor par be parda larkyin ke sath taveeren banwana
    ummat ke betyun ko neem uryan libas pehna kar ramp par cat walk karwa kar kamay jane wale pese ka apne shows main istamal karna
    apne shows mian mix gathering rakhna aurton aur mardon ko aik sath bithana parde ka intazam na hona
    ghawa tul hind ki hadeiths se mutalik jhoot bolna
    ulmay karam ko 2 takay ke molwi bolna jo ke Aap s.a.w. ne farmaya mere waris hain
    phir wake up lahore ya takmeele pak ke promos dekho larke larkyan hathon main hath dal kar keh arhe hain wake up lahor ye kya gustakhi nahi Aap s.a.w. ki shan main ke nara shariat la lag raha hai aur kam horahe hain ghair sharai

  40. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Zakaraya

    Read the post clearly. I’ve explained it very clearly from Shari’ah point of view why Army is wrong in it’s alliance with Kuffar. Not only me, many notable Scholars have made this clear.

    This low servant of Allah, doesn’t deserve to lead the Ummah. There are many whom Allah سبحانه و تعالى , have already made leading this Ummah. These are the Lions of Tawheed and the vanguards of Islam who are both man of words and actions; who are facing the Crusaders in the front-lines among the Mujahideen. They are more deserving to lead the nation.

    It is this so-called ‘Hikmah’ that has lead to the humiliation of this Ummah. Let us enter Islam COMPLETELY. Islam is not a part-time activity.

    As for us, it is our duty to convey the message and help them by all means whatsoever. For the time being, stop getting paranoid by ZHE team and work on your own self for your own good. It is high time you stop getting paranoid by the team of ZHE. It is enough for you to know that we live on the face of this earth as of now. Alhamdulillah.

  41. Danyal Lodi says:

    Asalamu Alaikum,

    Brothers, I saw the video, and as a person who likes to follow the Hadith of Rasul Allah S.A.W. in which he mentioned that we should listen to both sides before making a decision.

    What I understand from this video, is that Zaid Hamid had known Yusuf Ali/Kazzab. However, I think if this person is clarifying himself, why can’t we take his word.

    If he clearly says that Rasul Allah S.A.W. is the last Prophet PBUH. And I think he makes sense that if Yusuf Ali was really a Kazzab, then prove it by the Shariah, like Mirza Ghulam Qadian.

    He makes sense, cause the Quran forbids us to curse someone.

    In this situation I am with Mr. Zaid Hamid. I am not a supporter of Zaid Hamid to the full extent because I am not for ‘Pakistani nationalism’ and I don’t agree with Mr. Zaid Hamid in this context.

    However, just like Mr. Zaid had contacts with this person yusuf ali, many others knew this person too, but that doesnt mean all of them are his supporters, because yusuf kazab was being blamed.

    I said all of the above with the possibility of being wrong.

    And Allah knows best. However, last but not least, we should believe Zaid Hamid when he says that he is NOT a support of Yusuf Ali and that we should refrain from calling anyone a Kazzab or Dajjal without proof as per the Shariah. I agree with him on this part. Because May Allah forgive us, and control out tongues. Who knows if we will die with the Kalima in our hearts.

    May Allah give us the death upon the Kalima.

  42. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Danyal Lodi

    Walaikum asslam wa rahmatullah,

    First, I suggest you go through this.

    Second, all the refutation of his claims have been made above.

    Third, this has been already proven in the court, with 24 witnesses, that he was Kazzab and the Ulama have unity upon it. It is now Zaid Hamid, who has to prove that Yousuf Ali was not a Kazzab. Go through our whole blog for the pile of evidences.

    Fourth, are you forgetting the cursing that Zaid Hamid has done for the Ulama ?

    Fifth, none in this blog as well support Nationalism, but rather we support and work towards unity of Muslim Ummah through Tawheed, not nationalism.

    Sixth, we are not taking Zaid Hamid into account for knowing Yousuf Ali only. Why have not not taken others who knew Yousuf Ali? The reason being that Zaid Hamid was declared Sahabi of Yousuf Ali and defended his case from day 1 to last day.

    Seventh, it is your misconception that Shariah proos were not met, before Yousuf Ali was penalized. Brother, where is your proof to defend him, while we have put all the evidences. Just go through this blasphemous dairy and you’d know.

    Ameen to your duas.

  43. ather says:


    but i wrote in his email that he should clear his speech regarding clearification about moulana ashrafi which denied by moulana ashrafi.

  44. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Concluding all the disscusion, Moulana Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri (Rehmattulah Alaih) answer all the queries before some days of his shahadat, after this I think all confusions will be clear automatically inshallah.

  45. shafique says:

    Could you please listen the first episode of it carefully. I could not find any sentence in which he is saying that yousuf was a massenger and he supported yousuf being the messagner. For God sake, we pakistanies have this problem of believing in news without any proof or justifications. In the last episode he is even saying that yousuf jahannum mai jai meri bala sai. Why cant we be honest and a bit more curious to know the reality rather than to see some thing and accept it?

  46. Salman says:

    My question to all cynics are…why they all have suddenly remembered Yousf Kazzab now? Where were they for the last 8 years? Now since it is ZH who is leading a move to unite the nation, all of them suddenly remembered him? This whole hypocracy is enough that tells a lot about the motives…a person who is working hard to establish khilafa now is a criminal and all those who have been looting the country are all one is writing against them? It is only a shame…

  47. Abu Muhammad says:

    @ Salman

    The Political System and this borrowed system of Capitalism – Democracy – which has nothing to do with Islam and their supporters don’t even worth a write.

    Mud remains mud.

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