Roznama Ausaf – Zaid Hamid Ki Wazahat Uzar e Gunah Badtar az Gunah 24 March 2010

For the readers who have read Mushtaq Ahmed Quraishi’s article titled “Khoon e Shuhada” in Daily Jang. Naveed Hashmi is the same person who asked Zaid Hamid about his association with Yusuf Kazab in a party at Bela. On this question Zaid Hamid got really angry and started abusing Naveed Hashmi and started calling Ulema “Do Takey Ke” and “Fasadi” and “Takfiri”. Mushtaq Ahmed Quraishi’s article “Khoon e Shuhada” could be read here.

Source: Roznama Ausaf

Roznama Ausaf – Ishq e Rasool saaw Mein Doba Huwa Zaid Hamid 24 March 2010

Prof. Muhiyuddin has written and article in favor of Zaid Hamid in Daily Ausaf today. The article has also been uploaded by Zaid Hamid on his facebook page. See the article on Zaid Hamid’s facebook page here.

However, in the entire article Prof. Muhiyuddin forgot to mention Zaid Hamid’s association with Yusuf Kazab and the fact that Zaid Hamid still fails to call Yusuf to be a Kazab.

Naveed Masood Hashmi, has also written an article in the same newspaper Daily Ausaf today. In his article titled “Zaid Hamid Ki Wazahat Uzar e Gunah Badtar az Gunah” Naveed Hashmi has blasted Zaid Hamid and his explanations regarding Yusuf Kazab issue. Naveed’s article is available here and is a must read.

Source: Roznama Ausaf

Convicted for Blasphemy, Zaid Hamid's Article In Daily DAWN 13 Aug 2000 [Original Scan]

After the court judgement of Yusuf Kazab, Zaid Hamid wrote an article in Daily DAWN on 13th Aufust 2000, defending his prophet Muhemmed Yusuf Ali. We have already published this earlier with the title Fatwa Fobia – Zaid Hamid’s Historic Article In Defense Of His False Prophet.

An original scan of the article in Daily DAWN newspaper is being published below.

In order to view the article in high resolution, click here.

Convicted for Blasphemy, Z.Z. Hamid Daily DAWN 13th Aug 2000

Convicted for Blasphemy, Z.Z. Hamid Daily DAWN 13th Aug 2000

The article is being published in html format below as well, so that you can easily read what Zaid Hamid wrote.

Convicted for blasphemy

A kind, benevolent and honourable Muslim Sufi of a small order has been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges by a court in Lahore. I am an eyewitness to what happened in the court and how the prosecution murdered justice, human dignity, Islamic and contemporary law and all norms of humanity in the name of Islam. Mohammad Yusuf Ali is a staunch Muslim and a scholar of the Holy Quran. He has rendered meritorious services to Islam, Pakistan and humanity in his career. It was only a difference of interpretation which was exploited by extremist mullahs and some Urdu newspapers. Yusuf Ali had already spent two years in jail and now he has been convicted.

I was present in the courtroom to assist the defence lawyers. It was barred to the outside world. I am witness to what happened inside and how he has been convicted. The prosecution had based their case on four items: audio cassette of Juma Khutba, video cassettes of Juma Khutba, Yousuf Ali`s purported diary, and one Pir and his few followers, who claimed that he had claimed to be “Muhammad“ in front of them many years ago!

There was nothing objectionable in the cassettes, and even according to Qanoon-i-Shahadat, they were inadmissible, as the one who had made these was not known. They were highly edited, doctored and manipulated.

The diary was not of Yusuf Ali`s at all, and even the prosecution admitted that they were not sure of its origin. It had no name, no handwriting match, no owner. It was simply alleged on Yusuf Ali and was torn to shreds in its originality and credibility.

The Pir and his followers were again torn to shreds, as none of them was the complainant. They never reported the alleged blasphemy to the police or any other authority, which supposedly happened many years ago. Their credibility did not exist at all in terms of contradictions in cross examinations.

