Orignal Footage – Yousuf Kazzab introducing Zaid Zaman as Sahabi – Astagfirullah

Original Footage, in which Yousuf Kazzab introduces Zaid Zaman as Sahabi and Zaid Zaman praises Yousuf Kazzab in return.

If the video embedded below does not play, please click on this link to watch the video.

58 comments on “Orignal Footage – Yousuf Kazzab introducing Zaid Zaman as Sahabi – Astagfirullah

  1. Jamil baloch says:

    yousuf was a kazzab..is me t shak ki baat hi nahi..ager ksi ko shaq hai..to phir usko isi courts or parliment k is faisle per b shak hona chahiye k mirza qadiyani kafir tha..bhai zaid hamid k jhote hone k liye yahi kafi hai k usne phele kaah k main yousuf kazzab ko nahi janta phir kaah k main yousuf ali ko janta hoon..phele ghulam sarwar per jhot banda..jamia ashrafia per jhot bola..banori town k khilaf jhot kaha..jhoto per to ALLAH ki lanat hai..jis per ALLAH ki lanat rahegi us k sath koi acha nahi chal sakta..
    dosri baat k audio,yousuf ki diary or 24 witnesses per aapko yaqeen nahi??to phir in sab ko ghalat sabit karo sath may jin jin brailwi or deobandi ulema ne fatwe diye zaid k khialf sabko galat sabit karo..
    bhai konsa shaks khialfat laega..??woj jo maria b k sath programs akre???sabit karo k hamare nabi(saww) ne kabhi ksi be parda aurat k sath speech di ho??
    lolz..khilafat music k sath ati hai..?jo k haram hai???
    zaid jab b baat kerta hai bhagair reference k kerta hai??q???
    bhai zaid ne kaha k ye brailwi deobandi fasad ki koshihs hai..bhai jab se AMTKN kaam shuru kiya aik bar b ksi ne nahi kaha k brailwi deobandi fasad hai..ye baat pheli marta zaid ne hi kahi..mager ALLAH k kaarm se zaid or uske jahil fans ka ye mansooba buri tarah nakaam hoa…
    may ALLAH save us all from this fitna..ameen ya rabal alameen

  2. Muhammad Naeem says:

    @ All
    Asalam-o-Alaikum Dear brothers & sisters,
    We all know Holy prophet SAW told us to read Surah kahaf or atleast first and last ruku (I am not sure exactly about first and last ruku though Allah forgive me if I am mistaking) to be saved from Dajal and his fitna. I would urge everybody to read surah Kahaf at least once in week every friday.

    To people who don’t agree on proofs on this site please take it as request from your muslim brother and start reading this surah. Allah will guide you to the truth if you are sincere.

    Muhammad Naeem

  3. Muhammad Avais says:

    @ Abu Muhammad:
    Brother, it looks like these people are just spamming and wasting ur time by stupid messages. Till when u will allow their messages when zh pages on facebook dont allow a small opposition..

    @ All Brothers and sisters:
    Guys, talking about love of Prophet PBUH is something else and understanding the requirement is different. When it comes to to resepect and finality of our Prophet PBUH, we start arguing for the sake of arguing, but i have not seen a single message where some1 has said that “WHY ON EARTH ZAID HAMID DOESNT DENY THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE TAPE AND SAYS CLEARLY THAT ITS NOT HIS VOICE??????”

    We are tooo busy and cant go through the whole blog but just start asking questions which have been answered again and again. Come on.. love of a ordinary person requires much more then this .. and here we talk about love of our Prophet PBUH.. dont go out.. dont move.. but can’t u just surf internet and try to find CLEAR and direct proofs against yusuf kazzab..

    Dont u see zaid hamid is systematically defaming all ulimas. and not only he, majority of our media(which is inspired by west) is doing it. I find Ulimas also little bit responsible for not utilizing the latest medias fully. But Allah has given us minds to think and analyse. Guys, Defaming of alims was started long ago by English who realized that this base of muslim society has to be attacked so they made Imam Masjid a profession with a salary equal to KAMMI(Smallest Scale). Before that elders and well known ppl used to be the Imam of their masjids. Open ur eyes and do some research. I know there are some ppl in this field who are bad but which field doesnt have bad ppl? I am writing this becoz you guys are attacking ulimas without any specific reason.

    Frankly i myself was under the same influence of our system but this issue and some other issues inspired me to do some research about ulimas and i found that we have so many gems. Have you guys ever tried to do reserch about ulimas of Almi Majlis e Tahafuz e Khatm e Nabuwat??? have u tried to find wat have they done and if it wasnt done wat wud have been the situation now?

    Have u tried to go through the list of ulimas who have opposed zaid hamid in relation with yusuf kazzab? give me a single Firqa (School of thought) whose prominent ulimas havent opposed him..
    plz plz.. open ur eyes..

    Again.. a movie takes 2:30 hours.. this blog will take less then that.. choice and decision is urs..

  4. Salman says:

    @mudassar bacha …pehle is audio ko galat proof karo …phir video ki baat karna ………
    agar maanna hoga to audio mein hi maan jayeinge ….agar nahi manna hoga to video mein bhi nahi maanenge

    so better u go out of here!

  5. Hammad says:

    Dr Faiyaz Alam sahab aap nay jo likhha hay kia wo such hay? kia likhhnay say such hojaata hay? laanat ho aap k likhhnay par…… bus khud ki daal kahin nahi gal rahi to aaya barra likhhnay wala
    Salman sahab may saabit karta hun ye audio ghalat hay may is jaisi or bohat si bana skta hun blkay video bhi bana skta hun koi mushkil baat nahi or waisay bhi is may zaid sahab ki awaaz us ki apni asli nahi blkay parodi hay jo k koi bhi krskta hay ok

    • Editor says:

      @Hammad for your kind information even Zaid Hamid himself has never stated that this audio is fake. Asif Shiraz has mentioned it on this very blog, that Zaid Hamid and his team twists the facts – which is not the same thing as lying.

      So they never say that the audio is fake, but instead say that bring forth the person who recorded this audio.

      You on the other hand are stating that you can prove that this audio is fake. So why are you waiting. Just go ahead and prove it. Your claim that it is fake does not makes it fake. You will have to prove it. Besides, for your kind information – Yusuf Kazab admitted this in court that this audio cassette is not fake.

      As for your comments on Dr Faiyaz Alam – Qaloo Salama ..

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