One of them was on bail on fraud charges. The complainant had all the info on hearsay. He had never met the accused in his life. All his info was through Urdu newspapers. He accused Yusuf Ali of adultery, but even in the FIR, the relevant section was not mentioned for lack of evidence, making the complainant liable to “Qazaf“. His testimony was not admissible at all.

Yusuf Ali had categorically, even before the registration of the FIR, made it clear through paid ads that he had not claimed to be a prophet and he was a staunch Muslim. Top religious scholars like Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi had declared him a true Muslim and asked the charges to be dropped. According to all legal and Shariat requirements he had proved himself to be a true Muslim. Still the prosecution insisted that he called himself a prophet. How can anyone be the judge of someone`s faith? The prosecution lawyers went so overboard that even the judge had to stop them from committing blasphemy in trying to prove Yusuf Ali wrong. Even though Yusuf Ali was on bail, he was arrested one day earlier against all rules, laws and norms. It is extraordinary how the bail given by a High Court was cancelled by the Sessions Court and the accused was arrested.

The whole trial was in camera and the media was not allowed in to hear Yusuf Ali`s explanations, his speeches and comments. The media was also barred from seeing the hopelessness of the prosecution witnesses and their lawyers.

It was on this quality of evidence that a great living sufi has been condemned to death on so many counts that we have lost count.

Now Yusuf Ali is in the line for gallows. Will we wait and let the evil win or raise our voices for our own survival?



Zaid Hamid's Fans Calling Takmeel an Epic Fail

Dont believe us, as we are “Fasadi’s” for them. Zaid Hamid’s own fans are calling Takmeel an epic fail, a disaster of the highest order.

Usama A. Ansari The event was a complete disaster……..if that was the idea of a takmeel e pakistan that you pass a resolution in front of handful of a people than shame on you all your motivational videos all your daaweh about “rewriting the history” nothing of the sort happened I personally travelled all the way from karachi just to c u sir attend this gathering be a part of ur so called destiny because I believed in you and that is how u treat us ……….the essence of takmeel was at minar e pakistan and not anywhere else in the world there weren’t even people, representatives from your side to attend us at the gates when police were blocking us the entry into stadium how do we supposed to enter when they werent allowing us? u tell me u should have sent someone at the gates to let with me many in who could have talked to the security officials they instead they dispersed us with the baton cos they thought we were a mob……….why would u make all the hype when itself the event is in the ambigous slot u are giving time 10 am i mean wats with that do u think we are stupid u consider us fools and then u show up for i dont know the brothers outside after attending ur show said u gave a 10 min speech and left including passing the objectives resolution WOW! oh hell with time even wat do u do wen u’r traveling 30000 ft in the air u reside in a hotel with no computer access sure of that I have to hit minar e pakistan at 10 am sharp tomorrow and u update or reschedule ur program on fb just before that By grace of Allah i met a brother in Lahore who was also going to ur show guided me that it has moved to Al hamra shame on u sir and on ur team for ruining it for us especially me……

Saham Ahmed Ansari So…. I have been following takmeel for about 2 months now,watching motivational videos cmin out by da day and all ur wake up speeches about rewriting destiny and chnging da course of history. Pumped up I decided to go to lhr and be part of this historic event, my parents were against it and evry1 i met disagreed but I went against dem and after spendin a fortune flew to lhr on 22nd seeing da last update abt 10 am at minar e pakistan… i was dere at minar arnd 9 and i came to knw by sm1 venue and tme has chngd. history was not gonna b written where it shud b and 4 whch all da fuss was abt,disheartend but hopeful I reached Alhamra hall where there was no takmeel person who can guide us in instead police batons guided us out and within minutes I came to knw its all finishd destiny was rewritten in mere 10min wid a gatherin of 200 and i was stndin outside hpin to b a part of it….wht to say more da best thing abt da trip was a giant lahori lassi glass……count me out in any more future takmeels highly disappointed

Zaid Hamid fans calling Takmeel an Epic Fail

Zaid Hamid fans calling Takmeel an Epic Fail

Zaid Hamid: If I Were A Gustakh e Rasool, How Come I Am Having So Much Success

Zaid Hamid @ Takmeel e Theateristan Event

Zaid Hamid @ Takmeel e Theateristan Event

As I mentioned yesterday, today the Pakistani Jew sponsored media will be exposed. This media which have their proprietary links to Jewish islands of investment controlling the world economy. This media which takes instructions from the City of London to create depression and recession in Pakistan in the name of freedom of expression. This media which got flourished in the hands of an American puppet and the worst ever dictators this world has ever seen, COULD NOT SHOW THE DEFINING MOMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF PAKISTAN. This media could show a Pakistani father selling his kid in front of press club Lahore, this media could show the brutalities of Punjab police, this media could show useless discussions undertaken by corrupt politicians, this media could show Indian movies to Pakistan viewers, this media could show Islamic religious programs alongside obscene advertisements and shows, but this media could not show defeat of a person who in his high-mindedness and arrogance was humiliated, just because of the fact that he stood by a Kazib e Rasool.

Zaid Hamid whenever asked in all of his previously highly successful and charged programs which he conducted in various cities, when asked about Yousaf Kazzab, always use to state: “How is it possible that if we would have been associated with Kazib e Rasool we would be getting such success all over Pakistan. Allah Subhan o Tallah has given us such honor and status amongst the youth of Pakistan, I we were associated with Kazib e rasool, how is it possible that we would have been bestowed with this respect”

In this picture Is Zaid Hamid thinking about the same Allah Subhan o Tallah who showed him this day and is he thinking of Muhammad SAW who had to suffer for 13 years, the brutalities of Meccans before he could sigh a moment of relief for the first time. Is Zaid hamid appreciating the DIFERENCE BETWEEN, EARLY SUCCESS FOLLOWED BY FAILURE AND LATE SUCCESS PRECEEDED BY EARLY FAILURES. Is he thinking of the cause of these two very different situations?

Today Zaid Hamid suffered humiliation after many early successes that he could hardly anticipate today coming in his life. As he was blindfolded by his self. Is he realizing that why he lost his fan following? Did he realize today, that the youth of Pakistan was following him not because of him, but because of the message which he was delivering, and when they understood that the mic is in the wrong hands they withdrew from him.

The youth of Pakistan declared today that they will not surrender to anyone no matter how well a debater, or well connected, how good looking or how charged he is, if he is disputed in terms of his association to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Today the WAKE UP PAKISTAN CALL promulgated from erratic podium has been transformed into “WAKE UP ZAID HAMID” in its purest sense. Its time that Zaid Hamid listen to his friend SHIRAZ who has endangered his life to come up with truth and a sane voice in order to save the dignity of Zaid Hamid and the unity of Muslims of Pakistan. Still its not a lost game, still there is room for a turnaround! WAKE UP ZAID HAMID.

Author: Imtiaz Hussain

The Story of Ghazi Ilm Din

Al-Istiqamaah - Encouraging steadfastness in times of trial

“As Iqbal placed the body of Ilm Din into the grave, he tearfully declared: “This uneducated young man has surpassed us, the educated ones.”

In the 1920’s a young man was hanged in India for killing the publisher of an inflammatory book defaming Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The following account is based upon an Urdu article by Abu Rizwan Javaid al-Multaani…

Ilm Din’s family’s shop was re-named after him following his execution and still exists in Lahore

Ilm Din’s family’s shop was re-named after him following his execution and still exists in Lahore

The 1920’s in India witnessed the publishing of an inflammatory book vilifying Prophet Muhammad (SAW) thereby adding fuel to the existing Muslim/Hindu tensions. The British Raj ruled India and the creation of Pakistan was still a distant dream in the hearts of the Indian Muslims. The Muslim population was understandably incensed and mass protests were held. Prashaad Prataab had authored Rangeela Rasool (The Colourful Prophet), under the pen name of Pandit Chamupati Lal. The word rangeela means ‘colourful’ but can be understood in this context to mean ‘playboy’.

Rajpal was a Hindu book publisher from Lahore. He took the responsibility of publishing the book in 1923 and pledged not to disclose the author’s real name. Pressure from the Muslim community resulted in the matter being taken to Session court Lahore which found Raj Pal guilty and sentenced him. Subsequently Rajpal appealed against the decision of Session Court in the Lahore High court. The appeal was heard by Judge Daleep Singh who gave leave to appeal on the grounds that on the basis of criticism against the religious leaders, no matter how immoral it is, is not covered by S.153 of the Indian Penal Code. Thus Rajpal could not be sentenced as law did not cover blasphemous criticism against religion. The High Court decision was widely criticised and protests were made against it by Muslims of India. Little did anyone suspect that one young man’s course of action would bring about a significant change in the Law, ensuring that Islam would be covered by blasphemy laws.

Ilm Din was an illiterate teenager from Lahore. His father was a carpenter. One day he was passing near Masjid (mosque) Wazir Khan. There was a huge crowd shouting slogans against Rajpal. The speaker thundered: “Oh Muslims! The devil Rajpal has sought to dishonour our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) by his filthy book!”

Ilm Din was deeply affected by this passionate speech and vowed to take action. On 6th September 1929 Ilm Deen set out for the bazaar and purchased a dagger for one rupee. He hid the dagger in his pants and waited opposite Rajpal’s Shop. Rajpal had not arrived yet. His flight had arrived at Lahore airport and he proceeded to phone the police in order to request them to provide him security. Ilm Deen did not know what the publisher looked like. He asked a few passer-by’s as to Rajpal’s whereabouts and said that he needed to discuss something with him. Rajpal entered the shop without detection but soon after a man alerted Ilm Din that Rajpal was inside. The young man entered the shop, lunged forward and attacked him. He stabbed his dagger into the chest of Rajpal with such force that his heart was ripped from his body. Rajpal fell dead on the ground. Ilm Deen made no attempt to escape. Rajpal’s employees grabbed him and shouted for help.

The police arrived at the scene and arrested Ilm Deen. He was kept in Mianwali jail. The case went to court and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was his defence lawyer. Jinnah urged Ilm Din to enter a plea of not guilty plea and to say that he had acted due to extreme provocation. The fact that Ilm Din was only 19 years old would have also worked in his favour. Ilm Din refused to offer such a plea and insisted that he was proud of his actions. This case was the only one that Jinnah ever lost. The Session Court awarded Ilm Din the death penalty. Against his wishes, the Muslims lodged an appeal, but it was rejected.

Ilm Din’s execution occurred on 31st October 1929. When asked if he had any last requests, he simply requested that he be allowed to pray two rak’at (units) nafl (voluntary) prayer, thus following the example of Khubaib (RA) who also prayed 2 rak’ats nafl before the pagan Quraish executed him.

As the noose was put around the neck of Ilm Din, he repeated before the huge crowd:
“O people! Bear witness that I killed Rajpal to defend our last Prophet Muhammed S.A.W, and today they are going to hang me. I am sacrificing my life whilst reciting the kalimah (shahadah – testimony of faith).”

The young man was killed and the authorities buried him without any Janazah (funeral) prayer being offered for him. Mass demonstrations broke out and there the tension between the Hindu and Muslim communities was palpable. The inhabitants of Lahore wanted Ilm Din’s body returned in order to give him an Islamic janaza (funeral). Two celebrated activists — the poet Dr. Muhammed Allama Iqbal and Mian Abdul Aziz — campaigned to have the body of Ilm Din returned to Lahore for the Janaza prayer. The British were worried that this would incite unrest. Only after Allama Iqbal gave his assurance to the British that no riots would erupt, was permission given.

When the body of Ilm Din was exhumed from its grave, it was found to be the intact without any change whatsoever. The kaffan (shroud) had not changed its colour. This occurred on 14th November 1929 — a full 15 days after the hanging. After a two-day journey, the body arrived in Lahore. 200,000 Muslims attended the funeral prayer which led by the Imam of masjid Wazeer Khan, Imam Muhammed Shamsuddeen. Mawlana Zafar Ali Khan said ahead of the burial: “Alas! If only if I had managed to attain such a blessed status!” Allama Iqbal carried the funeral bier along its final journey. As Iqbal placed the body of Ilm Din into the grave, he tearfully declared: This uneducated young man has surpassed us, the educated ones.

The killing of Ilm Din had far-reaching repercussions. A provision was added to the Penal Code, making insult to the religious beliefs of any class an offense. Allama Iqbal’s proposal of a separate Muslim state in 1930 resulted in the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The Pakistan Penal Code makes it a crime for anyone who “by words or visible representation or by an imputation or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiled the name of the Muhammad”. In 1982, President Zia ul-Haq introduced Section 295B to the Pakistan Penal Code punishing “defiling the Holy Qur’an” with life imprisonment. In 1986, Section 295C was introduced, mandating the death penalty for “use of derogatory remarks in respect of the Holy Prophet” in keeping Islam’s hudood (prescribed punishments). Ilm Din’s legacy is still visible across Pakistan, where parks, hospitals and roads carry his name.


Zaid Hamid's Takmeel e Theateristan Ruined, Greatest Defeat Yet For Zaid Hamid

Batil is very frail internally, and in order to hide its weakness it parades illusions of strength. The reality of takmeel gathering planned at minar e Pakistan, by Zaid Hamid was similar. In addition such mass shows are a traditional tool of Fascists to achieve mass hypnosis of a certain segment of the population.

Though our comrades had been successful at sabotaging all of Zaid Hamid’s shows after Wake Up Islamabad. I was particularly worried about Takmeel on 23rd March. The reason was that he had planned it for a long time and he had full patronage of intelligence agencies.

This Thursday I was informed by AMTKN Islamabad, that Mualana Tufani has been given the task of thwarting the 23rd March, function. This decreased my anxiety level a little bit. I contacted the khatm e nabuwat in Lahore on Sunday and they told me that the establishment had assured them that Zaid Hamid would not be allowed to hold his show in Minar e Pakistan. Details are available in my previous note.

On Monday the DPO of police refused to give Zaid Hamid permission for his function at Minar e Pakistan due to the tremendous pressure by students and scholars. However the police also refused to give permission to AMTKN to hold a Takmeel e Iman conference in the grounds of Minar e Pakistan.

Most of our comrades were suspicious of Zaid Hamid’s intensions, and about 200 students decided to stay in minar e Pakistan all day on the 23rd, just in case Zaid Hamid decided to show his face there. These students are still standing there, guarding the soil of their nation even as I write this note.

Mean while a lot if students started gathering at Alhamra. They were demanding that Zaid Hamid be banned from addressing any gathering and that he be tried for murdering 4 people and dishonoring the Prophet(S). The ulema of Khatm e nabuwat, acting as an intermediary b/w the students and the establishment told the DPO that if Zaid Hamid will be allowed to attend the gathering, there will be trouble for which only Zaid Hamid will be responsible. The informed his that he is a thug and a murderer.

The DPO called the Alhamra administration and they told him that the people who booked the hall said that they wanted a function for ladies and children. They did not know that Zaid Hamid will be coming.

Sensing, that things will get out of control if he didn’t do any thing, the DPO, decided to call Zaid Hamid out of the theater. He also issued orders that Zaid Hamid will not be allowed to address any other gathering in Lahore.

Mulana Azziz ur Rahman from Lahore AMTKN and Mulana Qasmi from AMTKN Islamabad called me to congratulate me and told me send their best wishes to the entire ummah for this blessed operation. Congratulations youth of lahore… you have emerged victorious today… may you always triumph over your enemies…

Talha Saad

Editor’s Note:

When the officials of Punjab Gov. were contacted regarding Zaid Hamid’s program at Minar e Pakistan, they were stunned as they didn’t knew of any such gathering. The DPO of Lahore was informed that if Zaid Hamid will conduct a program at Minar e Pakistan, AMTKN will do so too. On this the DPO banned both Zaid Hamid and AMTKN from conducting programs at Minar e Pakistan, however students of AMTKN are guarding Minar e Pakistan and will do so till mid-night to ensure that Zaid Hamid doesn’t show up there.

Zaid Hamid booked Alhamra by deception without informing the authorities about the real motives of the program there and without the Alhamra management knowing that Zaid Hamid will be coming there.

When the authorities found out that Zaid Hamid is in Alhamra, he was asked to leave Alhamra immediately – to which Zaid Hamid complied and left Alhamra with his head down on his shoulders even before the starting time of the event.

Takmeel e Theateristan program at Alhamra theater ended even before it could begin.

Ahmed Quraishi: No I Dont Support Zaid Hamid On The Issue Of Yusuf Kazab

Ahmed Quraishi

Ahmed Quraishi

Several young Pakistanis have emailed me a link to this article and asked me if I support Mr. Zaid Hamid’s position in the current controversy over a convicted blasphemer, Yusuf Kazzab.

My answer is: No, I don’t.

This article was written in 2008 and has nothing to do with Mr. Hamid’s current positions and projects. It was a response to criticism by defeatist elements in the Pakistani media who were upset at the increase in the number of PakNationalist writers promoting a new assertive strain in Pakistan’s foreign policy and advocating a stronger stance on Pakistan’s legitimate security and strategic interests in the region.

So the context of this article is Pakistan’s policy issues. As for the current controversy, I regret to inform you that I disagree with Mr. Hamid’s position of not coming clean on the issue of the convicted blasphemer. As such, I do not support his current work and public statements relevant to this question. Mr. Hamid’s current position has resulted in an unfortunate and unnecessary confusion among young Pakistanis.

A distinction must be made between promoting Pakistani interest, which is commendable coming from anyone including Mr. Hamid, and between his personal religious views which are his own business, especially the refusal to accept Supreme Court’s verdict on a convicted blasphemer. Whatever his position, this issue has nothing to do with the pro-Pakistan movement that young Pakistanis are spearheading across Pakistan. Please keep the two separate.

This clarification is important in order not to confuse the context of my article written in 2008 – which touches on a general debate between defeatist and pro-Pakistan camps within the Pakistani media – and the current controversy.

As for TAKMEEL project, I have nothing to do with it. It’s a great idea and I know many of its organizers and supporters. They are well-intentioned and patriotic Pakistanis. But I am afraid the project has been detracted by kooky ideas and zombie theories. Any effort that turns divisive and fails to unite is more harmful than useful. Let’s hope for the best.

This comment answers several points that I have received in tens of emails and privates messages and calls over the past few days.

Don’t let unnecessary controversies and divisions stand in the way of shaping a new, storng and prosperous Pakistan in this century.

Ahmed Quraishi

Source: Ahmed Quraishi’s Facebook Fanpage

Editor’s Note:

Ahmed Quraishi was responding to an article that he wrote in 2008 in favor of Zaid Hamid. Back in 2008, Ahmed Quraishi thought that Zaid is being attacked by a minority of ill-intentioned people among the Pakistani elite. However, it is now evidently clear that those ill-intentioned people were neither ill-intentioned nor a minority. We whole-heartedly welcome Ahmed Quraishi’s stand and praise him for not supporting Yusuf Kazab or anyone defending Yusuf Kazab.

We want to make this very clear that we are not against Pakistan or the Armed forces or the movement of Khilafat or any other campaign that is aiming for the betterment of our beloved homeland. We are against Zaid Hamid or anyone who stands to defend Yusuf Kazab or any other false prophet and will do whatever is in our capacity to bring down those individuals to justice.

Ahmed Quraishi’s previous article in defense of Zaid Hamid follows:

The Zaid Hamid Controversy

From Ahmed Quraishi:

My Dear PakNationalists,

Scores of Pakistani and non-Pakistani writers/TV guests/speakers are allowed to speak against Pakistan on most of our television networks. Some of them ridicule Pakistan’s Independence, others work their minds out just to prove that Pakistanis have no future and do their best to demoralize our people. The Israelis – living in a state that is truly doomed in a sea of hostility – are the most optimistic and forward-looking people you will find anywhere. Ours is a great nation, a continuing story of achievement that goes back a millennium and beyond, and a people who survived history’s toughest challenges, and who are capable of emerging as a dynamic nation in the 21st century. And yet some of the ‘defeatists’ in our midst are celebrated and given space in our newspapers, TV screens, and radio channels. But God forbid if one of us comes forward with a strong nationalist message of hope and pride in our nation.

I am referring here to Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani nationalist and a good Muslim. He hosts the show BRASSTACKS on TVNewsOne about internal and external threats to Pakistan. All that the man did was raise the voice of Pakistan and spread the message of optimism, strength and pride in who we are. Along with this he has a strong sense of religion and faith. He is a believer. But instead of appreciating the work he is doing for Pakistan, a minority of ill-intentioned people among the Pakistani elite has unleashed a campaign of disinformation against Zaid Hamid. I suspect they are doing this because they hate his strong religious views. These misguided Pakistanis forget that Zaid Hamid’s religious views are open to debate. You may or may not accept them. But can you disagree with his vast body of work in defense of Pakistan and to enlighten the Pakistanis about their strengths, weaknesses, and the strategic situation we find ourselves in?

Below I share with you this private email that Mr. Hamid sent to one of our members, responding to the campaign against him. Once again, everyone can agree or disagree with the man, but we should not let a voice for Pakistan be scuttled by pessimists and self-haters.

Ahmed Quraishi
Islamabad, Pakistan.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: BrassTacks
Date: Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 12:46 AM
Subject: Re: Who is Zaid Hamid???
To: Emaad Qureshi

My Dear Emaad,

aa. Jazak Allah for your message.

Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests and trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in love of Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains for Allah and His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, family and even good deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad to follow false prophets after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw).

Those with noor can see the rehma, baraka and khair from Allah and love of Rasul Allah in the life and mission of this humble faqeer. Hasbu nallah Naimul Wakeel, Naimul Maula wa naimun Naseer.

Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be “prophets” after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw). Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar “prophets” and also cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such false prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, Maulana, Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah keep us in His serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira.

May Allah be my witness in both the worlds and forgive our errors, mistakes and sins and have mercy on Ummat e Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw). Indeed Allah is the best of Protector and most merciful on His slaves.

They have accused me of gravest of sins, called me a Kafir and Murtid, follower of false prophets, running cults, doing khiyanat in wealth of orphans and widows, working for secret services against the State, and sponsoring my own program on News1 through secret funding of dubious agencies. Also, being a fraud by pretending to be a doctor or Professor !

Do I need to respond to these shameless slandering initiated by this site ??

There are four names we see: None of them know me despite their claims.
– Abid Ullah Jan — He has never met me in life.
– Tahir (reporter) He too has never met me in life.
– N. Shahrukh, (who does not expose his name or address) whom I sure I have never met in life or at least never in last 17 years since I left Karachi.
– Faiyyaz Alam, whom I am also sure have never met in life or at least never in the last 17 years.
How on earth can they claim to know me ????? What are their motives, intentions and backers to try to stop our mission for Pakistan’s national security ???

What evidence they have provided? What they present as evidence is only fabricated allegation of Kufr and Khiyanat not proof !!! Each and every allegation must be backed by proof. Quran, Sunnat, Sharia, law and truth demands it. They respond allegation with more allegation. Have they asked me and seeked clarification before making their Bohtan ?? Are they willing to come and confront me face to face with proof on all bohtans ???

I wanted to avoid a global e-mailing match as this is what they want to draw us into to distract us from our real mission for Pakistan and Ummah. Everyone is most welcome to visit us in our office in Pindi and seek any further clarification if required. I will not defend myself any further. Even if you clarify our position, please maintain dignity and honor at all times and don’t make a public shouting match.

We don’t need to scoop to lower levels to defend ourselves and this Deen.

We will inshallah, not be distracted and continue our mission of protecting Pakistan against all threats, internal and external.

Wassalam and duago

Source: Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz